Ariel Levy

  1. Still WatersWith a new Broadway adaptation of Cry-Baby, John Waters is a member in good standing of the American mainstream. But he’s still got […]
  2. Why Stand By?Silda Spitzer and the risks of postfeminist domesticity.
  3. Return of the Ingénuek.d. lang plays coy about her own iconography.
  4. The Happy HicksterClay Aiken sounds like Tootsie, looks like Opie, and hates to go out after dark. How will he ever survive New York?
  5. Don’t LaughDuring the Bush years, satire was one of the Democrats’ most potent weapons. But Al Franken’s earnest—sometimes tearful—campaign for senator rai […]
  6. Daughters of HillaryFor political wives, she changed the game forever.
  7. The Last GentlemanGeorge Trow’s Within the Context of No Context was a brilliant, scary vision of a cultural end-time. Then, having described it, he live […]
  8. Chasing Dash SnowAt 25, he is a growing downtown legend, a graffiti writer turned artist with a beautiful face and a De Menil pedigree, elusive even to the two f […]
  9. There’s a Thin Line Between Love and HateSome people suffer for their art. Courtney Love suffers at the expense of it.
  10. Summer for the Sun QueenWhen Gianni Versace was alive, Donatella Versace was happy in his shadow. But after he died and left her daughter, Allegra, the lion’s share of […]
  11. The Angriest AuteurSpike Lee, along with his wife, Tonya Lewis, is wealthy, hugely successful, at the top of W.E.B. DuBois’s “Talented Tenth” of b […]
  12. Dirty Old WomenTeenage boys have always lusted after attractive teachers, but what happens when the teachers lust after the boys?
  13. The Redhead and the Gray LadyHow Maureen Dowd became the most dangerous columnist in America—on her own, very female terms.
  14. Don’t Hate Him Because He’s Young, Good-Looking, Privileged, Impeccably Connected, and About to Publish His Second NovelThe charmed life of Nick McDonell.
  15. Miss IndependentLiz Phair doesn’t need your stinking “indie cred.” She’s not nostalgic for her bad-girl years. And she’s back with her best album yet.
  16. The Prisoner of SexA victim of abuse as a child, briefly a prostitute as a young woman, Andrea Dworkin married a gay man and spent three decades fighting hypersexu […]
  17. Sly FoxAs Entourage’s snappy publicist, Debi Mazar is back in the public eye. And who knows better how to hold that gaze?
  18. Ellen from the BlockWhatever became of Ms. Barkin? The good life, that’s what.
  19. Martha Brought Homemaking to the Big House.You thought she had lost her good name? Leave it to Miss Perfect to figure out how to get it back.
  20. CameoNorman Mailer appears on the Gilmore Girls
  21. The Pretty-Boy SyndromeIn the new version of Alfie, the libidinous London cad of the original has been recast as Jude Law and reimagined as a strutting, […]
  22. Joke PrezTake that, L.A. Take that, red states. Conan’s anointment makes New York City the official capital of comedy.
  23. Dying Is Easy, Comedy Is HardDrea de Matteo brings her Jersey-girl moxie to Joey, the season’s most anticipated new sitcom.
  24. The Devil & Saint Ann’sStanley Bosworth, the mad genius behind one of New York’s legendary schools, is not going gently into that good night.
  25. Where the Bois AreWhy some young lesbians are going beyond feminist politics, beyond androgyny, to explore a new generation of sex roles.
  26. Get SweatyThe heat gets to you after a while – it gets to everyone. Day after day, flushed and overheated, half-naked.
  27. Pill Culture PopsWith the stigma attached to mood-improving (not to mention sex-life-improving) drugs all but gone, New Yorkers are becoming their own Dr. Feelgo […]
  28. D’You Laugh?Jerry Seinfeld made the American everyman Jewish.
  29. Drinks in the CityFor many of us, a romance with the city is amplified by a romance with alcohol. Sometimes, it’s hard to live with both. Just as often, it& […]
  30. The Single GirlThe city will always have its Carrie Bradshaws, so the rest of us can feed off her glamour.
  31. Carb PanicMore and more New Yorkers are deserting their laborious low-fat regimens and gleefully dropping pounds while gorging on steak and bacon. What no […]
  32. Spotlight: Fresh FruitLewd folk-punk in costumes? Who’d have thunk the Moldy Peaches would be so good?
  33. Alexander The GreatOn the day his new flagship store opened in the meatpacking district, Alexander McQueen found time for a light lunch at the Park with his friend […]
  34. Makeup BreakupCelebrity stylist Kevyn Aucoin was adored by just about everyone he touched. Actresses, models, lovers, and former lovers – all became part of […]
  35. Left outLiberal Jews and Palestinians struggle to make their voices heard – and to say the right things.
  36. The Blonde Who’s Had More FunCandace Bushnell, the real-life alter ego of Sex and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw, has been a princess of the New York night since the days […]
  37. Serious FunSo much for sex in the age of conspicuous consumption. since september 11, more New Yorkers want marriages, fewer are having casual sex, and man […]
  38. A Model ActWith three new films on the way, Shalom Harlow is taking her flair for the theatrical off the runways and onto the big screen. Here she takes a […]
  39. I, MackMacaulay Culkin’s new play, Madame Melville, is about a man reflecting on the searing experiences of his youth. But Culkin’s own childhoo […]
  40. Me Tarzan You JaneWith “Thong Song” on the radio and The Man Show on the tube, pop culture has become a frat house – and women are joining the party by ac […]
  41. Rise of the Soft ManUsed to be men had only one thing on their minds. But these days, complains the author, they all seem to have a headache.
  42. Fall Preview: TelevisionMONDAY
  43. Through the Looking GlassForget Nurse Ratched: Peter Berg wanted to create a real series about life on a psych ward – even if it meant spending eight months in B […]
  44. Bard of the Boiler RoomBen Younger’s first movie, set in the underbelly of the bull market, earned him a motorcycle from Ben Affleck and soaring stock in Hollywood. Bu […]
  45. The Other Sexual RevolutionOur daughters know everything about their bodies and their selves. What they don’t know is what it took to win them their rights. Ken Burns t […]
  46. Not Jerry SeinfeldJimmy Fallon cracked up Lorne Michaels with his Seinfeld riff, landing a spot on the Saturday Night Live roster. But SNL’s newest […]
  47. Television PreviewMONDAY
  48. Television: Boys’ TownAction is darker than Larry Sanders, savvier than South Park, as risqué as Sex and the City. And you won’t even […]
  49. The ChosenJewish girls go gaga for Adam Sandler.
  50. Dr. David Schnadower: Global ReachThe first time David Schnadower tried to join Doctors Without Borders, they turned him down; he was only a 20-year-old med student. But as a tru […]
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