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  1. celebrity shopping
    What Tomás Matos Can’t Live Without“As a sober girl, I like to pair it with a seltzer because it feels like I’m making a sexy, good-for-you mocktail.”
  2. best in class
    The 15 Very Best Workbags for WomenIncluding one “limitless Mary Poppins bag.”
  3. deal of the day
    These Stylish Yet Functional Sandals Are on Sale TodayDo your feet a favor and snag these while they’re marked down to just $65.
  4. best in class
    The 9 Very Best Electric ToothbrushesIncluding rotating, oscillating, and sonic toothbrushes.
  5. best in class
    The 6 Very Best Water Flossers“This brand is to water flossers what Kleenex is to tissues.”
  6. celebrity shopping
    What Ashley Tisdale Can’t Live Without“When I saw the title at a bookshop, I felt like it was exactly what I was going through … It really has changed my life.”
  7. deal of the day
    Our Favorite Everlane V-Neck Tee Is Just $18Now’s the time to stock up on this lightweight, flattering staple.
  8. best in class
    The 11 Very Best Jewelry OrganizersPut your pearls in their place.
  9. deal of the day
    Our All-Time Favorite Bra Is Over 30 Percent Off TodayIt’s been dubbed “the unicorn of undergarments” for good reason.
  10. celebrity shopping
    What Ayo Edebiri Can’t Live Without“Frankly, I really want to gatekeep these socks, but it’s not the humane thing to do. People should experience the feelings of these socks.”
  11. celebrity shopping
    What Gus Kenworthy Can’t Live Without“When I wore them to Coachella, people were asking me what brand they were and where they could buy them.”
  12. best of new york
    The Best Nutritionists in New YorkFor better digestion, a busy schedule, and more.
  13. deal of the day
    These Expensive-Looking Leather Slides Are Just $37For going from beach day to date night.
  14. prime day 2022
    All of the Best Non–Amazon Prime Day Sales (So Far)From Allswell to Walmart.
  15. celebrity shopping
    What Cameron Diaz Can’t Live Without“I even bring a stash with me when I travel, just in case.”
  16. deal of the day
    This Breezy Everlane Dress Is 40 Percent OffIt got our resident “Everlaneologist” both compliments and through a heat wave in Lisbon.
  17. deal of the day
    Sunday Riley’s Cult-Favorite Good Genes Is Under $100The multitasking serum is beloved by Strat readers, dermatologists, and even redditors.
  18. best in class
    The 9 Very Best Bar SoapsFrom everyday cleansing soaps to exfoliating buffing bars.
  19. deal of the day
    This Super-Slim Portable Charger Is the Cheapest We’ve Ever Seen ItWith plenty of charge to get you through a beach day, travel days, or just being out and about.
  20. best of new york
    The Best Tailors in New YorkEquipped for any type of alterations.
  21. best in class
    The 12 Very Best Sweaters for WomenIncluding Strat-approved basics and bolder picks.
  22. deal of the day
    Ronny Chieng’s Go-to Boxer Briefs Are 30 Percent OffThey’re affordable and comfortable, and according to Ronny Chieng, they’ll “change your life.”
  23. best in class
    The 12 Very Best Slippers for MenIncluding breathable slides and sheepskin-lined booties.
  24. deal of the day
    These Swim Trunks Are Over 60 Percent Off (and Great for Father’s Day)Snag a deep discount on these flattering slim-fit swim trunks.
  25. celebrity shopping
    What Emma Roberts Can’t Live Without“Now I have three of them: One at my house, one for my mom’s house, and one for travel.”
  26. father’s day 2022
    The Best Father’s Day Gifts for GrandfathersGifts for Grandpa that aren’t another pair of Argyle socks or a silly tie.
  27. best in class
    12 Very Best Black T-Shirts for MenFrom recycled T-shirts and V-necks to utilitarian crew necks and oversize shirts reminiscent of the ’90s.
  28. celebrity shopping
    What Storm Reid Can’t Live Without“It says to use it at night, but I don’t follow the rules. I use it all times of the day.”
  29. best in class
    The 13 Very Best Men’s Cashmere SweatersIncluding classic cable knits and far-out tie-dyes.
  30. best in class
    The 17 Very Best Slippers for WomenFrom waterproof and lightweight options to cozy cold-weather pairs.
  31. celebrity shopping
    What Serena Kerrigan Can’t Live Without“I’ve seen it on my friends, who have all different nipple shades, and it looks good on them too.”
  32. celebrity shopping
    What Miss Fame Can’t Live Without“When I visit people’s houses, I always leave a few bars hidden in their pantry, so they discover they have a treat.”
  33. best in class
    13 of the Best Cashmere SweatersFrom wardrobe staples to bright color-blocked sweaters.
  34. deal of the day
    Get Seven Full-Size Tarte Products for Just $65The lineup features Strat favorite like a truly smudgeproof eyeliner that can hold up to a “sudden crying jag.”
  35. celebrity shopping
    What Rob Thomas Can’t Live Without“It’s like putting out a fire in my throat.”
  36. celebrity shopping
    What Christine Chiu Can’t Live Without“I would purposely reroute trips to that airport just to stock up on 30 to 40 pairs at a time.”
  37. celebrity shopping
    What Candace Bushnell Can’t Live Without“Rolls of them end up everywhere — in all of my pockets and bags.”
  38. best in class
    The 12 Very Best ToothpastesIncluding ones to brighten your pearly whites and help with sensitivity.
  39. gifts they might actually want
    The Best Gifts for Grandmothers, According to Grandmothers (and a Few Grandkids)Including fuzzy socks, journals, and lots of family photos.
  40. best in class
    The 10 Best Nice-Looking Pill CasesIncluding a “sleek” pill-case-slash-compact and other stylish options.
  41. celebrity shopping
    What Venus Williams Can’t Live Without“I look like I could protect the planet when I wear these.”
  42. best in class
    The 8 Best Sinus-Rinse Kits and Neti PotsIncluding gentle mists and more intense rinses for stuffier days.
  43. deal of the day
    This Windproof Umbrella Is 38 Percent Off Just in Time for Spring ShowersIt even held up through “gusty wind on the second floor of the Eiffel tower.”
  44. best in class
    The 9 Very Best Callus RemoversIncluding foot files, creams, and gels for smooth, sandal-ready skin.
  45. celebrity shopping
    What Cole Sprouse Can’t Live Without“Once I had a tool that worked as an extension of my hand, I fell in love with cooking.”
  46. deal of the day
    This Supermodel-Approved Cream Is 15 Percent OffRita Ora can’t travel without the “magical cream.”
  47. celebrity shopping
    What Lauv Can’t Live Without“I like that it’s really light — that way I can jump around on stage and go crazy.”
  48. best in class
    7 of the Very Best Nail ClippersWhether you’re looking for nail clippers for babies or toenail clippers for the thickest of nails.
  49. celebrity shopping
    What Catherine Cohen Can’t Live Without“It makes me feel like I’m home: at Taco Bell in Union Square at 3 a.m., you know, ruining my life.“
  50. celebrity shopping
    What Avril Lavigne Can’t Live Without“There’s something about this dip that makes it impossible to stop eating once it’s open.”
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