Asheley Victoria

  1. Skinny Pants: A Brief HistorySkintight women’s pants have squeezed in and out of fashion for decades. Now, with the reappearance of stirrup leggings, the look is back.
  2. Pillow TalkFor something that’s mostly decoration, it’s amazing how expensive throw pillows can be.
  3. Dining RoomIf you’re short on both space and money, the solution is Ikea’s Docksta dining table.
  4. Flip-Flop RockLast summer, Sigerson Morrison had shoppers lining up around the block for its $85 breakthrough in sandal technology: rubber flip-flops with a heel.
  5. Soft ColorsBright colors are a surefire antidote for bleak indoor winter days. These feather-filled throw pillows from Ikea (also available in blue) provid […]
  6. Get SnappyFnding a gift for your office Secret Santa mate, your dog walker, or anyone else you don’t know so well (but have to buy something for) can be a […]