Ashley Collman

  1. cheat sheet
    On the Eve of His Next Trip to America, a Dossier on Prince HarryHe might be on a shorter leash, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be given a big American welcome.
  2. books
    The Nine Circles of Dan BrownOn May 14, dark prince of conspiracy-based historical thrillery will release his latest, whose first printing of 4 million copies all but guarantees that it’ll be a giant hit—and that it will create lots of extra work for everybody.
  3. st. john’s
    Turmoil at St John’s As President Fights BackFather Donald Harrington lashes out at accusations of corruption.
  4. The Dollars-Per-Word Pay DecoderWhat’s a word worth in the topsy-turvy economics of today’s content-providing business? Inspired by a University of Minnesota researcher who app […]
  5. The Foreign-Adoption SqueezeThe new Russian ban on adoptions by U.S. citizens further shrank the supply of foreign adoptees, which is especially vexing for parents hoping t […]