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  1. weekend with
    A California Road Trip Captured on FilmPhotographer Sabrina Santiago shot her 11-day drive up Highway One.
  2. weekend with
    A Photographer Goes Date-Palm Harvesting in EgyptChristina Rizk captures a fruit-gathering ritual in front of the pyramids.
  3. weekend with
    A Local Photographer’s Favorite Spots in San FranciscoA weekend with Emily Scott.
  4. weekend with
    A Snowy Trip to Norway With New FriendsA photographer explores the streets of Oslo.
  5. weekend with
    An Expat’s Life in Tokyo, Captured on FilmPhotos by a New Yorker who recently moved to Japan.
  6. morocco
    A Photographer Explores the Sites in MoroccoA trip full of good friends and good food.
  7. weekend with
    A Canadian Island Full of WildlifeA photographer shares her favorite parts of Vancouver Island.
  8. weekend with
    Dreamy Photos From a Girls’ Trip to BerlinIt was a reunion for three good friends who live in different cities.
  9. san francisco
    A Trip Through Northern California With a Professional ChefIt involved amazing views and even better food.
  10. weekend with
    A Photographer Travels Through Finland With Her DogThere’s no better travel companion.
  11. weekend with
    A Cyclist Photographs Her Way Through CreteOne amazing meal made her rethink her entire trip.
  12. weekend with
    These Photos Make Madrid Look AmazingA young photographer visits the city of her birth.
  13. weekend with
    A Sibling Trip to the Slovenian AlpsWhere the hills are alive.
  14. weekend with
    A Month in Malta With Two Professional TravelersFeaturing unreal landscapes and turquoise-blue waters.
  15. The Painstakingly Elaborate Process Behind Belle’s Iconic Yellow GownVIDEO: It looks identical to the original Beauty and the Beast.
  16. Watch Mario Batali Throw a Tapas Party for 20All of the dishes looked delicious.
  17. You Won’t Find a Better Metaphor for Alcohol Than What Anne Hathaway Told Us▶️ Who is the real monster here?
  18. Here’s the Proof Americans Are Just Not As Happy As They Used to BeVIDEO: Sad.
  19. Here’s the Proof Americans Are Just Not As Happy As They Used to BeVIDEO: Sad.
  20. Kid Rock Is Using Foreign-Made BBQ Grills As Target Practice to Promote His OwnVIDEO: He is not a fan of “Made in China.”
  21. Watch 4 Surprising On-Set Secrets From Behind the Scenes of The BachelorThe show only takes seven weeks.
  22. Blue Ivy’s Dresses Probably Cost More Than Your Monthly RentShe is the most stylish 5-year-old.
  23. Watch What Marvel’s Defenders Look Like in the Show Compared to the Comic BooksThey look much different in real life.
  24. This Video Reveals the Real Reason Emma Watson Won’t Take a Selfie With YouShe’s just looking out for herself.
  25. Watch a Rare Glimpse Inside a Butterfly’s CocoonFascinating.
  26. Watch a Rare Glimpse Inside a Butterfly’s CocoonFascinating.
  27. gifs
    A GIF Breakdown of the Oscars’ Last-Minute Best Picture SwitcharooA step-by-step breakdown to the Oscar Shocker.
  28. WATCH: Flying Drone Taxis Are Real and They’re SpectacularUber with wings.
  29. WATCH: See 25 Celebrities’ High-School Yearbook PhotosFact: Mila Kunis has not aged.
  30. What Really Happens to Your Body After a Year in SpaceTwin astronauts spent a year of their lives to find out.
  31. What Really Happens to Your Body After a Year in SpaceTwin astronauts spent a year of their lives to find out.
  32. WATCH: An Evolution of Beyoncé’s Grammy PerformancesHer latest performance was her most complex.
  33. Here’s How Twitter Responded to Trump’s Threat to ‘SEE YOU IN COURT’Another day, another Trump Twitter fiasco.
  34. WATCH: J. K. Rowling Roasts Trump Fans Threatening to Burn Harry Potter BooksJ.K. is not here for the Twitter trolls.
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  36. WATCH: There’s a Restaurant in London That Only Serves Potato ChipsCinnamon-sugar potato chips?
  37. Watch: This Kinetic Sculpture Mimics the Movements of a Flock of BirdsIt is made using 400 suspended “birds”.
  38. Useless Technology Finally Finds a Home Inside a Spinning Lawn Mower on YouTubeThat’s one way to get rid of your old junk.
  39. Here’s What Disney’s Giant Death Star Looks LikeBeware, the giant golf ball of doom. 
  40. Watch: An Authentic Salvador Dalí Surrealist Cookbook You Can Buy Right nowBorn from his own trippy dinner table.
  41. Mourn Stranger Things’ Barb With This Horrifying French Onion Soup RecipeThe best way to remember her.
  42. This YouTuber Fused Smash Mouth With Pop Hits and Created Internet GoldSmash Mouth gets the second life it didn’t deserve.
  43. These Instagram Stars Decorate Their Beards With Literally AnythingHave beard, will decorate.
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  45. Art Installation Made of 200 Mini-Mirrors Is As Obsessed With You As You AreYou won’t be able to look away from it.