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  1. the urbanist
    The Globalization of Local RadioDonga shows in Darwin, Australia, choro deep cuts in Rio, and shipping-container electronica in Brooklyn.
  2. homeward bound
    Texas Attorneys Back Down, Will Allow Syrian Refugees for NowThey are still seeking a legal position that would allow them an injunction.
  3. Shkreli: I Would Have Raised Prices HigherSure, everyone worries about the dying cancer patients. But what about Martin Shkreli’s shareholders?
  4. busted
    Immortal Dick Cheney Replica Now Lives at the CapitolHis bust was unveiled in the Senate wing of the Capitol.
  5. Riddle Left at Queens Fire Not Related to Arson Ninja, Police SayStill no word from the World’s Greatest Detective.
  6. oops
    Guantanamo Inmate Held for 13 Years in Case of Mistaken Identity, Says PentagonHe expressed no desire for the future other than to get married.
  7. Star Wars and Hamilton Unite With #Force4HamYou got Star Wars in my Hamilton! No, you got Hamilton in my Star Wars!
  8. whisker drought
    Paul Ryan Reinforces His Young-Gun Brand by Growing Some ScruffIt actually looks pretty good.
  9. the riddler
    Arson Ninja Designs Scavenger Hunt for Those Who Want to Arrest HimThe Riddler returns to Gotham.
  10. horrible things
    6-Year-Old Dies After Finding a Loaded Gun Stuck in a CouchAnother gun accident involving a child — the fourth in the last six weeks, in Georgia alone.
  11. dumb ways to die
    Burglar Still Stuck in Chimney When Homeowner Returns and Lights Fire(This is not Santa-related.)
  12. just desserts
    Football-Fan Revenge on Cops: Coconut DoughnutsNo one ever says that revenge tastes like coconut.
  13. Delivery
    NYC Restaurants Fined for Using Illegal Electric Delivery BikesPolice busted a cluster of spots on the Upper West Side.
  14. stand clear the closing doors
    Cuomo Vetoes Plan to Allow Poor Commuters Two Bus TransfersHe said the bill didn’t pay for itself.
  15. Drunk Mac-and-Cheese Bro Emerges From Stupor to Appear in CourtThe suburban slugger returns to his old stomping grounds one last time.
  16. 17 Injured in Crossfire During a New Orleans Block PartyAll the injured are in stable condition.
  17. guns on the run
    Homeless Man in the Bronx Finds Missing Army Reserve WeaponryThirteen guns are still at large.
  18. Phuc Dat Bich Is Beyond Tired of Getting Kicked Off FacebookIt’s his real name!
  19. islamic state watch
    Paris Attacks Put a New Squeeze on Things Named IsisWhat’s in a name? A lot, actually.
  20. Car-Scent Giant Enjoys Fresh Smell of Success in Legal BattleThere’s only room enough for one characteristically tree-shaped scent-maker.
  21. oh florida
    Florida Mayor Pays $4,000 Fine in Loose ChangeBuckets and buckets of pennies
  22. Judge Rules That Frozen Embryos Don’t Survive a DivorceThey must be thawed out, and thrown out.
  23. ISIS Calls Anonymous ‘Idiots’ in Response to Their Declaration of WarFlame war on terror.
  24. call an audible
    Schneiderman Sues Fantasy-Sports Sites The New York State attorney general alleges they’re nothing but digital-age bookies.
  25. The Vine Heard Round the WorldThe video service isn’t your first stop for news, but it might be soon.
  26. deerly departed
    Dead Deer Run Up a Florida High School’s FlagpoleThe high school’s mascot is the Eagle.
  27. Did You Know You Can Pay Indian Kids $5 to Yell Out Memes?Internet culture is globalized, but it’s still horrible.
  28. moving violations
    Google Self-Driving Car Pulled Over for Driving Too SlowlyLicense and registration, ple— oh …
  29. the fifth estate
    Dead-Tree Media Is Useful Again Now That You Can Compost in Newspaper BoxesIt was always fishwrap.
  30. call an audible
    DraftKings and FanDuel Say They Will Fight a Ban in New York StatePotentially in defiance of Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s cease-and-desist order.
  31. Ghosting
    The Ghost Restaurants of GrubHub SeamlessFake restaurants still appear with quite a bit of frequency.
  32. zut alors!
    The French Say Non to Wine-Free Official Dinner With Iranian LeaderCorked.
  33. Bratton: Stop Giving Money to HomelessBratton goes off script.
  34. L.A. UFO Was the Military, the Government SaysOf course, the government always has an answer for everything.
  35. Want to Fake Being an NYC Marathon Finisher? That’ll Be $90Enjoying the smug? Priceless.
  36. today in donald trump
    This Morning on CNN, Trump Groused About Carson, Rubio — and CNN“I have the ultimate temperament.”
  37. research
    Researcher Misses Out on Grant Because of Calibri/Arial Font DustupIt doesn’t matter if you’re an archaeologist — your grant application can’t be in Papyrus.
  38. research
    Researcher Misses Out on Grant Because of Calibri/Arial Font DustupIt doesn’t matter if you’re an archaeologist — your grant application can’t be in Papyrus.
  39. #bronxisburning
    Developer Throws Tin-Eared ‘Bronx Is Burning’ Halloween Theme Party in the BronxRevelers were encouraged to hashtag their experiences with #bronxisburning.
  40. wait times
    What’s Happening With the Second Avenue Subway?A billion bucks was taken out of the budget.
  41. Sword-Wielding Connecticut Samurai Saves His Dogs From IntruderThe code of the samurai is alive and well in America, especially among former members of the Society for Creative Anachronism.
  42. wide sargasso sea
    Caribbean Choked by Biggest Seaweed Bloom EverStinky four-foot-high piles repel beachgoers; Mexico calls in their navy to fix it.
  43. petsmart
    Getting Shot by a Dog Is Actually Pretty CommonIt’s impossible to stay mad at them when they give you the sad eyes.
  44. Video: NYPD Officer Apparently Putting a Skateboarder in Banned ChokeholdOn the video, a passerby was recorded observing, “Here we go again.”
  45. technology
    Your Driverless Car Could Be Programmed to Kill YouAdventures in the ethics of autonomous vehicles.
  46. technology
    Your Driverless Car Could Be Programmed to Kill YouAdventures in the ethics of autonomous vehicles.
  47. crazy people
    New Mexico Man Kills His Friend After Binge-Watching The Walking DeadHis friend allegedly tried to bite him.
  48. gun control
    Amy Schumer and Senator Schumer Team Up Against GunsA family matter, but not a laughing matter.
  49. gilded age 1.0
    How the Other Half Lived During NYC’s Last Gilded AgeA little perspective.
  50. you’ve got hacked
    What We Learned From the CIA Director’s WikiLeaked EmailsJohn le Carré would not be impressed.
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