1. intelligencer chats
    The Political Costs of Ted Cruz’s Cancún VacationThis scandal may do lasting damage to the Texas senator — but he’s got plenty of time to ride it out.
  2. politics
    Pence Not Holding Grudge Against Trump Over Whole Riot ThingThe man who defined vice-presidential loyalty couldn’t stay mad for long.
  3. news wars
    The News Is Coming Back to Australian FacebookThe social-media giant is restoring order for users after winning some concessions from the government.
  4. feuds
    De Blasio Accuses Cuomo of ‘Bullying’ As Nursing-Home Woes MountLong the junior partner in a fierce rivalry, the mayor seems happy to exploit the governor’s new political vulnerability.
  5. intelligencer chats
    America’s Brittle Infrastructure Is on Display in TexasMore system failures loom as the weather becomes more extreme. But disasters can also serve as needed wake-up calls.
  6. capitol riot
    Trump’s Treatment of Pence During Capitol Riot Was Even Worse Than We KnewThe president learned his veep was in danger, then almost immediately castigated him on Twitter.
  7. impeachment
    Trump Also Thought His Lawyer’s Performance Was TerribleA roundup of his reactions to a memorably bad impeachment opening statement.
  8. intelligencer chats
    Will Stephen Breyer Take One for the Team?Liberals are (finally) focusing more attention on the courts — and putting pressure on a justice to retire while the retiring’s good.
  9. cryptocurrencies
    Tesla Is Making a Billion-Dollar Bet on BitcoinThe company acquired a massive amount of the currency on Monday, paving the way for all-crypto purchases.
  10. intelligencer chats
    President Biden’s Highly Consequential, Kind of Boring DebutWhat his early strategy can tell us about the next four years.
  11. covid-19
    The COVID Picture in America Is Showing Dramatic ImprovementNew variants loom, but cases continue to plummet as the pace of vaccination ramps up.
  12. intelligencer chats
    Why Has Donald Trump Clammed Up?To the delight of many, the ultimate loudmouth has been deafeningly silent for almost a month.
  13. covid vaccines
    AstraZeneca Shot Appears to Slow COVID TransmissionYet more terrific news on the vaccine front.
  14. new york
    NYC Snowstorm Updates: Aboveground Subway Service SuspendedMore snowfall and near-blizzard conditions are expected Monday night and a state of emergency is in place throughout most of New York state.
  15. vaccines
    Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Shown Highly Effective Against Severe COVIDThe one-shot dose, while less effective against a new coronavirus variant, is great at preventing the worst effects of the virus.
  16. wall street
    Backlash Spreads After Apps Crack Down on GameStop TradingLawmakers and Robinhood traders were united in their ire.
  17. covid-19
    U.S. COVID Cases Continue to PlummetThe big question: Is this another temporary blip or the beginning of the end?
  18. vaccines
    Vaccine Delays Are Screwing Up the E.U.’s Already Slow RolloutLeaders in the bloc are growing increasingly frustrated, as the U.K. and U.S. surge ahead in doses administered.
  19. 2020 election
    Dominion Voting Systems Sues Giuliani Over All Those LiesRecklessly defaming a company for weeks on end may end up having a cost.
  20. satire
    Don’t Fall for Trump’s Latest DistractionLeaving the White House in disgrace is his most cunning diversion yet.
  21. biden inauguration
    What It Was Like Attending a Distinctly Weird InaugurationAn intimate, almost serene transferring of power.
  22. inauguration
    Watch President Trump Leave the White House for the Last Time“Have a good life, we’ll see you soon.”
  23. capitol riots
    Photos: The Capitol Now Looks Like a BarracksNational Guard members are suddenly everywhere, one week after the building was overrun.
  24. capitol riots
    AOC: ‘I Thought I Was Going to Die’ During Capitol SiegeThe congresswoman also said she worried Republicans would put her in danger as the riots were happening.
  25. capitol riot
    Everyone Who Has Quit the Trump Administration After Wednesday’s AnarchyThree Cabinet members have resigned in the wake of the insurrection.
  26. impeachment
    Read the House’s Impeachment Article Against President TrumpA single charge: “incitement of insurrection.”
  27. capitol riot
    Read Melania Trump’s Letter About the Capitol RiotShe condemns political violence — and critical media coverage of herself.
  28. capitol riot
    Capitol Police Officer Dies After Sustaining Injuries in RiotBrian Sicknick’s death marks the fifth stemming from Wednesday’s melee.
  29. 2020 elections
    Read Mike Pence’s Letter Explaining Why He Won’t Object to Biden’s WinThe vice president will not do President Trump’s bidding during Wednesday’s electoral certification.
  30. intelligencer chats
    Why Dems Are Now Optimistic About Winning Both Georgia RacesUnderwhelming Republican turnout has been a major story on Tuesday night.
  31. intelligencer chats
    Why Georgia Republicans Are So Worried About Trump’s Phone CallAs the special Senate elections approach, the president is making things more difficult for Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue.
  32. elections
    White House Made 18 Previous Attempts to Call Georgia’s Secretary of StateThe 19th time was the charm.
  33. coronavirus stimulus
    Trump Signs Second Stimulus Bill Only After Unemployment Aid ExpiresThe president gained nothing from delaying, but some 14 million Americans saw their federal unemployment benefits lapse.
  34. outdoor dining
    You Are Once Again Allowed to Pee Indoors at NYC RestaurantsAn ill-considered new rule only lasted a few hours.
  35. intelligencer chats
    When Will Vaccines Put a Real Dent in America’s Death Toll?Unfortunately, it might be a while.
  36. covid-19
    Watch: First New Yorker Vaccinated Against COVID-19A round of applause went up after nurse Sandra Lindsay received the coveted shot.
  37. intelligencer chats
    How Does NYC’s Crisis Compare to Past Moments of Peril?The city was in a very different kind of danger in the 1970s than it is today.
  38. intelligencer chats
    The Mood in the White House During Trump’s Frenzied Final DaysAs the president rage-tweets about the election, staffers are moving on — but still fighting with one another.
  39. pardons
    Trump Will Reportedly Pardon Anyone With a PulseFeel like you’re been wronged? Just want some excitement in your life? You could be next.
  40. covid-19
    U.K. Vaccinates William Shakespeare (and Others) in COVID MilestoneWith the FDA approving the Pfizer vaccine for emergency use on Tuesday, similar scenes will likely play out in the U.S. soon.
  41. georgia senate runoffs
    Kelly Loeffler Kept Repeating One Line at Sunday’s DebateRadical liberal. Radical liberal. Radical liberal.
  42. georgia senate runoffs
    Do Democrats Have Reason to Be Optimistic in Georgia?January’s two crucial Senate races are difficult to compare to past special elections, thanks in part to President Trump’s mixed messaging.
  43. covid-19
    U.S. Blows Past Daily COVID Death RecordMore than 2,700 people died on Wednesday, and more than 100,000 are in the hospital.
  44. covid-19
    U.K. Is First to Grant Emergency Authorization for Western VaccineHigh-risk Britons will start getting the shots next week.
  45. politics
    Trump Funds Political Future by Claiming He Won in 2020The president has raised more than $150 million for a supposed “Election Defense Fund” that doesn’t really exist.
  46. intelligencer chats
    What a Spectacularly Ill-Advised Idea Says About McKinseyThe powerful, secretive consulting giant is once again in the headlines for all the wrong reasons.
  47. covid vaccines
    Moderna Says First COVID Vaccine Shots Could Be Ready by December 21The company is seeking emergency authorization for doses it says provide overwhelming protection from the virus.
  48. clemency
    Trump Pardons Michael Flynn in End-of-Term Attack on Russia InvestigationA little dose of payback from the departing president.
  49. the economy
    Jobless Claims Rise Again As Virus SurgesA sign that economic recovery may be stalling out as the pandemic grips America again.
  50. education
    The Cost of Closing NYC’s Public SchoolsTalking through the effects of an irrational decision.
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