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 Benjamin Hart is a staff editor at Intelligencer. He joined New York in 2017.

  1. just asking questions
    Why Are There Still Illegal Weed Stores All Over the City?Chris Alexander, executive director of the New York State Office of Cannabis Management, is frustrated by their staying power.
  2. what we know
    Biden Rebukes Special Counsel Over ‘Faulty Memory’ ClaimHe condemned Robert Hur’s suggestion in his classified-documents report that he didn’t know when his son died. “How in the hell dare he,” Biden said.
  3. intelligencer chats
    How Bad Is the Special Counsel’s Report for Biden?The report on Biden’s handling of classified docs said he had a “faulty memory.” Could it hurt him in an election that is nine months away?
  4. politics
    Right-Wingers Line Up to Dump on Right-Wing Immigration BillNever mind the legislation’s merits — it helps Biden, so game over.
  5. just asking questions
    Why Politicians Will Probably Keep Getting SwattedCybercrime expert Keven Hendricks on how law enforcement’s misunderstanding of dangerous hoax phone calls helps perpetuate the practice.
  6. media
    Quixotic News Startup The Messenger Is Shutting DownThe outlet, out of money after a year, dropped the hammer on hundreds of staffers to close out a horrible month in media.
  7. just asking questions
    The ‘Thucydides’s Trap’ Author on the Risk of China-BashingPolitical scientist Graham Allison thinks Americans both underestimate and overestimate their main competitor.
  8. tennis
    Djokovic Looked Old at the Australian OpenAs he was blown off the court by Jannik Sinner, the greatest of all time appeared uncharacteristically lost.
  9. just asking questions
    Why the Middle East May Not Actually Be on FireIsraeli diplomat and writer Alon Pinkas on why the region hasn’t yet exploded — and why it still might.
  10. scandals
    Who Are the Newly Revealed Jeffrey Epstein Contacts?Additional prominent names continue to surface from new reporting, court filings, and reviews of Epstein’s schedules and emails.
  11. just asking questions
    What Does Hamas Actually Want?Academic Leila Seurat, an expert on the group, says that it is achieving its goals, even with Gaza in ruins.
  12. just asking questions
    Will It Ever Snow in New York City Again?Meteorologist John Homenuk returns to answer a question that remains as sadly relevant as it was a year ago.
  13. just asking questions
    Why October 7 May Mark a Turning Point for UniversitiesPsychologist and public intellectual Steven Pinker thinks the debacle at Harvard is a blow to campus leftism.
  14. what we know
    Why Is Tesla Recalling Almost All Its Cars in the U.S.?The company, under pressure from regulators, is doing a software update to address safety concerns over its Autopilot system.
  15. just asking questions
    Why Israel Won’t Forgive Benjamin NetanyahuJournalist and Bibi biographer Anshel Pfeffer on the prime minister post- October 7.
  16. just asking questions
    Why Russia Could Win the Ukraine War Next November“If Ukraine is going to lose this war, it’s going to lose it here in the United States,” says counterinsurgency expert John Nagl.
  17. just asking questions
    How Long Could the Israel-Hamas Ceasefire Last?Gershon Baskin, a veteran Israeli hostage negotiator, on what both sides stand to gain and lose.
  18. just asking questions
    Does Israel Actually Know What It’s Doing in Gaza?Security analyst Michael A. Horowitz on a high-stakes intelligence war.
  19. senate beef
    Oklahoma Senator Brags About Almost Starting FistfightMarkwayne Mullin is pretty proud of getting aggro with Teamsters head Sean O’Brien on Tuesday.
  20. just asking questions
    Egypt’s Puzzling Role in the Israel-Hamas WarThe country that once controlled the Gaza Strip is helping Palestinians — but only up to a point.
  21. just asking questions
    Why Ehud Barak Thinks Israel Must Invade GazaThe former prime minister plays down humanitarian concerns and says his country will prevail against its adversaries “at a very heavy price.”
  22. just asking questions
    What Israel Didn’t Understand About HamasFormer Israeli intelligence officer Michael Milshtein on the country’s grievous intelligence lapse.
  23. just asking questions
    What Iran Stands to Gain From Hamas’s AttackMiddle East scholar Ray Takeyh on how Saturday’s massacre could shake the region’s political foundations.
  24. just asking questions
    Making Sense of the Worsening Canada-India FeudIndia expert Chietigj Bajpaee on the aftermath of a murder shrouded in mystery.
  25. politics
    Eric Adams Was Missing During a Natural Disaster — AgainThis is becoming a pattern.
  26. politics
    Dianne Feinstein Dead at 90; Tributes Pour inThe trailblazing California senator, who resisted calls to resign over visible health problems, died on Thursday evening.
  27. just asking questions
    A Popular Decongestant Is Useless. What Else Is?Harvard Medical School professor Aaron Kesselheim on what you can and can’t trust at the drugstore.
  28. politics
    The 5 Most Jaw-Dropping Allegations in the Bob Menendez IndictmentMenendez has already rescinded his position as Senate Foreign Relations chair amid allegations that he took gold bars and wads of cash as bribes.
  29. media
    Rupert Murdoch Surprisingly Steps Down As Head of FoxIt’s Lachlan’s time for the big job.
  30. just asking questions
    Will Wisconsin Republicans Pull Off the Ultimate Power Grab?State Democratic Party chairman Ben Wikler on the GOP’s efforts to impeach a state Supreme Court justice and undo an election.
  31. crime
    How Authorities Caught Danelo Cavalcante: UpdatesA police dog and a heat-detecting drone helped capture the fugitive, who escaped from prison two weeks ago.
  32. us open 2023
    The Spectacular U.S. Open Men’s Final That Wasn’tThe only man who can challenge Novak Djokovic wasn’t on the court Sunday.
  33. us open 2023
    Coco Gauff Wins the U.S. Open in Thrilling ComebackThe 19-year-old tennis phenom now has a major to her name. It probably won’t be her last.
  34. us open 2023
    Maybe They Should Move the U.S. Open Back a WeekExtreme heat is an enemy of good tennis, and the problem is only getting worse.
  35. us open 2023
    Cable Dispute Forces U.S. Open Champion Into Life of PiracyDaniil Medvedev is just one of many frustrated Spectrum customers who can’t watch tennis on TV right now.
  36. just asking questions
    Will China’s Economic Slump Be Contagious?Brad Setser, senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, on how to interpret grim news from the world’s second-biggest economy.
  37. politics
    Yevgeny Prigozhin Has Met a Predictable EndA plane carrying the Wagner Group leader has been downed near Moscow, killing everyone aboard.
  38. just asking questions
    How Ukraine’s Counteroffensive Might EndCounterinsurgency expert John Nagl on why he believes the Ukraine war is still likely headed toward a “frozen conflict.”
  39. just asking questions
    Jamie Raskin on Why It Doesn’t Matter What Trump BelievedThe Maryland congressman thinks the former president’s state of mind on January 2021 is beside the point.
  40. just asking questions
    Why Trump’s Free-Speech Defense Is a ‘Red Herring’Timothy Heaphy, the January 6 Committee’s lead investigator, on the strength of Jack Smith’s case.
  41. letdowns
    The Mets Have Given Up Entirely on 2023It’s the hope that kills you.
  42. just asking questions
    How Big a Problem Is Biden’s Age, Really?Aging expert Steven N. Austad on why the president is in better shape than many may assume.
  43. just asking questions
    Can Jessica Tisch Make New York City Less Disgusting?The ambitious Sanitation commissioner wants to make heaping piles of hot garbage a thing of the past.
  44. sports
    Chris Eubanks Is the Best Story in Tennis Right NowWith a huge upset on Monday, the American journeyman has improbably reached Wimbledon’s quarterfinals.
  45. international
    Recovered Titan Debris Includes ‘Presumed Human Remains’The remains will be analyzed by medical professionals.
  46. just asking questions
    Why This May Be the Beginning of the End for PutinRussia scholar Aaron Schwartzbaum on the dramatic fallout from an aborted mutiny.
  47. just asking questions
    Why Pedestrian Deaths Are Skyrocketing in AmericaTransportation expert Yonah Freemark on all the reasons the U.S. is such a deadly road-safety outlier.
  48. politics
    Hunter Biden Strikes a Deal to Avoid PrisonConservatives aren’t exactly thrilled.
  49. just asking questions
    How Fast Could We Get a Verdict in the Trump Documents Case?Mueller prosecutor Brandon Van Grack says there’s no good reason this can’t end quickly.
  50. encounter
    Vivek Ramaswamy Does Not Like to Lose at TennisGoing toe to toe with the Republican primary’s No. 1 Trump fan.
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