1. vision 2020
    Does Pete Buttigieg Have a Plausible Path to the Nomination?Intelligencer staffers discuss whether the South Bend mayor’s rising profile corresponds to rising odds.
  2. intelligencer chats
    Is Annoying People the Right Way to Combat Climate Change?Intelligencer staffers discuss the intentionally divisive tactics of an upstart movement.
  3. president trump
    Read President Trump’s Bizarre Letter to Turkey’s President“Don’t be a tough guy. Don’t be a fool!”
  4. intelligencer chats
    The Risks of Going After Elizabeth WarrenIntelligencer staffers discuss Biden and Buttigieg’s attacks on the Massachusetts senator, and more fallout from Tuesday night’s debate.
  5. democratic debates
    Why Didn’t Anyone Attack Joe Biden at Tuesday’s Debate?Intelligencer staffers also discuss Bernie Sanders’s strong performance, the attacks on Elizabeth Warren, and more.
  6. hunter biden
    Hunter Biden Admits Mistakes But Says He Did Nothing Illegal in New InterviewThe embattled son of the former vice-president defended himself after weeks of attacks about his business ventures in Ukraine.
  7. shep smith
    Shep Smith Out at Fox News Amid Tensions Over Trump CoverageAfter 23 years at the network, the anchor suddenly announced his departure on Friday afternoon.
  8. impeachment
    Are We on the Verge of a Constitutional Crisis?Intelligencer staffers discuss the high-stakes next moves in the impeachment fight.
  9. elizabeth warren
    Could Warren’s Abandonment of Big-Money Fundraisers Hurt Her Against Trump?Intelligencer staffers discuss the Massachusetts senator’s aversion to a time-honored candidate pastime.
  10. #metoo
    Farrow Book Alleges That Weinstein Used Matt Lauer As Leverage to Kill NBC StoryWeinstein allegedly knew about sexual-misconduct allegations against the anchor, and threatened to divulge them if he did not get his way.
  11. harvey weinstein
    Farrow Book Alleges That Weinstein Used Matt Lauer As Leverage to Kill NBC StoryWeinstein allegedly knew about sexual-misconduct allegations against the anchor, and threatened to divulge them if he did not get his way.
  12. intelligencer chats
    Is Biden Making a Mistake by Holding His Fire Against Trump?Intelligencer staffers discuss the Democratic contender’s understated response to President Trump’s attacks against him.
  13. impeachment
    Is There Any Chance the GOP Is About to Turn on Trump?Intelligencer staffers discuss whether the president has all that much to fear from Republican lawmakers as he braces for impeachment.
  14. intelligencer chats
    Is the Market Underplaying the Risk Trump Poses?Intelligencer staffers discuss the effects impeachment might have on an already erratic presidency.
  15. twitter
    Is Kamala Harris Right That Twitter Should Ban Trump?Intelligencer staffers discuss the wisdom of removing the president from his favorite social-media platform.
  16. bernie sanders
    What Does Bernie Sanders’s Health Scare Mean for His Campaign?Intelligencer staffers discuss the possible ramifications of the senator’s setback.
  17. wework
    What the Collapse of WeWork’s IPO MeansIntelligencer staffers discuss how the company’s recent struggles fit in with the broader economic picture.
  18. joe biden
    How Bad Might Impeachment Be for Joe Biden’s Prospects?Intelligencer staffers discuss whether the Democratic contender will sustain collateral damage from the investigation into Trump.
  19. trump-ukraine scandal
    The Biggest Revelations in the Ukraine Whistle-Blower ReportA version of the complaint that has Democrats on the verge of impeachment was released to the public on Thursday morning.
  20. impeachment
    All the Lawmakers Joining the Impeachment Push This WeekA number of key swing-district representatives have endorsed the procedure for the first time in the wake of the Ukraine story.
  21. impeachment
    Is It Finally Time to Impeach Trump?Intelligencer staffers discuss whether the Ukraine scandal is enough to initiate proceedings against the president.
  22. benjamin netanyahu
    Benjamin Netanyahu Appears to Be Running Out of OptionsThough he should never be counted out, it’s increasingly difficult to imagine that the prime minister will retain power in Israel.
  23. federal reserve
    Decoding the Fed’s Interest Rate CutIntelligencer staffers discuss the Federal Reserve’s latest maneuver — and President Trump’s criticism of it.
  24. corey lewandowski
    The Wildest Moments From Corey Lewandowski’s House TestimonyThe Trump loyalist and Senate hopeful turned in an openly hostile performance that seemed designed to please the president.
  25. iran
    Will the U.S. Strike Iran Over the Saudi Oil Attacks?Intelligencer staffers discuss another moment of major tension in the Middle East.
  26. brett kavanaugh
    NYT Makes Major Correction That Undermines Its Big Brett Kavanaugh StoryA woman who Kavanaugh reportedly sexually harassed at Yale does not remember the alleged incident.
  27. democratic debates
    Did Kamala Harris Have the Worst Debate?Intelligencer staffers discuss which Democratic candidates excelled and which stumbled on Thursday night in Houston.
  28. politics
    Trump Fires John Bolton Over TwitterThe president’s most hawkish adviser is toast.
  29. health care
    Uninsured Rate Goes Up for First Time Since ObamacareThe Trump administration’s campaign to undermine Obamacare seems to be working to an extent.
  30. intelligencer chats
    Are Democrats Blowing Their 2020 Message?Intelligencer staffers discuss whether the party is focusing on the right strategy to beat President Trump.
  31. intelligencer chats
    When Will the Dems With No Chance Drop Out?Intelligencer staffers discuss at what point the longshots in the primary field might call it a day.
  32. marianne williamson
    Marianne Williamson Spars With Erica Jong Over Hurricane Prayer TweetThe candidate did not take kindly to criticism over her suggestion to pray the hurricane away.
  33. media
    Trump Official Reinstated After False Accusation of Anti-SemitismAfter a misleading Bloomberg story led to his ouster, commentators from both sides of the political spectrum agree that Leif Olson got a raw deal.
  34. kamala harris
    Is Kamala Harris the New Marco Rubio?Intelligencer staffers discuss the similarities between a certain 2016 also-ran and a certain 2020 contender.
  35. anti semitism
    Brutal Assault Is Latest in String of Attacks on Jews in BrooklynThere has been a frightening uptick in violence against people who present themselves as Orthodox.
  36. intelligencer chats
    Are the Electability Fears About Elizabeth Warren Overblown?Intelligencer staffers discuss whether the persistent doubts about her candidacy actually make much sense.
  37. joe walsh
    Joe Walsh Launches Primary Bid Against Trump, Who He Admits He Helped CreateThe former Tea Party agitator knows he won’t beat the “child” in the Oval Office, but says someone has to try.
  38. joe biden
    How Big a Problem is Joe Biden’s ‘Enthusiasm Gap’?Intelligencer staffers discuss the Democratic frontrunner’s pragmatic pitch.
  39. intelligencer chats
    Did Jay Inslee Get a Fair Shake From Voters?Intelligencer stafffers discuss the departure of the “climate candidate” from the Democratic primary.
  40. vision 2020
    Should Biden’s Competitors Make His Age a Bigger Issue?Intelligencer staffers discuss how Democratic candidates should handle a major vulnerability for the front-runner.
  41. politics
    Trump Insults Several Million American JewsBut don’t expect any Republican condemnation of the president’s offensive remark.
  42. gun reform
    Trump Is Already Backing Away From Doing Anything About GunsAfter a brief window during which he seemed interested in doing something serious to curb mass shootings, he has retreated to NRA talking points.
  43. intelligencer chats
    Trump’s Re-Election and the Recession RiskIntelligencer staffers discuss President Trump’s re-election chances in the context of a possible economic downturn.
  44. greenland
    Report: Trump, Who Is the President, Wants to Buy GreenlandUnfortunately for him, the autonomous Danish territory isn’t for sale.
  45. rashida tlaib
    Rashida Tlaib: I Won’t Visit Grandmother Under Israel’s ‘Oppressive’ ConditionsThe congresswoman understandably chooses defiance over political humiliation.
  46. politics
    Israel Bars Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib From VisitingPresident Trump is enthusiastically onboard with this terrible decision.
  47. politics
    Israel Bars Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib From VisitingPresident Trump is enthusiastically onboard with this terrible decision.
  48. vision 2020
    Is Tom Steyer Making a Mockery Out of the DNC?Intelligencer staffers discuss whether the billionaire, who’s likely to be on stage for the third Democratic debates, is damaging the primary process.
  49. kamala harris
    Why Is Kamala Harris Struggling With Black Voters So Much?Intelligencer staffers discuss the Democratic contender’s weakness among a key primary demographic.
  50. chris cuomo
    Trump’s Chris Cuomo Jab Appears to Make Light of ‘Red Flag’ LawsMaybe America’s troll-in-chief needs a mandatory waiting period for his jokes.
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