1. chicago looting
    More Than 100 People Arrested After Downtown Chicago LootingThe Magnificent Mile turned chaotic Sunday night after a police shooting on the city’s South Side hours earlier.
  2. hong kong
    Hong Kong’s Media Crackdown Has Begun in EarnestA pro-democracy newspaper owner was arrested for colluding with a foreign power, a charge that could mean life in prison.
  3. intelligencer chats
    The Economy Is Slightly Less Bad Than a Few Weeks AgoThere’s some good news in Friday’s jobs report, but it is also likely to make a congressional deal even more difficult.
  4. vision 2020
    Is Kamala Harris Inevitable?Last-minute contenders for Joe Biden’s vice-presidential selection have emerged, but the California senator is still the front-runner.
  5. intelligencer chats
    Could the Pandemic Reshape the Restaurant Business?A chat with Grub Street’s Chris Crowley about the economic crisis facing the restaurant industry, and what might come after COVID-19.
  6. black lives matter
    The Protest Movement’s Path ForwardThe fervor of May and June has inevitably faded. What comes next?
  7. intelligencer chats
    America Needs Another Bailout. Is Congress Up to the Task?Ultimately, fiscal policy can only go so far in mitigating the economic effects of the coronavirus.
  8. intelligencer chats
    Could the Pandemic Be a Climate Turning Point?The volatile political conditions created by the coronavirus may matter more than a temporary downturn in carbon emissions.
  9. intelligencer chats
    The Pandemic Is Putting Parents in an Impossible SituationA conversation about New York City’s haphazard school-reopening plan.
  10. ghislaine maxwell
    Will Ghislaine Maxwell’s Arrest Make Boldface Names Nervous?Almost a year after Jeffrey Epstein’s death, his longtime fixer is in custody.
  11. intelligencer chats
    Does Biden Need to Do Anything Different to Win?So far, the Democratic nominee’s relatively low-key strategy is working out just fine. Where does it go from here?
  12. coronavirus
    Why 2020’s Economic Calamity Probably Won’t Be As Bad As 2008’sThe unemployment numbers may look grim, but there are key differences between what’s happening now and the last meltdown.
  13. intelligencer chats
    Should Biden Throw Election-Map Calculus Out the Window With His Veep Pick?What the Democratic nominee should be considering as he ponders his big decision.
  14. intelligencer chats
    What Could ‘Defund the Police’ Mean in Practice?Trying to unpack the slogan that has become a rallying cry for activists around the country.
  15. politics
    Trump Tweets Letter From Ex-Lawyer That Calls Protesters ‘Terrorists’John Dowd’s extreme take on the demonstrators massing near the White House is music to the president’s ears.
  16. coronavirus
    Prominent Study Showing Severe Hydroxychloroquine Risk Is RetractedThe influential medical journal The Lancet pulled its paper asserting that the drug was associated with higher mortality in coronavirus patients.
  17. coronavirus
    Coronavirus in New York: Latest UpdatesMayor De Blasio is warning New Yorkers that they may have to “improvise” when it comes to their transportation.
  18. joe biden
    Joe Biden on Tara Reade Allegation: ‘This Never Happened’The presumptive Democratic nominee dodged questions about opening up his University of Delaware archives to search for a complaint from his accuser.
  19. intelligencer chats
    Does the Biden ‘Enthusiasm Gap’ Matter?Primary voters may not have to be thrilled about their candidate — especially when that candidate is matched up with President Trump.
  20. intelligencer chats
    Why Hasn’t the Stock Market Crashed Even More?Wall Street is well off its pre-pandemic highs, but it is also showing a guarded optimism about the recovery.
  21. intelligencer chats
    Should Networks Stop Airing Trump’s Falsehood-Filled Coronavirus Briefings?A daily dose of presidential misinformation might not be what America needs right now.
  22. coronavirus
    Boris Johnson Tests Positive for the CoronavirusThe U.K. prime minister, whose government fumbled its initial response to the pandemic, says his symptoms are mild.
  23. intelligencer chats
    Will Markets Ever Adjust to the Coronavirus Era?Incredible volatility has defined the last few weeks. More certainty about the disease’s course will provide much-needed clarity.
  24. intelligencer chats
    Does Congress Have It Right on the Coronavirus Bailout?Suddenly, a version of universal basic income is a mainstream idea — and Republicans are championing it.
  25. intelligencer chats
    Did Joe Biden Do What He Needed to Do at Sunday’s Debate?In what may be the final showdown of the Democratic primary, coronavirus took center stage.
  26. vision 2020
    Biden Commits to Female Running Mate at Democratic DebateHe said he will definitely pick a woman if he wins the nomination.
  27. coronavirus
    Watch Trump Practice Terrible Coronavirus Hygiene at Press ConferenceAs he tried to reassure the nation, the president took a blasé attitude toward the kind of personal contact that can spread the disease.
  28. intelligencer chats
    Is There Any End in Sight to Coronavirus’s Economic Carnage?A major recession isn’t inevitable, but continuing worldwide disruption is.
  29. intelligencer chats
    Where Does Bernie Go Now?In the race against Joe Biden, the Vermont senator is once again in a familiar position: underdog.
  30. intelligencer chats
    What Doomed Elizabeth Warren’s Candidacy?Trying to figure out why a one-time front-runner never quite hit liftoff.
  31. democratic primaries
    Super Tuesday Results 2020: Live UpdatesBiden is projected to win VA, NC, AL, TN, OK, AK, MN, MA, ME, and TX, while Sanders will take CO, VT, UT, and CA.
  32. vision 2020
    Biden Sees Big Polling Surge Heading Into Super TuesdayThe former vice-president’s resurgence could hardly have come at a more fortuitous electoral moment.
  33. vision 2020
    South Carolina 2020 Results: Joe Biden WinsBiden’s firewall held thanks to support from older, black, and more conservative Democrats, who make up a large bloc of the state’s voting population.
  34. intelligencer chats
    How Worried Is the Sanders Campaign About Biden’s Big Win?And more burning questions in the aftermath of a jolt to the Democratic race.
  35. intelligencer chats
    Could Elizabeth Warren’s Dominant Debate Performance Save Her Campaign?And other burning questions from a fiery Democratic clash in Las Vegas.
  36. michael bloomberg
    Bloomberg Defends Stop and Frisk With Lies at Democratic DebateLater, Elizabeth Warren pummeled him over his history of using nondisclosure agreements.
  37. intelligencer chats
    Are Markets Underrating the Coronavirus Threat?The outbreak has all but ground China to a halt, but so far the Western financial world isn’t panicking.
  38. politics
    Trump Commutes Prison Sentence of Ex-Illinois Governor Rod BlagojevichOpen corruption in office? The president has some sympathy.
  39. white house
    Fired Trump Loyalist Will Now Control White House HiringJohn McEntee was fired after committing financial crimes. Now he’s back to help Trump and his allies fire their perceived enemies in the government.
  40. coronavirus
    Chinese Government to Round Up More Citizens Who Have CoronavirusAs the death toll rises, the imposition of quarantines is ramping up too.
  41. intelligencer chats
    How Strong a Front-runner Is Bernie Sanders?And six other questions coming out of Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary.
  42. intelligencer chats
    8 Burning Questions Going Into the New Hampshire PrimaryThe unsettled Democratic race is poised for a shake-up. What will things look like on Wednesday morning?
  43. democratic primaries
    Iowa Results 2020: Live UpdatesThe Buttigieg and Sanders campaigns have both officially requested a partial recanvas of the caucus results.
  44. democratic debates
    Did Pete Buttigieg Successfully Withstand the Attacks at Friday’s Debate?Talking with Intelligencer’s Gabriel Debenedetti from the scene in New Hampshire.
  45. democratic debates
    Klobuchar Knocks Buttigieg for Wanting to Watch Cartoons Instead of ImpeachmentThe Minnesota senator argued that Buttigieg’s anti-Washington positioning is shallow and glib.
  46. vision 2020
    How Likely Is a Contested Convention, Really?Intelligencer staffers discuss the possibility that the Democratic primary will have a very old-school denouement.
  47. vision 2020
    Joe Walsh Will Not Be the Next President of the United StatesThe onetime Republican congressman ended his attempt to challenge President Trump after predictably gaining little traction in Iowa.
  48. vision 2020
    Watch Trump and Bloomberg’s Dueling Super Bowl AdsThe president and Democrats’ biggest spender will compete for viewer eyeballs, at a hefty cost.
  49. vision 2020
    Could Elizabeth Warren’s Ground Game Propel Her to an Iowa Victory?Intelligencer staffers chat about who has the momentum as we (finally! at last!) near voting day.
  50. president trump
    Trump Advocates Are Giving Out Cash to Black VotersBeyond the unseemly nature of this tactic, it may not be, technically speaking, legal.
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