1. just asking questions
    Will the Metaverse Really Transform Our Lives?Venture capitalist Matthew Ball on the virtual worlds that may define the future.
  2. just asking questions
    Is the Fed’s Cure for Inflation Worse Than the Disease?Economic analyst Ryan Sweet on the tricky balance Jerome Powell is trying to strike and how Europe’s woes could spread to America.
  3. just asking questions
    What Would a Ukraine Victory Look Like?Speaking with Professor Nikolas Gvosdev about the new shape of the war, and whether a desperate Putin is more dangerous.
  4. tennis
    When Roger Federer Broke His Racket and Faced the FutureIn the late aughts, he came to terms with his transition from tennis God to mere mortal.
  5. early and often
    The FBI Seized Mike Lindell’s Phone in a Hardee’s Parking LotSomehow, that seems appropriate.
  6. just asking questions
    How Europe Stumbled Into an Energy CatastropheThe commodities specialist and popular Twitter commentator known as Doomberg believes the continent’s leaders have epically mishandled Putin.
  7. royals
    King Charles III’s First Major Challenge Is Fancy PensThe U.K.’s new monarch has shown more irritation over writing implements in a week than Queen Elizabeth II did over anything in 70 years.
  8. crime
    A Las Vegas Journalist Was Allegedly Murdered by the Man He ExposedRobert Telles was portrayed as a vengeful boss in a series of articles by Jeff German, and authorities say Telles stabbed him to death.
  9. early and often
    Steve Bannon Is in Big Trouble in New YorkDonald Trump’s pardon could only do so much to shield his frenemy from legal exposure.
  10. ukraine war
    The Latest Sign That Putin’s War Isn’t Going Very WellRelying on Kim Jong-un for ammo is not ideal.
  11. just asking questions
    Is Minoxidil Really a Miracle Cure for Baldness?Speaking with dermatologist Arash Mostaghimi about a blockbuster New York Times article and the difficult science of hair restoration.
  12. tennis
    Serena Could Actually Win This ThingHer final U.S. Open has already been special, but it could become spectacular.
  13. us open
    The U.S. Government Has Forced Me to Side With Novak DjokovicDid it really have to come to this?
  14. just asking questions
    Could Democrats Really Pull Off a Miracle in November?The Cook Political Report’s Amy Walter on 2022’s unusual midterm dynamics.
  15. just asking questions
    ‘You Can’t Play the Cable-News Game in Court’National security lawyer Bradley P. Moss on the seriousness of Trump’s predicament and the unseriousness of his lawyers.
  16. crime
    Police Arrest Suspect in Killings of Muslim Men in AlbuquerqueAt least three Muslim immigrants have been ambushed and killed in recent weeks, terrifying the local community.
  17. just asking questions
    Have Scientists Been Wrong About Alzheimer’s for Decades?A talk with Nobel laureate Thomas C. Südhof about a scandal rocking the world of Alzheimer’s research and how conceptions of the disease are changing.
  18. foreign affairs
    Nancy Pelosi’s Taiwan Trip Is Already an International IncidentBeijing has issued dark warnings about her prospective visit, Biden isn’t thrilled, and the Speaker doesn’t appear to be backing down.
  19. just asking questions
    What on Earth Is China’s COVID Strategy Now?Nancy Qian on why the country is sticking to its quixotic and damaging attempt to stamp out the virus.
  20. business
    Dr. Bezos Will See You NowAmazon is jumping into the brick-and-mortar health-care business.
  21. early and often
    Trump Is Losing Ground to DeSantis in Poll After PollThe Florida governor’s 2024 hopes look more realistic by the day.
  22. the economy
    Apple to Slow Hiring in Latest Economic WarningAs tech behemoths warn of retrenchment, Goldman Sachs predicted that the job market will slow “sharply.”
  23. january 6
    The Case of the Missing January 6 Secret Service TextsIt appears they’re gone for good.
  24. just asking questions
    ‘A Dangerous Level of Groupthink’Larry Summers on America’s inflation problem, the Federal Reserve’s late response, and the likelihood of a recession.
  25. sports
    The PGA Tour Is Under Investigation by the FedsDOJ investigators are questioning whether Establishment golf used anti-competitive tactics to take on an upstart rival.
  26. the sports section
    Is Nick Kyrgios Finally Good Enough to Be Interesting?At Wimbledon, the volatile Australian has a chance to live up to years of hype.
  27. tennis
    Rafael Nadal Pulls Out of Wimbledon in Major BummerAn abdominal tear did what no opponent has been able to do this year: defeat the Spaniard in a major.
  28. foreign interests
    Boris Johnson Wants to Keep Partying a Little LongerThe extremely embattled PM announced his intention to resign — in a few months.
  29. foreign interests
    This Really, Really, Really Might Be the End for Boris JohnsonAfter the umpteenth scandal of his tenure, the prime minister is rapidly losing support from his political allies.
  30. sports
    Brittney Griner’s All-But-Predetermined Trial BeginsThe WNBA star is likely to be convicted and faces up to ten years in Russian prison.
  31. life after roe
    Biden: Scrap the Filibuster (Once) to Codify AbortionThe ultimate Senate traditionalist backs a more drastic approach for the second time in a year.
  32. just asking questions
    Filmmaker Alex Holder Says Trump Was ‘Utterly Irrational’ After January 6The documentarian talks about what he saw before, during, and after the attack on the Capitol while he was embedded with the First Family.
  33. politics
    Rudy Goes on Media Blitz After Slap on BackOn Tuesday, Mayor Adams criticized Giuliani’s comments. Rudy responded “Tell Adams to go f- - - himself. What a f- - -ing scumbag.”
  34. early and often
    Republican Congressional Candidate Pulls a Todd Akin on AbortionVirginia’s Yesli Vega called into question how many women become pregnant as a result of rape.
  35. intelligencer chats
    What Has Made the January 6 Hearings Such Great Television?TV writers would kill for some of this dialogue, for one thing.
  36. vices
    FDA Orders Juul to Stop Selling in the U.S.The Biden administration has dropped the hammer on a once-hot vaping brand. And it’s going after the nicotine in cigarettes, too.
  37. texas school shooting
    New Timeline Shows Uvalde Police Could Have Stopped Massacre in MinutesOfficials say police had the firepower and tools to get into an unlocked classroom door, and chose not to.
  38. just asking questions
    Ukraine Is at Its ‘Most Dangerous Point’ of the WarMichael Kofman on Russia’s momentum, how long Putin can weather sanctions, and the trouble with battlefield predictions.
  39. capitol riot
    Congressman: January 6 Participant Wasn’t Doing Recon on Capitol TourBarry Loudermilk says a January 5 tour he led, which Republicans had previously denied had happened, was completely innocent.
  40. early and often
    Democrats Have Given Elon Musk No Choice But to Support Ron DeSantisThe world’s richest person, who now votes Republican, is kicking Andrew Yang to the curb in 2024.
  41. sports
    Brittney Griner’s Nightmare ContinuesRussian authorities have extended her detention ahead of a trial on drug-smuggling charges.
  42. conspiracies
    Who Are You Going to Believe, Lin Wood or NASA?A leading election-conspiracy lawyer has made the seamless transition into flat-Eartherism.
  43. early and often
    Liz Cheney: Staff Said Trump Wanted Mike Pence HangedThe former president was onboard with the January 6 crowd calling for his running mate’s assassination.
  44. media
    Washington Post Fires Felicia Sonmez After Extended Twitter BlowupThe reporter launched a barrage of criticism against the paper over sexism and social-media standards.
  45. early and often
    GOP Contender Against Whitmer Arrested on Capitol Riot ChargesWhat the hell is going on with the Michigan GOP this year?
  46. what we know
    Man Arrested Near Brett Kavanaugh’s Home Charged With Attempted MurderThe suspect was arrested near the justice’s Maryland home on Wednesday morning, allegedly with burglary tools, a knife, and a gun.
  47. early and often
    Watch: Matthew McConaughey Delivers Searing White House Speech on GunsAs his wife held the shoes that belonged to a little girl murdered in Uvalde, he made a passionate case for Congress to act.
  48. partygate
    Boris Johnson Lives to Lie Another DayThe scandal-tarred PM survived a no-confidence vote over his pandemic partying and subsequent dissembling. But his hold on power looks tenuous.
  49. gun control
    A Case for (Likely Foolish) Optimism About Gun ReformAfter a quarter-century of disappointment from Congress on the issue, it feels like this time could be different. (Possibly.)
  50. the monarchy
    Queen Elizabeth II Still Able to Withstand 4-Year-Old’s ScreamsThe 96-year-old monarch celebrated 70 years on the throne on Thursday, along with thousands of revelers.
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