1. wikileaks
    The 5 Biggest Takeaways From Yahoo’s Wild Julian Assange StoryMike Pompeo really wanted to kidnap the WikiLeaks founder.
  2. germany
    Social Democrats Claim Mandate After Close German ElectionIf results hold, Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union could lose its place at the head of the federal government it’s led since 2005.
  3. 2020 election
    Trump-Backed Arizona Audit Confirms His 2020 LossSometimes the Cyber Ninjas surprise you.
  4. twitter
    World’s Most Negative Place Expands Tipping PolicyTwitter Tips is now available for everyone.
  5. immigration
    Special Envoy to Haiti Quits Over Treatment of MigrantsDaniel Foote cited “inhumane” U.S. deportation policy as a reason for his departure.
  6. covid-19
    Johnson & Johnson & RegretA one-and-done vaccine was supposed to be the easy way out of COVID. Instead, it became a kind of purgatory.
  7. covid-19
    COVID Vaccines for 5-to-11-Year-Olds Likely Coming Within WeeksPfizer reports that its shot is effective in trials, and parents everywhere rejoice.
  8. politics
    The Right-Wing Divisions Over Texas’s Abortion LawNot everyone who advocates for strict abortion laws is thrilled. But eventually, everyone in the movement might get what they want.
  9. crime
    South Carolina Police to Re-Investigate Death of Alex Murdaugh’s HousekeeperMurdaugh recently surrendered to South Carolina authorities for staging his own killing as part of an insurance-fraud scheme.
  10. misinformation
    White House to Talk With Minaj About Cousin’s Friend’s BallsFor science, of course.
  11. intelligencer chats
    What Newsom’s Landslide Victory Says About National PoliticsAmong other things, voters are still taking COVID very seriously.
  12. tennis
    Novak Djokovic Lost. Hallelujah.A Federer fan breathes a big, probably short-lived sigh of relief.
  13. afghanistan
    Taliban Allows Some Dual Nationals to Leave the CountryA plane with more than 200 people is set to depart Kabul on Thursday.
  14. dignity
    Trump to Commemorate 9/11 by Calling Evander Holyfield FightNever forget that you can pay $49.99 to hear his astute boxing commentary.
  15. texas abortion law
    The Texas Whistleblower Abortion Site Is Having ProblemsNobody wants to host it, for obvious reasons.
  16. crackdowns
    Xi Jinping’s Simple Solution for Youth Video-Game AddictionChina’s approach is just a tad heavy-handed.
  17. afghanistan
    Biden Will Not Extend Kabul Evacuation DeadlineThough he added in an address Tuesday that the August 31 timeline is “contingent on the Taliban continuing to cooperate.”
  18. canines
    Coldhearted Cuomo Ditches His Dog at Governor’s MansionWould a political comeback even be possible after this?
  19. delays
    Apple Workers Won’t Need to Return to the Office Until ’22Tim Cook knows which way the wind is blowing.
  20. afghanistan
    Biden Admits No Errors on AfghanistanIn an interview, the president was defiant about every aspect of the messy operation he ordered.
  21. here we go again
    Booster Shots for Everyone to Begin on September 20It’s going to be a fall and winter of third shots.
  22. convenient timing
    Rand Paul Failed to Mention His Wife’s COVID Treatment Stock PurchaseThis would have been useful information, oh, 16 months ago.
  23. census
    Despite Everything, New York City Is Still a Very Popular Place to LiveThere are now almost nine million residents, per new census data.
  24. politics
    What We’ve Learned About How Kathy Hochul Will Run the ShowFor one thing, she’s definitely seeking reelection next year.
  25. voting rights
    Texas Republicans Issue Arrest Warrants for Dems Who FledThis is probably not going to end well for the Democrats, legislatively speaking.
  26. covid-19
    Ron DeSantis Takes His Hatred of Mask Mandates to a New LevelOn Monday, the governor threatened to withhold the salaries of school administrators who impose them.
  27. climate change
    Humanity Hasn’t Quite Fully Screwed Itself Yet: U.N. Climate ReportCatastrophic warming is inevitable, but the IPCC says there’s still time to avoid some worst-case scenarios.
  28. the economy
    Delta Be Damned, the U.S. Economy Keeps Chugging AlongFriday’s jobs report was one for the books, but COVID still looms.
  29. intelligencer chats
    The Tokyo Olympics Haven’t Felt Like Must-See TVBlame it on the time difference, the pandemic, the lack of a unifying star, or all of the above.
  30. mccloskeys
    Gun-Waving McCloskeys Get PardonedIt’s nice to have sympathizers in high places.
  31. supreme court
    Breyer to Torment Democrats at Least a While LongerThe aging justice says he doesn’t know when he’ll call it quits.
  32. marijuana
    Chuck Schumer Is a Weed Warrior NowThe Senate majority leader is embarking on a noble but quixotic effort at federal legalization.
  33. sports
    Black Players Target of Racist Harassment After England Soccer LossBritish police are investigating hateful posts on social media.
  34. tokyo olympics
    There Will Be No Fans at the Tokyo OlympicsWith the city declaring a COVID state of emergency, the world’s best athletes will have stadiums to themselves.
  35. haiti
    Haitian President Assassinated by Gunmen Posing As DEA AgentsHaiti’s police chief said four of Jovenel Moïse’s assassins had been killed and two others were arrested.
  36. journalism
    Nikole Hannah-Jones Says No to UNCAfter weeks of controversy over her tenure status, the New York Times journalist will instead accept a position at Howard University.
  37. extreme heat
    It Is Mind-Bogglingly Hot in the Pacific Northwest Right NowSo hot that Olympic track-and-field trials had to be postponed.
  38. intelligencer chats
    How Bad Could the Delta Variant Get in the U.S.?It is set to become the dominant COVID strain in a matter of weeks.
  39. nyc mayoral race
    Adams Likens Garcia-Yang Pact to Jim CrowAccording to the mayoral front-runner, the standard tactic of forming a strategic alliance is akin to voter suppression.
  40. intelligencer chats
    What the Resurgent Real-Estate Market Means for NYCAnother sign that COVID’s effect on cities has been less drastic than once feared.
  41. politics
    Florida Pol Threatens to Put ‘Hit Squad’ on Rival Congressional CandidateAnna Paulina Luna filed an injunction against William Braddock, who invoked her assassination in a recording.
  42. 2021 mayoral race
    Very Few People Voted in the Mayoral Primary This WeekendJudging by the paltry early-voting numbers so far, interest in the race is not sky-high.
  43. intelligencer chats
    Why It’s So Hard to Hire Restaurant Workers Right NowFor one thing, the pandemic allowed servers, cooks, and others to reevaluate their place in a precarious industry.
  44. the superrich
    Earth’s Richest Man to Leave PlanetJeff Bezos is heading to outer space for a few minutes in July.
  45. peace and quiet
    Facebook Extends Trump Ban Until 2023He could be back to stir up trouble in advance of the next election.
  46. twitter
    You Can Now Pay Twitter for Your AddictionA new subscription service for people who can’t get enough scrolling.
  47. january 6 commission
    Murkowski Rebukes McConnell for Blocking January 6 Commission“Is that really what this is about, one election cycle after another?”
  48. bloopers
    Watch One of the Most Inexplicable Baseball Plays You’ll Ever SeeA defensive sequence that will live in infamy.
  49. nyc mayoral race
    Kathryn Garcia Has Some Serious Polling MomentumShe is emerging as a top contender in the mayoral primary with less than a month to go.
  50. intelligencer chats
    The Radicalism of the Abortion Law the Supreme Court Took UpChief Justice Roberts is thought to favor an incremental-change model. This is far from that.
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