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  1. fights
    Who Would Win in a Fight, Batman or Superman? Celebs and General Zod Weigh InAnd comics creators, too!
  2. style advice
    How to Wear a Hat, by a Stylist With Over 100 of ThemJune Ambrose’s headgear tips.
  3. legends
    Remembering Nora Ephron, by the Family and Friends Who Loved HerAt the documentary screening of Everything Is Copy.
  4. love and war
    The Shocking Thing About Lupita Nyong’o’s Broadway ShowBroadway’s never had an all-female play before.
  5. party chat
    The Walking Dead’s Danai Gurira on Why Rick Is the Only Man for MichonneWho else is she gonna? This has got to be the guy.
  6. party chat
    Kathleen Hanna Dreamed She Rescued Hillary Clinton“I walked into the room, and she’s tied to the chair.”
  7. remembering bowie
    31 Celebs on Their Favorite BowieWhat’s more popular? “Let’s Dance” or “Life on Mars”?
  8. party chats
    Danny Strong on the Gilmore Girls Revival and Reuniting With Paris Geller “It was as if no time had passed.”
  9. party chat
    Sting Explains How He Landed That Zoolander 2 CameoTurns out he’s a huge fan.
  10. party chat
    Maya Rudolph Is Nostalgic for the Days When Actresses Did Their Own Makeup“I loved that rawness. To me, that’s everything.”
  11. party chats
    Why Zoolander 2 Got Made Even Though the Original Made No MoneyCult sequel dreams do come true.
  12. party chat
    Andy Cohen Knows the Biggest Problem With That Anti-Beyoncé Protest“They can’t play Beyoncé, so the music is going to suck.”
  13. party chat
    Chris Rock Had to Check His Schedule to Make Sure He Could Host the Oscars“I mean, you have a life.”
  14. quotables
    Todd Haynes on Subverting the Male Gaze in CarolThe director explains why he wanted the audience to ask, “Whose story is this?”
  15. party chat
    Cate Blanchett Would Be Up for a Cameo on AHSSame.
  16. hamilton
    Mel Brooks: Hamilton Is the Second-Best MusicalMakes sense.
  17. party chat
    Why Adam Driver Found Comic-Con to Be ‘Surprisingly Moving’“The crowds of people just scare me in any setting, especially when they’re like, ‘There he is! Get him!’”
  18. seen
    Inside Dior’s Wonderland of Color at the GuggenheimExclusive photos of Kiernan Shipka, Grimes, and others at the Raf Simons–hosted event.
  19. quotables
    Eva Chen on Instagram Style vs. Condé Nast Style“I have not worn a Utilikilt or a hoodie yet.”
  20. 100 women directors
    Hollywood Figures Suggest More Women DirectorsWe asked celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker, Tyler Perry, and Sarah Paulson to give us their picks.
  21. party chats
    Broadway’s Annaleigh Ashford Took Obedience Training to Play a Dog“I guess I’m getting a good workout every night.”
  22. party chats
    Sarah Jessica Parker: Hocus Pocus 2 Is Just Internet TalkSorry, witches.
  23. quotables
    Alber Elbaz on the Relentless Pace of Fashion“I personally don’t like the word revolution. I like evolution; I always did.”
  24. Clive Owen Is Excited to Be Patti Smith’s Muse for Her Detective NovelA match made in heaven.
  25. party chats
    13-Year-Old Rose McGowan Danced at Gay Nightclubs Dressed As Charlie Chaplin“I was taken in by two lovely drag queens.”
  26. party chat
    Nick Wooster Isn’t As Fashionable As You Think He Is“A lot of it doesn’t change,” he says of his wardrobe. “I’m really pretty classic.”
  27. party chat
    Is Lucky Blue Smith America’s Chillest Teen?Talking to the social-media sensation and his equally genetically blessed sister about shooting an ad campaign together, lying in slime, and Instagram marriage proposals.
  28. party chat
    Don’t Go to the Movies With Manolo BlahnikHamish Bowles learned the hard way.
  29. party chat
    Margherita Missoni Borrowed From Michelangelo for Her Latest ProjectThe designer is making a mini-foray into menswear with a Roman-inspired pocket square.  
  30. party chat
    Bieber’s Video Star Is Making the NYFW RoundsDoes this mean we’ll see Xenia Deli on the runways?
  31. quotables
    Tommy Hilfiger on Fashion’s Love Affair With TennisIt’s not just the chance to see Rafa with his shirt off.
  32. quotables
    Which Woman Do We Want to See on the $10 Bill? Harriet Tubman, Angela Davis, Oprah, and more suggestions from the crowd at the opening night of Hamilton.
  33. party chats
    Christine Baranski on Her Favorite Good Wife Ep“Diane was just in her element.”
  34. politics
    Ricki and the Flash Shocker: Meryl’s Playing a Republican!“I have a lot of friends and relatives who do nothing but watch Fox News,” says Streep.
  35. legends
    Bill Cunningham Doesn’t Let a Broken Kneecap Faze HimThe 86-year-old photographer didn’t miss a day of work despite a bike tumble.
  36. party chat
    Woody Allen Says Amy Schumer Is a Better Comic Than He Is“My God, I’m nowhere near as good as any of these people!”
  37. party chats
    Gay Talese: Don’t Be Surprised Atticus Is Racist“It was a period when there was very little social conscience.”
  38. party chats
    Peter Dinklage Likes Violence on TV“I’m glad you’re not talking about the nudity, because nudity is great but violence is an epidemic.”
  39. party reports
    After Tony Win, Helen Mirren Is Gunning for EGOT“I’m going to have to do an audiobook of some sort.”
  40. party chats
    TWD’s Tovah Feldshuh Can Now Get Tire Discounts“It’s pretty great.”
  41. party chat
    Baz Luhrmann on Working With Grandmaster FlashThe Flash is also a character on the show.
  42. the end
    20 of Mad Men’s Famous Fans Dish on How They Want the Show to End“I don’t want to redeem them.”
  43. costume department
    There’s an Unlikely Source for the Costumes on Mad MenBoatloads of donations from people’s closets. 
  44. mad men
    Sarah Silverman and More on Mad Men Memories“I don’t think I’ve ever, in any R-rated movie, in anything, seen period blood.”
  45. 10 Fashion People Envision Their Dream WearableMichael Kors wants “Samantha Stephens on my wrist”; Daphne Guinness is out to disrupt the zipper.
  46. party chat
    David Hyde Pierce Has ‘No Idea’ Whether He’ll Be Back on The Good Wife“Whether he ever appears on the show again, I have no idea.”
  47. quotables
    Iman on Sneaking Into the U.S. As a Teen ModelShe was busted when her dad saw her in Newsweek.
  48. 10 Fashion People Weigh In on the Power SuitMartha Stewart kept all of hers from back in the day.
  49. party chat
    Sarah Paulson Is Dying to Wear That Marcia Clark Wig“I’ve almost never been more excited for anything in my life!”
  50. party chat
    Sebastian Stan Was ‘Maybe Too Enthusiastic’ About His Big Nude Scene“I had no hesitation.”
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