Beth Shapouri

  1. The Everything Guide to WigsFrom customized curls to disposable neon-pink bobs, a tour through the city’s faux-hair scene.
  2. The Taxi-Taker’s Crib SheetFrequent riders’ and veteran cabbies’ rules for navigating the city.
  3. The Double-Dipper’s Guide to Student ExploitationThey’re talented, they’re motivated, they charge 95 percent less for a haircut. A survey of the still-in-school labor pool.
  4. Seller’s MarketWith new furniture buyers in Greenpoint, dress consigners in Chelsea, and art salvagers on the waterfront, there have never been so many place […]
  5. If You’re Feeling CharitableWhere to dump your castoffs if you can’t (or don’t want to) sell them.
  6. What, This Old Thing?New homes for worn clothes.
  7. Where Trash Becomes ScratchMid-Century-Modern Furniture
  8. Quick, I Need a Karaoke Machine!Whom to call when you want just about anything.
  9. Diary of a Cab ShareA reporter test-drives the group-riding experience.
  10. Where to Share…A Plot of Dirt Windsor Farm Prospect Ave. nr. Vanderbilt St. With the added muscle of a hundred amateur farmers, Tom Angot […]
  11. The Good FightYou parked illegally—or at least the ticketing agent said you did—and you got caught. Either way, you should appeal. Here’s how.
  12. Steady HandsA short list of mohels recommended by local synagogues, Jewish community organizations, and parents.
  13. Doctor vs. MohelHow to choose wisely, and find the best possible practitioner in either case.
  14. Eat GoodWhat’s okay to buy, cook, or order anymore? A soup-to-nuts guide to dining with a clean conscience.
  15. Green Versus GoliathHow three ecosensitive products stack up against their best-selling supermarket rivals.
  16. Bar-onomicsSo you want to open a bar, huh? A profitable bar? We asked four experts to run the numbers on a make- believe, 1,000-square-foot neighborhood pu […]
  17. Filtered for Your ComfortIn goes the eye-reddening, sneeze-inducing nasties, out comes cool, clean air. Five filters, tested.
  18. Am I Really Allergic?The author had an inkling that she might be mildly allergic to cats but wasn’t sure. Before dosing up at the local Duane Reade, she went to four […]
  19. The Drug MarketFour doctors and a pharmacist assess the many meds now vying to soothe your sinuses.
  20. The EnemiesOffending agents and how to combat them.
  21. Miami, or Yankees Tickets?Yankees tickets, please. Or a facial. Better (local) ways to cash in credit-card points.