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Bilge Ebiri is a film critic for New York magazine and Vulture. His work has appeared in The Village Voice, the New York Times, Rolling Stone, and the Criterion Collection, among others.

  1. barbenheimer
    Benny Safdie Is Really Proud of How His Eyebrows ‘Shined’ in Oppenheimer“Every once in a while I have a straggler that I’ll just pluck out. But Chris said, ‘Don’t do that. Let’s just let it go crazy.’”
  2. endings
    The Hidden ‘Inception’ Near the End of InceptionAn idea that might have been planted within Cobb’s subconscious.
  3. chat room
    It Sure Feels Good to Have Robert Downey Jr. Onscreen AgainDowney wanted a new experience, and he got it in Oppenheimer, a movie that takes him from chummy to snakelike in a fascinating role.
  4. endings
    The ‘Troubling Reverberations’ at the End of Oppenheimer, ExplainedIt’s the most shattering ending of anything Christopher Nolan has made, and maybe even of any studio blockbuster in recent memory.
  5. in conversation
    ‘I Can Do Things to You With My Voice’Fifty-one years of acting. Hundreds of roles. One Samuel L. Jackson.
  6. vulture lists
    All 12 Christopher Nolan Movies, RankedFiguring out which of the director’s films were the masterpieces and which were merely near-masterpieces (including Oppenheimer).
  7. behind the scenes
    How Christopher Nolan Crafted the World of OppenheimerThe film plays out across the landscapes of Los Alamos and of Cillian Murphy’s face.
  8. double feature
    The Only Way to Watch Barbie and OppenheimerYou’re wrong. We’re right. Long live Barbenheimer.
  9. movie review
    Bird Box Barcelona Doesn’t Have the Guts to Tell This StoryThe Netflix sequel is an exercise in sadism but not the good kind.
  10. movie review
    A Familiar Magic Trick Executed to PerfectionTom Cruise does what he does in Mission: Impossible — Dead Reckoning Part One. He is very good at what he does.
  11. a long talk
    ‘My Films Had So Much Anger’John Woo reflects on a career driven by action, ambition, and artistry.
  12. movie review
    This Might Be the Strangest Movie of the YearRuby Gillman, Teenage Kraken seems like a trifling dose of high-concept sweetness, but it’s truly absurd in all sorts of unexpected ways.
  13. movie review
    Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny Is Too Entertaining to DismissA movie about going back in time turns out to be something of a time machine itself.
  14. movie review
    No Hard Feelings Makes It Look EasyJennifer Lawrence goes over the top in the most delightfully discomfiting way.
  15. movie review
    Extraction 2 Is Trying So HardMainly, it’s all just neat — impressively mounted and increasingly meaningless.
  16. movie review
    Wes Anderson Has Gone MadHis new movie, Asteroid City, brings a necessary madness to the meticulous director’s method, and it amounts to a masterpiece.
  17. endings
    Let’s Talk About the Ending of Beau Is AfraidIt would be tempting to say that Beau Is Afraid is the story of Beau’s journey back home, but really, there isn’t much of a journey.
  18. movie review
    Transformers: Rise of the Beasts Is Ready to Be Consumed and ForgottenFighting robots are back, but does anyone really care?
  19. movie review
    Is a Movie Called The Boogeyman Allowed to Be This Bleak?Rob Savage’s Stephen King adaptation is visually compelling but narratively inert.
  20. cannes 2023
    Cannes Is Over. Now What?The 2023 film festival has come to an end. Here are the movies to watch.
  21. cannes 2023
    Wim Wenders Has Been Trying to Make Perfect Days His Whole LifeThe director’s latest Cannes premiere is probably the best film he’s made since Until the End of the World.
  22. cannes 2023
    Could a Documentary Win at Cannes This Year?Nonfiction has been notoriously absent from past competition lineups, but two well-regarded docs may have a chance at the 2023 Palme d’Or.
  23. cannes 2023
    Jason Schwartzman and Wes Anderson ForeverOne of the great pleasures of Asteroid City is reflecting on how this duo’s collaboration has changed over the decades.
  24. cannes 2023
    A Great Director Returns After 31 Years With a Grudge Against CannesCannes failed to communicate to Victor Erice that his first film in decades would be playing out of competition. So he skipped the premiere.
  25. endings
    Let’s Talk About the Ending of John Wick: Chapter 4That final shot and the end-credits stinger might be more closely connected than they appear.
  26. cannes 2023
    Takeshi Kitano Kills AgainSome directors’ late films are stripped-down, austere, deliberately paced; Kitano seems to be going in the opposite direction, god bless him.
  27. cannes 2023
    Jonathan Glazer’s Auschwitz Drama Borders on the UnwatchableThe shock of his new movie, which premiered to wild reception at Cannes, is not in the graphic terrors it depicts, but in what it doesn’t show.
  28. cannes 2023
    This Year’s Gore-Soaked Spectacle of Depravity and Pain at CannesYou can practically smell the Black Flies director chain-smoking behind the camera, muttering about spitting in the face of humanity.
  29. movie review
    The Gripping Night of the 12th Scratches That Zodiac ItchFrance’s big award winner is an unsettling look at a real-life unsolved case.
  30. cannes 2023
    Michael Douglas Is the Expert on Movie Sex Scenes, According to Michael Douglas“You put your hand here and then we’re going to go kiss, kiss, and then we’re going to go down.”
  31. cannes 2023
    What’s at Cannes? Scorsese, a Gay Western, and Cate Blanchett As a Renegade Nun.All the movies (and one TV show) we’re excited to see at 2023’s Festival de Cannes.
  32. summer preview 2023
    Here Come Fast X, Tom Cruise, and a Summer of Big MoviesBut which will be the biggest? In a post-Maverick glow, anything is possible.
  33. movie review
    To Fly Is Human. To Air, Divine.Ben Affleck’s Air might as well be a faith-based film about Nike’s signing of Michael Jordan.
  34. movie review
    BlackBerry Is More Office Space Than Social NetworkGlenn Howerton’s turn as a cutthroat tech executive has to be seen to be believed.
  35. movie review
    Let’s Watch Some Nazis ExplodeIf Sergio Leone had directed Crank: High Voltage, it might have looked a little like Sisu, a crazy new action movie from Finland.
  36. movie review
    It’s Nice to See a Good Marvel Movie AgainWith Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, Marvel reminds us why we used to like this stuff.
  37. a long talk
    ‘I Don’t Believe Cinema Needs to Tell You a Story’Peter Greenaway on his long career spent treasuring artificiality, avoiding Hollywood, and playing games.
  38. movie review
    Peter Pan & Wendy Micromanages All the Fun Out of NeverlandJude Law makes a great Captain Hook, but the movie is joyless and confused.
  39. movie review
    There Are Four Movies in Guy Ritchie’s The Covenant, and Two of Them Are GoodJake Gyllenhaal puts valuable mileage on those huge haunted eyes of his in Guy Ritchie’s Afghanistan War drama.
  40. movie review
    Why Are We Doing This to the Evil Dead Movies?With Evil Dead Rise, a series that once ran on silly slapstick and goofy gore becomes drab franchise fodder.
  41. movie review
    Quasi Proves That Broken Lizard Will Never Grow Up, Thank God“Hey! More fire ants in that guy’s dickhole!”
  42. movie review
    The Pope’s Exorcist Is a Huge Joke (on Us)The film allows Russell Crowe to have fun with the part of a demon-hunting Italian priest, but it forgets to have fun along with him.
  43. movie review
    Cocaine Bear Is, in Fact, a MovieElizabeth Banks’s comedy-action thriller is half kids’ adventure, half slasher flick, all cult movie.
  44. movie review
    The Key to Taking the D&D Movie Seriously Is Not to Take It SeriouslyDungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves honors the classic game by acknowledging its ridiculousness.
  45. movie review
    How Dare Murder Mystery 2 Be Any Good?Netflix’s new Adam Sandler–Jennifer Aniston sequel is a film of simple pleasures — but they are pleasures.
  46. movie review
    How to Find Hope and Destroy ItIn Tori and Lokita, the Dardenne brothers tell a tale of immigration and exploitation.
  47. movie review
    Sally Hawkins Tries to Save Richard III in The Lost KingCo-starring Steve Coogan, it’s the story of the amateur historian who looked for the truth behind England’s most reviled monarch.
  48. the vulture transcript
    Super Troopers Continues to Slow BurnBroken Lizard reunited to talk lethal soap, liters of cola, too much syrup, and the perks of having made a modern cult classic.
  49. movie review
    Let’s Just Pretend Shazam! Fury of the Gods Never HappenedThe latest DC movie seems to have forgotten what made the original so charming and special.
  50. oscars 2023
    Now, That Wasn’t So Hard, Was It?These back-to-basics Oscars rebuked not just last year’s disaster but the whole concept of “fixing” the Oscars.
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