Blythe Sheldon

  1. chat room
    Vulture Interviews Dennis Hopper, Photographer“I can’t find anything in my life that says, ‘Well, you can’t work for the Pope.’”
  2. Graphic ViolenceMark Essen’s brutal, lo-fi video games are about to make him an art-world star.
  3. party chat
    Arden Wohl Is a Necrophiliac of the MindThe socialite discusses the process behind her new film, ‘Two Dreams.’
  4. body issues
    Will the Credit Crunch Kill Boob-Job Loans?More and more women are applying for loans to get boob jobs.
  5. party lines
    Francisco Costa and Donna Karan Foresee Smaller Fall 2009 CollectionsDonna Karan also revealed she was recently affected by the way women senators dress in Washington.
  6. party lines
    Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez Are Growing Their Own Turkey on a FarmThey have twenty turkeys, and they are selling them.
  7. party lines
    Iman Calls Palin’s $150K Wardrobe ‘Ridiculous’; Helena Christensen Hadn’t Even Heard About It!But Helena thinks men spend too much money on cars.
  8. ColicchioVision
    Food Costs Worry Colicchio, But Craft ‘Ready For Recession’The ‘Top Chef’ judge explains how to eat for less at Craft.
  9. Keith Richards Talks Sperm at Liv Tyler’s PartyWe spotted Keith Richards holding court among some younger women last night at Liv Tyler’s cocktail party for the Hearts on Fire jewelry line at the Rose Bar.
  10. party lines
    Sean Lennon Says He Loves Animals“I got [this headress] from, like, these weird mountain men in Wyoming.”
  11. chat room
    Shooting the Shit With Andres SerranoSerrano raps with Vulture about his new show featuring 66 photos of actual poo.
  12. early and often
    Nina Garcia Judges Convention Fashion: Michelle Obama ‘Stunning’; Hillary ‘Orange, of All Colors?’The ‘Project Runway’ judge weighs in on the outfits of the former First Lady and the potential future one.
  13. Mom’s So Vain Kids Need EmbarrassingA Carly Simon parenting tip.