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  1. must reads
    8 Books You Need to Read This SeptemberBy Emma Donoghue, Paul Freedman, Ann Patchett, and more.
  2. fall preview 2016
    Talking to the Author of The Nix, Fall’s Splashiest Debut NovelNathan Hill’s The Nix is this fall’s most ambitious first-time literary effort.
  3. vulture cover story
    In Conversation With Colson WhiteheadThe author of The Underground Railroad on Oprah’s endorsement, avoiding clichés of the “Southern Novel of Black Misery,” and whether maturity means never having to be funny again.
  4. books
    In Conversation With Colson WhiteheadThe author of The Underground Railroad on Oprah’s endorsement and avoiding clichés of the “Southern Novel of Black Misery.”
  5. how to plot a novel
    What Do Computers Know About Plot?Mapping stories with technology.
  6. how to plot a novel
    An Encyclopedia of Every Literary Plot, EverA far-from-comprehensive list of every archetype we know.
  7. must reads
    8 Books You Need to Read This AugustBy Colson Whitehead, Jacqueline Woodson, Nicola Barker, and more.
  8. must reads
    7 Books You Need to Read This JulyBy Jessi Klein, Joy Williams, Megan Abbott, and more.
  9. Gay Talese Explains the Voyeur’s Motel Mess“It sets me off into a great sense of despair, humiliation. But I wasn’t Jayson Blair. They compared me to Rolling Stone.
  10. The 100 Greatest Beach Books EverWhether mass-market candy, high literature, a beach read needs narrative momentum, a transporting sense of place, and, ideally, a touch of the sordid.
  11. Cynthia Ozick Wants to Make a Few Distinctions“Look at the gobbledygook that comes out of Judith Butler. It’s beyond jargon.”
  12. movies
    How Alex Gibney Is Reinventing Documentary FilmmakingCan you revolutionize a genre through sheer work ethic?
  13. q&a
    Chris Hayes on His New Book and Orlando ShootingHe’s tackling criminal justice in Colony in a Nation, due out next March.
  14. comedy
    Fred Armisen Can’t Stop Making ComedyYou’ve seen him on SNL, Portlandia … and everything else.
  15. the strategist
    11 Books That Make the Best Father’s Day GiftsFrom Tig Notaro to Don DeLillo.
  16. must reads
    7 Books You Need to Read This JuneBy Tig Notaro, Mark Danner, Annie Proulx, and more.
  17. bookexpo america
    10 Great Galleys From BookExpo America 2016The expo, which took place in Chicago, emigrated from New York for the first time since 2008.
  18. don’t be weird
    Tig Notaro on Public Humiliation and HeartbreakNo one fields audience questions like Tig Notaro.
  19. Books Expo America Tackles The Tough Subject of Children in PerilChildren in grave danger are easy to turn to because a certain kind of reader craves in fiction what she might avoid at all costs in real life.
  20. the strategist
    12 Books That Make Great Last Minute Mother’s Day GiftsSome options for the literary mom in your life.
  21. must reads
    7 Books You Need to Read This MayBy Svetlana Alexievich, Don DeLillo, Janine di Giovanni, and more.
  22. RIP Bookslut, 2002-2016“The only reason why Bookslut was interesting was because it didn’t make money.”
  23. Saunders’s Lincoln in the Bardo Cover Art, Q&A“This material has been on my mind for years, and I thought, I’m just gonna discharge it, and whatever length it is, that’s what I’ll take.”
  24. awp conference
    AWP Panelists Explain Why It’s a Great Time to Be a Literary IntrovertMore dispatches from the AWP conference. 
  25. culture cheats
    10 Tricks That Musicians and Actors Use in Live PerformancesFrom live pitch correction and in-ear cues to line feeding and hidden singers.
  26. awp conference
    AWP Writers on the Art and War of AdaptationA dispatch from the AWP conference.
  27. claudia rankine
    Claudia Rankine Challenges White Teachers, Pities White Racists in AWP KeynoteA dispatch from the AWP conference.
  28. must reads
    8 Books You Need to Read This AprilKarl Ove Knausgaard, Molly Prentiss, Igort, and more.
  29. awards
    Nick Offerman Honored Wendell Berry at the National Book Critics Circle AwardsOfferman also profiled him in Gumption.
  30. awards
    Diversity Not an Issue at Book Critics Awards “It’s bad for me to go last, I don’t have that much to say and I definitely don’t have a message, so, sorry about that.”
  31. debuts
    A First-time Novelist’s 7-Figure Midlife BreakthroughCynthia D’Aprix Sweeney bloomed late, lucratively.
  32. must reads
    8 Books You Need to Read This MarchSunjeev Sahota, Elizabeth Brundage, Helen Oyeyemi, and more.
  33. harper lee
    How Will Harper Lee Be Remembered?Writers whose reputation outlives them are lucky twice over: They gain a certain kind of immortality (maybe even a presentiment of it), and they get to rest eternally and leave the vagaries of fame and fortune to their work and its executors. 
  34. legacies
    The Decline of Harper LeeThe iconic 88-year-old author is involved in a messy tussle over a new biography. Does this mean she’ll never tell her own story?
  35. must reads
    8 Books You Need to Read This FebruaryAlexander Chee, Jhumpa Lahiri, Christopher Sorrentino, and more.
  36. remembering bowie
    Tony Oursler on David Bowie’s Art-World Ties“I said, ‘So you see the patterns in your head?’ And he said, ‘Yes, I do.’”
  37. remembering bowie
    Bowie Guitarist Gerry Leonard on His Final Years“I think he waited so he could be his own critic, because when it comes to having a perspective on your own work, time is your friend.”
  38. on scene
    Spending a Final Friday Night With David Bowie’s Fans at LazarusSaid one fan waiting in the cancellations line, “I want to experience what we still have [one more time].”
  39. A Rare Conversation With Pulitzer Prize–Winning Writer Herman WoukAbout the 100-year-old author’s new memoir Sailor and Fiddler.
  40. must reads
    7 Books You Need to Read This JanuaryTessa Hadley, Robert Harris, Samantha Hunt, and more.
  41. reasons to love new york
    Annie Baker on Memoir, Reality TV, and HollywoodThis year, she kicked off a residency at the Signature Theater with a short run of John and began work on a screenplay for talent-spotting Über-producer Scott Rudin.
  42. Author Lauren Groff on Being Endorsed by Obama“I got a call from my publicist, and she was basically screaming for a good ten minutes.”
  43. must reads
    7 Books You Need to Read This DecemberRoger Crowley, Aja Raden, Christopher Buckley, and more.
  44. cover story
    Anthony Daniels on 4 Decades of Life As C-3PO“People say, ‘What’s it like to go back to C-3PO?’ Well, I never left him.”
  45. 7 Books You Need to Read This NovemberAda Calhoun, Mary Gaitskill, Umberto Eco, and more.
  46. theater
    William Goldman Brings Misery to BroadwayHollywood’s greatest living screenwriter returns after a decade away.
  47. When Your Mom Reads Your Raunchy, Brutal MemoirMore than a little awkward! 
  48. encounter
    Rehearsing for Broadway With James Earl Jones and Cicely TysonA play about aging gracefully (and otherwise) reunites two stars with a whole lot of life experience.
  49. vulture lists
    8 Books You Need to Read This OctoberEach month, Boris Kachka offers nonfiction and fiction book recommendations. You should read as many of them as possible.
  50. profile
    The Unprecedented Garth Risk HallbergCity on Fire, a debut novel, generated a headline-making $2 million bidding war. Which means quite a lot is riding on its 36-year-old author. Believe it or not, he’s chasing even bigger things.
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