Brett Kelly

  1. Movies PreviewMOTHER’S MILK
  2. Past PerfectNew York’s memorabilia shops have just the right thing to light the corners of your mind.
  3. Expert Testimony: Secret GardenHere, even in shade it’s funky and febrile – but those seeking nature’s calming effects have more places to see what’s in bloom than just Centr […]
  4. Home Port AdvantageCity Island, N.Y.; June 12-13
  5. Expert Testimony: The Bicycle ChiefOne rite of spring in New York is dusting the spokes off your ten-speed that’s been nestled between the boiler and nineteen half-empty cans of P […]
  6. Kid-FriendlyHow does SHINE’s Alan Rambam manage to keep teens from tuning out?
  7. ‘Véra’In Véra (Random House; $27.95), co-dependence proves engrossing and utterly romantic as biographer Stacy Schiff reconstructs the life and wifeho […]
  8. NavigatorQ: After I did the math, it appeared that if I were to make this one-bedroom rental apartment into a two-bedroom, I could, in fact, actua […]
  9. ‘The Pollen Room’First published in Germany two years ago as Das Blutenstaubzimmer, Zoe Jenny’s The Pollen Room (Simon & Schuster; $20) is a quick lesson in bad […]
  10. In Brief: ‘Pure DrivelMovie star-playwright Steve Martin’s Pure Drivel (Hyperion; $19.95) is a worthwhile collection of spankingly inventive, though sometimes affecte […]
  11. Junior LeagueKids are those rare people who actually need a whole new wardrobe every season. The clothes, though, needn’t be new.