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  1. todd achin’
    Todd Akin Fights Back With Attack on Liberal Elitist Media, FetusOn Romney: “Why couldn’t he run his race and I’ll run mine?”
  2. stuck in the mittle
    Romney Campaign Spent $500 on Anti-Gay ChickenThe documents answer a question Romney evaded.
  3. jesus christie
    Christie Will Not Undergo ‘Personality-ectomy’ Before RNC Keynote SpeechThe governor is on a seventh draft of his speech.
  4. crimes and misdemeanors
    Father of Accused Livery Cab Shooter Says Son Was Drunk, Therefore InnocentThe victim was declared brain-dead.
  5. frack!
    Report: Prepare for Some Serious Fracking, New YorkIt’s inevitable.
  6. apologies
    Santorum Says Biden Was Playing Race Card, Calls for Apology“I’ve been in groups like that,” Santorum said.
  7. get off my lawn
    Alabama Court Is Not OK With Man Who Buried Deceased Wife in Front YardThe man has appealed the decision.
  8. master debaters
    Obama Campaign Chooses Ryan Rival Chris Van Hollen for Debate Prep“Van Hollen has the policy and political wit to give the soundbite that’s just like Paul Ryan immediately.”
  9. mysteries
    Authorities Have No Clue Why a Woman Jumped Off a Staten Island FerryShe plugged her nose and jumped.
  10. guess who
    Guess Who Unknowingly Possessed an iPad Stolen From Steve Jobs’s HomeIs it …
  11. sad things
    38 Army Suicides in July Marks All-Time HighUp from 24 in June.
  12. gitmo-rality
    Imprisoned Former Bin Laden Translator Says LeBron James Is ‘Very Bad Man’“He should apologise … “
  13. stand clear of the formula one car
    Racing Car Reaches Nearly 200 in Lincoln TunnelThat’s how you get a ticket.
  14. in poor taste
    Professor Made James Holmes Joke in Class With Son of Man Killed in ShootingHe has ten days to contest his proposed firing.
  15. speeeech!
    Did OH Senate Candidate Cop a Southern Accent?It seems unlikely.
  16. answered prayers
    FDNY EMTs Save Nun (and Friends!) From Drowning in Queens FloodStorm waters nearly overcame their car.
  17. new york city ironman
    New York City Ironman May Get TerminatedOfficials have suspended registration for the 2013 race.
  18. stand clear of the closing doors
    Alleged Subway Pervert Storms Across Tracks to Escape ArrestHe tripped over a pair of third rails.
  19. c-h-e-a-t-e-r
    Young Scrabble Player Ejected From National Championship for Cheating“The Scrabble world is abuzz.”
  20. really?
    Jerry Sandusky Is Writing a Book in Jail: ReportHis wife is helping out.
  21. flotus
    First Lady Talks Secret Service and Kids on Leno“Where’d she go?”
  22. jesus christie
    Chris Christie to Deliver Keynote Speech at Republican ConventionHe won’t be VP, but he gets a consolation prize.
  23. other states’ embarrassments
    New Yorkers Are Less Fat Than Residents of Most Other StatesThe glass is half full?
  24. shootings
    Four Teens Shot at Park in BrownsvilleTheir injuries are not life-threatening.
  25. transportation
    Now You Can Hail a New York City Cab With Your SmartphoneThere’s an app for that.
  26. zombie nation
    Zombie Woman and Dog Maim Oklahoma ManShe bit his ear off.
  27. how tweet it is
    Paul Ryan Abandons Twitter Account for Shiny New VP HandleRyan’s Twitter makeover.
  28. america’s sweetheart
    Palin Won’t Speak at Republican Convention“This year is a good opportunity for other voices to speak.”
  29. the need for speed
    The Cyclists Are Too Damned Fast: ReportProblem?
  30. on the lam
    NYPD Wants to Have Friendly Chat With Shooter of Police SergeantThe officer is in stable condition after surgery.
  31. sad things
    R.I.P. Sponge Bob the 33-Pound CatSponge Bob was the world’s fattest cat.
  32. don’t drink the water
    NYC Ironman Athletes Might Really Have to Swim Through Sh*t“Clean enough.”
  33. torture
    Delaware Doctor Arrested for Allegedly Waterboarding DaughterHe’s a pediatrician.
  34. kids these days
    WI Teen Wins National Texting ChampionshipThe prize is $50,000.
  35. crimes and misdemeanors
    Plainclothes NYPD Sergeant Shot in Leg While on DutyHe’s expected to survive.
  36. susan g. komen foundation
    Komen Foundation President ResignsKomen is “pro-cure,” said Nancy Brinker.
  37. crimes and misdemeanors
    Ohio Man Arrested at Dark Knight With Multiple Weapons ‘for Protection’The man did not have a concealed carry permit.
  38. empanadas
    Baggage Handler Busted Transporting Extra-Special Empanadas From Ecuador to JFKAlso, liquid-cocaine-soaked diving certificates.
  39. pizza and math
    Papa John’s CEO Says Obamacare Would Raise Cost of the Company’s Pizza We’d like to see his math on this.
  40. rise of the machines
    Google’s Self-Driving Cars Will Keep Humans at Wheel, For NowThe vehicles have logged 300,000 miles.
  41. Police Find Remains of Woman Stuffed Into Box in Queens Attic They’re attempting to identify her by her tattoos.
  42. oh my god
    Letter to Winston Churchill May Contain First Known Use of ‘OMG’Oh! My! God!
  43. fun-raising
    Obama Showers Sorkin, Hathaway With Praise at Fund-raiserThey were the co-hosts, after all.
  44. when bees attack diplomats
    Hillary Clinton Chased Out of Malawi by BeesBees everywhere!
  45. first amendment
    Police Arrest Times Photographer on Job in BronxSolarik has sparred with police before.
  46. creepy things
    College Janitor Fired After Repeated Attempts to Suck High School Girl’s ToesShe said he literally opened his wallet.
  47. survival of the luckiest
    Guy Drives Off Cliff While Texting About Dangers of Texting and Driving He survived (and learned a lesson).
  48. disturbing things
    Police Make Grisly Finding in Bushwick ParkAn “apparent fetus.”
  49. disturbing things
    Police Arrest Brooklyn Man for Imprisoning and Torturing Woman for Over a MonthThis is disturbing.
  50. sad things
    One Killed, Three Dozen Injured in Illinois Megabus CrashThe deceased is a 25-year-old woman from India.
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