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  1. oopsies
    DNC Accidentally Used Images of Russian Ships During Veterans TributeWhoops.
  2. the internet
    Your New Facebook Friend Might Be an Undercover NYPD Officer“Police infiltration of social media should be closely regulated.”
  3. world trade center
    Watch a Time-Lapse Video of One World Trade Center’s ConstructionTwo years’ work in 1:22.
  4. alleged political whore$
    Republican Supporter of N.Y. Marriage Equality Attacked With Anti-Gay AdsPorn stills and talk of “political whore$.” Classy.
  5. buttocks
    Man Repeatedly Stabs Bodega Customer in ButtocksPolice have no motive but a pretty clear image of the attacker.
  6. nudity
    The New Yorker Cartoon a Bit Too Nipply for Facebook “The gain in clothes caused too great a loss in humor.”
  7. campaign 2012
    Obama Campaign Narrowly Edges Romney’s $111.6M August Fund-raising HaulFor the first time since April.
  8. osama bin killed
    60 Minutes: SEAL’s New Details on Bin Laden Raid“To us, at that time, it could have been anybody.”
  9. crimes and misdemeanors
    Alleged Cop Shooter Surrenders at Queens Pep BoysHe’d been in hiding since August.
  10. dirty old men
    Schumer Wants Resolution Pushing Vito Lopez to Quit“If the vote is 149–0, I think he’d have to step down.”
  11. for the love of the game
    Defunct Law Firm’s Softball Team Refuses to DieOut of jobs but still carrying bats.
  12. new york city marathon
    NYC Marathon Organizer Backpedals on No-Bag PolicyA victory for runners who enjoy clean clothing.
  13. tear-jerkers
    Gabby Giffords, Beau Biden Reduce DNC (and Veep) to TearsA pair of weepy moments.
  14. survey says
    Survey: Quarter of City Won’t Date Inter-boroughInter-borough no-no.
  15. osama bin killed
    Navy SEAL Author Chats With CBS As Pentagon Considers Legal Options“We do NOT advertise the nature of our work, NOR do we seek recognition for our actions.”
  16. dirty old men
    Vito Lopez Rips Those Calling for His ResignationNot backing down.
  17. late and often
    Democratic Convention Features Romney Bashing From the Late Ted KennedyKennedy’s nephew introduced the video.
  18. crimes and misdemeanors
    Parks Department Employee Killed by Co-worker in QueensFollowing an ongoing dispute.
  19. dirty old men
    Report: Sheldon Silver Asked Accused Sexual Harasser Vito Lopez to Resign“He basically was inaudible.”
  20. nazi comparisons
    California Democratic Party Chairman Likens Paul Ryan to Nazi PropagandistDon’t do that.
  21. early and awkward
    Cory Booker Campaign Misspells One Very Important Word in Ad for Obama Hint: It rhymes with Marack.
  22. west indian day parade
    Two Fatally Stabbed, Two Shot at End of West Indian Day ParadeA history of violence.
  23. history
    The Times’ ‘History of New York in 50 Objects’ Missed a Few ThingsHint: a large building.
  24. neighborbood news
    Missing Queens Peacock: Captured!It was a nice run.
  25. close calls
    Man Collapses on Subway Tracks, Cheats DeathPhew!
  26. u-gone
    U-Haul Truck With Equipment for Biden Visit Stolen in DetroitWelcome to the Motor City.
  27. Several State Offices Toiled Over Vito Lopez Sexual Harassment SettlementThe women initially wanted $1.2 million in public money.
  28. anger mismanagement
    Daughter of Billionaire Republican Donor Grabbed, Threw Journalist’s Camera“How much money you going to spend on this election?”
  29. terrorists of the sky
    The Birds Have Struck Once AgainJust when a plane was about to take off.
  30. ok!
    Given One Word to Describe Romney and Ryan, 27 Poll Respondents Said … ‘Okay’“Sure” didn’t rank.
  31. infestations
    Upper West Side Man Shames City With ‘Rat Crossing’ SignsThey like the scurry over residents’ feet.
  32. photo op
    Romney Throws Convention Pizza Party for His GrandkidsJust a candidate eating some regular person food.
  33. Adorable Great-Grandma Helped Son-in-law Run Drug Ring From Harlem ApartmentAt least she got along with the son-in-law.
  34. oopsies
    Agent Left Something Pretty Dangerous on PlaneSmells like trouble.
  35. golf shots
    Ohio Governor Claims Biden Stinks at Golf But Says He’s Good“Joe Biden told me that he was a good golfer.”
  36. politics
    Marco Rubio Sounds Awfully Democratic on Daily Show, Stewart Points Out“I believe that government should create the conditions for private sector investment.”
  37. horrible things
    RNC Attendee Tossed for Slur at CNN WorkerThe identity of the CNN employee or the ejected attendee has not yet been revealed.
  38. empty chairs
    Bachmann Cancels on Piers Morgan, Morgan Wonders If It’s His Accent“Why are all these Republicans suddenly bailing on me?”
  39. future darwin award winners
    Montana Man Attempting to Create Bigfoot Sightings Struck and Killed by Cars“Obviously, his suit made it difficult for people to see him.”
  40. hooked on obama
    Romney’s Debate Prep Stand-in Mastered Obama’s Voice With AudiobooksReading with the enemy.
  41. get well soon
    Arlen Specter Hospitalized With ‘Serious’ Illness [Updated]Specter was treated for Hodgkin’s disease in 2005 and 2008.
  42. sad things
    Death of Woman Found Bleeding in Lower East Side May Have Been an AccidentA neighbor found her in a stairwell with a bone-deep wound to her chin and neck.
  43. democracy
    Petitioners Demand That White House Reveal Its Honey Ale Recipe“I think it’s time for beer.”
  44. crimes and misdemeanors
    Brooklyn Prosecutors Catch Web PredatorThe man has a prior conviction for possessing child porn.
  45. the letter t
    NYC Taxis to Use Only ‘T’ as Logo, Just Like BostonWe can do better.
  46. campaign 2012
    CNN Lands Lengthy Interviews With Obama, RomneyCNN speaks with congregants from Romney’s Massachusetts church.
  47. crimes and misdemeanors
    Jersey Man Accused of Groping Sleeping Woman on AirplaneOfficials said he whispered to her, “Kiss me.”
  48. overweight puppies!!
    Obama Says First Dog Bo Is on a Diet“He will eat anything he sees.”
  49. crimes and misdemeanors
    U.S. Open Tennis Referee Arrested for Killing Husband With Coffee Cup [Updated]Following an investigation by the LAPD.
  50. scary things
    Washington Man Arrested for Making Obama ThreatsThe man also made threats about explosives in his apartment.
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