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  1. vulture lists
    The 100 Hardest Video-Game Levels of All TimeDizzying shooters, agonizing puzzles, and water stages (ugh) that raise the question: Continue?
  2. vulture lists
    The 100 Hardest Video-Game Bosses, RankedFrom gods and zombies to a shark and a tree, the one trait they share is an ability to end your game swiftly.
  3. internet studies
    25 Edits That Define the Modern Internet VideoAnd create the vocabulary for an absurd, ingenious art form.
  4. memes
    Ten Years of ‘Miracles’The music video that launched a thousand memes went live a decade ago this week.
  5. coronavirus
    Apple and Google Team Up on Tech to Trace the Spread of the CoronavirusThe two companies will collaborate on ways to monitor the spread of coronavirus without compromising user privacy.
  6. coronavirus
    There Will Be No New Emoji Next Year Because of the CoronavirusThe Unicode Consortium, like everything else, is experiencing delays.
  7. security
    Is It Safe to Use Zoom?The video-call software has seen enormous growth and has had its many security issues exposed.
  8. coronavirus
    NJ Governor Requests Expertise of 6 People Who Still Know COBOLWhy the effort to mitigate the coronavirus now means mobilizing coders who still know the decades-old programming language.
  9. pro tip
    It’s Time to Play a Big, Dumb Video GameInstead of worrying about quality, try something mediocre that will drag on forever.
  10. habits
    Welcome Back to the Appointment InternetSocial distancing has given rise to an older — and better — way of being online.
  11. internet disconnection
    Seven Work-arounds for Your Cruddy Internet ConnectionIf you’re stuck at home going mad over your sucky internet, try some of these simple fixes before prostrating yourself before the ISP gods.
  12. the zucc
    Coronavirus Is Threatening Facebook’s Business ModelThe company is almost always bulletproof, but a pandemic may be the exception to the rule.
  13. quarantine
    These Students Re-created Their Closed High School on Minecraft“In the past week, the fact that I’ve seen the school in Minecraft more than real life, it’s kinda sad.”
  14. oops
    The Dos and Don’ts of Video CallsWith more people than ever working from home, we’re pioneering thousands of new ways to embarrass ourselves.
  15. housing
    Will the Coronavirus Kill Airbnb?Furnished apartments intended for short-term stays are flipping to long-term rentals. What could possibly be causing this?
  16. coronavirus
    The Professor Teaching to One Lone Pinocchio DollUNC law school professor John V. Orth’s pre-recorded lectures went viral on Twitter earlier this week.
  17. coronavirus
    Lower Your Video Quality for the Greater GoodEveryone working and playing from home is taxing our internet infrastructure. You don’t need to watch everything in 1080p.
  18. sports
    The Last Sport Still StandingWith every other league suspended, it’s time to get really into watching marble races on YouTube.
  19. panic
    For Wine Stores, Coronavirus Has Brought a ‘Fire Hose’ of CustomersOne wine shop owner talks about how busy the past week has been, and how it could all suddenly change for the worse.
  20. no uggos
    TikTok Is Not The Internet’s EdenAccording to a report, moderators were advised to keep those with “ugly facial looks” & “dilapidated housing” off its front page.
  21. thievery
    Split or Steal Is a Game About Whether or Not You Want to Cooperate With OthersA video game based on the Prisoner’s Dilemma has surprising depth and sudden timeliness.
  22. slacking off
    Work From Home Tip: Stop Capitalizing WordsA simple way to trick your boss into thinking you’re still at your keyboard is by avoiding awkward autocorrects and overly correct grammar.
  23. the zucc
    How Facebook Fact-Checking Can BackfireThe “implied truth effect” means that Facebook’s fact-checking process may be worse than doing nothing.
  24. memes
    F- -k It, Meme Think PieceThe new meme shorthand means nothing and everything.
  25. show fleet sweetie
    Twitter Is Testing Disappearing TweetsThe new feature, Fleets, will be familiar to anyone who has posted a Story on Instagram or Snapchat.
  26. bored people
    Coronavirus Quarantines Will Be Good for MemesEntire countries, locked in their homes with nothing to do. The perfect environment for incubating dumb stuff to post online.
  27. vision 2020
    Mike Bloomberg Is Running His Campaign Like a Money-Gorged Tech CompanyAn organization that has more money than it knows what to do with is throwing every idea at the wall to see what sticks.
  28. smh/lol
    You’ve Gotta Respect How Lazy the Bloomberg Social Media Recruits AreSome are posting so robotically that Twitter thinks they are bots. They make $2,500 per month.
  29. memes
    The New 1975 Music Video Is a Six-Minute Crash Course in MemesThe band’s latest song, “The Birthday Party,” features plenty of memes new and old. We annotated it for your convenience.
  30. the zucc
    Facebook’s Election Rules Are No Match for Bloomberg’s BillionsThe billionaire has crafted aggressive social-media campaigns that adhere to the letter of the law but not the spirit.
  31. the second term
    What Would Four More Years of Trump Look Like?The death of global climate efforts. Escalating trade wars. Nuclear brinkmanship. Here, 19 visions of a future that seems more possible than ever.
  32. gotta go fast
    The Staff of New York Shows Off Its Sonic OCsCreating a Sonic OC is a time-honored internet tradition.
  33. gotta go fast
    How Well Do You Know This Infamous Sonic the Hedgehog YouTube Video?Can you identify each of the top ten hottest female Sonic characters?
  34. gotta go fast
    How Pingas Became One of Sonic the Hedgehog’s Most Famous MemesTaken from an old Sonic cartoon, the sound clip gained notoriety after being used in hundreds of YouTube Poop videos.
  35. vision 2020
    Please Don’t Fall for Mike Bloomberg’s Twitter PostsThey’re a dirty trick.
  36. iowant to go to sleep
    More Security Isn’t Better SecurityThe Iowa caucuses were crippled by aggressive secrecy and overzealous security measures around their voting app.
  37. just asking questions
    Why Video Game Workers Need a Union: a Q&A with Emma KinemaEmma Kinema of the CWA’s new initiative to organize workers in video games and tech explains why new-economy workers need a union too.
  38. netiquette
    Does Jeff Bezos Know How to Text?The Amazon CEO flubbed an all-important number swap.
  39. cybersecurity
    I Hope Those Memes Were Worth It, Jeff BezosThe crown prince of Saudi Arabia allegedly compromised Bezos’s phone through a virus-laden video sent over WhatsApp.
  40. augmented reality
    Why Instagram Makes Its Filters So Hard to FindIt’s not an oversight, it’s by design.
  41. streaming
    8tracks’ David Porter Explains How the Streaming Industry Has ChangedA lot has shifted, but venture-capital aspirations and royalty rates remain as lofty as ever.
  42. apple
    The Justice Department Wants to Unlock Your iPhoneThe feds are putting pressure on Apple once again to break iPhone encryption.
  43. hey you you’re finally awake
    This Gamer Prank Is a Finely Layered Work of ArtWhen is a blue screen of death not really a blue screen of death?
  44. facebook
    Facebook Exec: Facebook Is Like the One Ring, Helped Trump WinAndrew Bosworth compares Facebook to an evil ring from fantasy books. He also thinks it helped Trump win.
  45. the zucc
    Facebook Announces Fake Ban Against DeepfakesThe policy is narrowly defined and continues a huge carve-out, making it completely useless for combating misinformation.
  46. beep beep
    Uber Is Selling Tickets for the City Bus in Las VegasImagine this: meeting your ride along a predetermined route.
  47. andrew cuomo fix the subway
    Resolving the Great Subway Seat DebateWhat seat you choose on the subway says a lot about who you are and whether or not you’re a monster.
  48. choices
    Which Type of Gatsby Party Are You Hosting?You’ve had a year and a half to decide. Now 2020 is upon us.
  49. extremely online
    The Witcher Meme That Put Henry Cavill in a BathtubA very short history of Tub Geralt.
  50. gig economy
    Travis Kalanick Is Fully Done With UberThe former CEO is leaving the company’s board at the end of the month, after being forced out for creating a hostile work environment.
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