1. spooky szn
    How ‘Spooky Scary Skeletons’ Became the Internet’s Halloween AnthemThe 23-year-old track, from the writer of the ‘Golden Girls’ theme song, has become a mainstay of the Skeleton War.
  2. spicy
    Why the Top Spender on Pro-Impeachment Facebook Ads Is a Spice CompanyFounder Bill Penzey thinks it’s crucial to speak out on important issues. Facebook classifies a lot of his posts as political ads.
  3. the zucc
    Zuckerberg Meets the Panopticon He CreatedEven in private, among loyal subjects, the CEO needs to act like he’s speaking to the public.
  4. best of 2019
    The Best Video Games of 2019 (So Far)Highlights from a solid year that was light on star power (though don’t tell the Goose that).
  5. haircare
    Shingy Reflects on His Time at AOL and What’s NextAOL’s Digital Prophet speaks out.
  6. twitter
    Is Kamala Harris Right That Twitter Should Ban Trump?Intelligencer staffers discuss the wisdom of removing the president from his favorite social-media platform.
  7. oops
    The Ticking Time Bomb of Old Slack PostsSlack is a popular business tool for trash-talking competitors. What happens when two companies merge?
  8. honk!
    Goose Game GoodA new game has captured hearts and minds with its simple premise: being a very annoying goose.
  9. the ttp project
    Gaze Upon the Terrifying Visage of Jake Tapper’s DilbertThe CNN anchor drew the comic strip for charity, and the results will burn out your retinas and scar your brain.
  10. platforms
    YouTubers Don’t Need Your SympathyYouTube’s “content creators” want to be seen as scrappy upstarts hampered by the man, even if the reality is a little more complicated.
  11. sksksksksk
    VSCO CEO Reacts to Summer’s Biggest Meme, the ‘VSCO Girl’“A VSCO girl doesn’t define everyone on VSCO. Yeah, it defines a group that’s there, for sure, but there’s so many more.”
  12. mobile gaming
    The Story Behind Those Bizarre, Incredible Lily’s Garden AdsA mobile game about gardening has spawned a mysterious and intriguing ad campaign.
  13. data journalism
    Whatever Happened to Pooping Bottles?Charting the rise and fall of an infamous typo.
  14. announcements
    How to Make Tech Keynotes Exciting AgainHardware announcements matter less in a software-powered world.
  15. queries
    Why Apple Apps Regularly Outrank Competitors in SearchThe company says it is making changes so that its own products don’t bury competitors’.
  16. cybersecurity
    Apple Downplays Enormous iOS Security Hole Found by GoogleThe company issued a rare response to disclosures Google made last week.
  17. the zucc
    Facebook’s Dating Service Is, Unfortunately, Made by FacebookThe social-media company insists its new dating service is separate from existing Facebook, but instead, it is built atop it.
  18. uber
    Mike Isaac on Travis Kalanick’s Downfall and Uber’s LegacyA new book chronicles how Travis Kalanick went from CEO of the world’s hottest start-up to the exit in just a few months.
  19. security
    Google Found Huge Holes in iOS Security (It’s Fixed Now)The discoveries pose new questions about how secure iOS really is.
  20. hunger
    The Hot New Meme: An 18th-Century Frenchman Who Literally Couldn’t Stop EatingA French anomaly resurfaces thanks to a Squidward shitpost.
  21. oopser
    Ex-Uber Employee Anthony Levandowski Charged With 33 Counts of TheftSilicon Valley’s most prominent self-driving car expert allegedly downloaded more than 14,000 files from Google shortly before quitting.
  22. oops
    Accidentally Destroying My iPhone Really Put My Entire Life in PerspectiveIt literally hurts to swipe on my phone now.
  23. social media
    Why Celebrities Fall for the ‘New Instagram Rule’ HoaxPlatforms need broad licenses to exist. That doesn’t mean users shouldn’t be worried.
  24. the zucc
    Facebook Exacerbates One Problem by Trying to Solve AnotherIn reintroducing human editors, Facebook is making it easier for bad-faith critics to claim bias.
  25. for fc's sake
    Amazon’s ‘Ambassador’ Program Is Hilariously MisconceivedThe program is meant to be damage control, but it feels like a hostage situation.
  26. sent from my ifridge
    We Talked to the Teen Who Tweeted From Her Fridge After Her Mom Took Her PhoneDesperate times called for desperate measures for one dedicated Ariana Grande fan.
  27. deflation fetish
    A Brief Chat With Jan Hakon Erichsen, the Twitter Balloon GuyKnives, balloons, and plywood make a surreal and absurd viral video.
  28. the zucc
    Facebook Is Trying to Protect Itself From Antitrust ActionThe company is integrating Instagram and WhatsApp more closely with Facebook to make it harder to break up.
  29. toilet humor
    How TikTok Has Turned the School Bathroom Into a StudioThe popular video service takes us inside the secret space of the high-school bathroom.
  30. dongles dongles dongles
    It Sure Feels Like the Headphone Jack Is DeadSamsung, the last major holdout among smartphone makers, finally gives in.
  31. oink
    What’s Up With ‘30-50 Feral Hogs’?A detailed hypothetical justifying the use of assault weapons has become a meme.
  32. encounter
    At the Fortnite World Cup With the Game’s Youngest Star YetH1ghSky1, a.k.a. 12-year-old Patrick Bragaru, is too young to compete in the tournament, but still has plenty of fans.
  33. encounter
    At the Fortnite World Cup With the Game’s Youngest Star YetH1ghSky1, a.k.a. 12-year-old Patrick Bragaru, is too young to compete in the tournament, but still has plenty of fans.
  34. man of the people
    Peter Thiel Makes a Nakedly Political Play in the New York TimesThiel rails against the Silicon Valley bubble as if he’s somehow not emblematic of it.
  35. streaming
    Twitch Star Ninja Quits Twitch for Microsoft MoneyOne of Fortnite’s biggest celebrities is jumping ship and joining forces with Microsoft instead.
  36. memewatch 2020
    Let’s Look At NBC Politics’s Terrible Illustration of Joe BidenSigns point to this being Joe Biden. Other signs point to it not being Joe Biden.
  37. 🙄
    Senator Josh Hawley Wants to Outlaw Infinite ScrollingHawley’s newest anti-tech bill targets the symptoms, not the disease.
  38. the zucc
    Facebook’s FTC Deal Won’t Change FacebookThe FTC gave Zuckerberg a slap on the wrist.
  39. memes
    Why We’re Running Like Naruto AgainThe Area 51 meme has led to the resurgence of an anime trope beloved online.
  40. metrics
    Why Instagram Is Experimenting With Hiding LikesThe social network wants people to stop focusing on big numbers.
  41. conspiracies
    Democrats Find a New Bogeyman to Blame Their 2020 Loss On: FaceAppFaceApp, the theory goes, is a front for the Russian government because it is based in St. Petersburg.
  42. design
    The Labyrinthian Hell of the Prime Day InterfaceEven during its marquee sales event, Amazon’s website is nearly unusable.
  43. stances
    What It Means to Do It to EmFeet apart, hands clasped, ready to do it. To who? Em.
  44. the zucc
    FTC Fines Facebook $5 Billion Over Cambridge Analytica ScandalWall Street celebrated the news, and it doesn’t sound like Facebook will radically change.
  45. memes of production
    Walmart Workers Realize Corporate Is Spying on Them, Retaliate With Union MemesA recent firing reminded the Walmart subreddit’s complainers that they can get fired for posts their bosses don’t like.
  46. trolling
    If You’re Going to Brag About Trolling, You Should at Least Be Good at ItWe can do better than threatening to gun down Mr. Peanut.
  47. no this is patrick
    The Truth About the Thicc StarfishIn your heart, you already knew.
  48. la-li-lu-le-lo
    Are These Quotes From Marianne Williamson or Metal Gear Solid?Marianne Willamson. Hideo Kojima. Two great minds, linked on the astral plane.
  49. gone-y ive
    Jony Ive Is Leaving Apple (to Start a New Design Firm That Works With Apple)The legendary designer, who created the iPod and iPhone, is on his way out.
  50. 🥵🥵🥵🥵
    Instead of Enforcing Its Rules, Twitter Will Make Breaking Them Extremely CoolTwitter…
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