Brian Keith Jackson

  1. art & design
    Inside Kehinde Wiley’s New Cliffside Live-Work Compound in SenegalThis summer, the New York painter will open Black Rock Senegal, a combined home, studio space, and artist-in-residency program.
  2. senegal
    How Senegalese Photographer Omar Victor Diop Is Changing the Gaze“My mission is to establish the fact that as a black man, as an African, I come from a lineage of great people.”
  3. studio sounds
    Listen to This Playlist and Get in the Heads of Your Favorite ArtistsFrom Fiona Apple to Fela Kuti, music to inspire a studio practice.
  4. art
    Advice From 27 Artists, From Marina Abramovich to Mickalene Thomas, on Making ItYou’ve read Jerry Saltz’s story on being an artist. But what do successful artists themselves say?
  5. How Obama Changed Perceptions of Black Americans Around the WorldI went abroad after he was elected to show that America had a new visual power.
  6. model tracker
    Albino Model Shaun Ross Looks for WorkThe black albino model was rising on the scene last September, but this season only walked one show.
  7. chat room
    Kehinde Wiley on the Difference Between His Art and His Cooking’My cooking is more improvised. There’s a lot more room for disaster.’
  8. Think Pink to Save the PlanetIt’s trashy art.
  9. The Return of Art on SundayWhat self-respecting high-end boutique would be closed half the weekend?
  10. How I Made It: Mark BradfordIn six years, Mark Bradford, 45, has gone from being a self-proclaimed “beauty operator” at his mother’s beauty shop in South Los Angeles to nav […]
  11. Map No. 15: Washington HeightsWashington Heights, home to the Cloisters and the American Academy of Arts and Letters, has a know-your-neighbor atmosphere, delicious food find […]
  12. Gentrification Now Takes Food StampsCitarella adjusts to Harlem.
  13. Broadway’s New Teen HeroesOur own cast bios of the ‘Spring Awakening’ kids.
  14. Prattle à PorterJust in time for Fashion Week: a runway exposé.
  15. Ice, Ice BabiesReality-TV show tries to create the next Eminem.
  16. iPod Party PiratesEverybody thinks he�s a better D.J.
  17. Hung Up on SizeThe author of a new book about an old stereotype discusses America’s fixation on measuring up.
  18. Show and Tell: Sanford BiggersExperiences are becoming harder to have because everything is fed to you by television. Even though we know it’s somewhat scripted, we still loo […]