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    Learn How to Paint a Snooki PumpkinYou’ll need tacky glue, classy hoop earrings, and the patience to withstand dozens of unfunny Smashing Pumpkins jokes.
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    Watch a Glee-Inspired Political Attack AdJudging from this spot, the Illinois governor’s race is between a tax-evading creep and an adorable, dog-riding cat.
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    Hear ‘DJ Play the Beat,’ a New Track From Swizz Beatz and EstelleIt’s part of the hip-hop producer’s new “Monster Mondays” series.
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    Watch a New Episode of the Women’s-Mag Satire ‘The Vag’In the web series’ latest installment, the editors take on celebrity journalism, advertising, and “the Keeper.”
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    See a Swingin’ New Video From the BooksThe clip for “I Didn’t Know That” features awkward middle-aged golfers, exploding cars, and automatic weaponry.
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    Check Out a Dexter Animated Short From Bill SienkiewiczThe comic-book legend illustrates the first three chapters of a new web series chronicling Dexter’s early days (spoiler alert: Dead bodies are involved).
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    Listen to ‘Heartbreaker,’ a New Track From GirlsThe critically huzzahed San Francisco indie-pop act is back with a new EP.
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    Check Out a Gay-Rights PSA From Jersey Shore’s VinnyThe ‘Jersey Shore’ star and thinking-man’s guido filmed a video for MTV’s “A Thin Line” campaign.
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    Watch Antoine Dodson Hawk a Sex-Offender AppWhat, you thought the “Bed Intruder” singer wouldn’t find another way to capitalize on his web celebrity?
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    Listen to a New M.I.A. SongIt’s part of her new social-networkish site, Facefacefacebook.
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    See The Breakfast Club Commemorated in NeedlepointFeel free to decorate with a few Ally Sheedy—style dandruff flakes.
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    Watch Kanye West’s Surprise Brooklyn Bowl PerformanceThe rapper held a late-night toast to the douchebags Saturday night, performing “Runaway” (and a few others) at Pitchfork’s #Offline Festival.
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    Check Out a Homemade Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle VanIt even comes with a CWABNGA license plate.
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    See a Fan Rendering of Jon Hamm As SupermanIt’s a fake, of course.
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    Watch a Preview of Community’s Halloween EpisodeIt’s not too late to get your “Shirtless Donald Glover” costume together.
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    Check Out This Rushmore-Inspired Save-the-Date VideoDon’t they realize that, once it goes viral, they have to invite everybody who sees it to the wedding?
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    See a Charmingly Weird Letter From Christopher Walken to His FansIt’s from 2004, after he’d finished with ‘Wedding Crashers’ and was in need of work.
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    See Two Dinosaurs Debate the Merits of Alvin and the ChipmunksIn today’s entry in the always wonderful web-strip Dinosaur Comics.
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    Preview ‘Blue Tip,’ the Cars’ First New Song in DecadesIt’s just a minute-long snippet, and you have to go to Facebook to hear it, but it’s not bad!
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    See Chris Rock and Tracy Morgan Wig Out Over ‘Scarborough Fair’In this clip from ‘Night of Too Many Stars,’ the comics attempt a somber duet of the sixties classic.
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    See ‘Whip My Hair’ Used As a Mortal Kombat Rallying CrySo far, Willow Smith’s hit has been adopted by two Muppets, a parrot, and a video-game character.
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    See Greg Gutfield Devoured by a Giant BedbugA 100 percent accurate video from Taiwanese news-animators NMA.
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    Watch Stephen Colbert and Steve Carell’s Musical Ode to SullyAs part of the ‘Night of Too Many Stars’ benefit, the ‘Daily Show’ vets performed a ripped-from-the-headlines homage to the Hudson pilot.
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    Check Out the 2001: A Space Odyssey Monolith FigureHours of fun for your kids, assuming your kids are into obliquely purposeful narrative devices.
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    Listen to Taylor Swift Cover Coldplay’s ‘Viva La Vida’Finally, a Taylor song not about someone she dated! Unless there’s a guy out there named Viva.
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    Listen to a Collection of Hazy Ariel Pink CoversIf you thought Ariel Pink’s beautiful lo-fi pop couldn’t get any murkier, here’s a collection of remixes and reinterpretations.
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    Watch an Awkward Interview With Zach GalifianakisWhile promoting ‘It’s Kind of a Funny Story,’ the comic sat down with a Dallas TV interviewer.
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    Check Out a Not at All Creepy Video of a Dog Dressed As a Na’viThe Internet’s found a whole new form of cosplay!
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    Watch Highlights From Jazz Foundation of America’s Annual Loft PartyFeaturing performances from Ron Carter, Sweet Georgia Brown, and the Tom Harrell Quartet.
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    Watch Glee Star Mark Salling’s New Music Video, ‘Illusions’It’s a song about magic, which may explain Salling’s uncanny ability to make nearly 50 years of funk history miraculously disappear.
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    Check Out a Gallery of Nacho-Themed Album CoversIn celebration of International Nacho Day, Nacho NY presents a series of Tex-Mex-inspired records.
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    Hear Alec Baldwin Spoof His Glengarry Glen Ross Speech for NPRTo help raise money for WNYC, the omnipresent 30 Rock star reminds listeners of their ABCs.
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    Check Out Sketches From an Unpublished Dr. Seuss BookThey’re from a never-finished sixties book about sports, and they contain multiple instances of the word “blumf.”
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    Watch Chris Brown’s New Video, ‘Yeah 3X’His new dancing-in-the-streets clip is like Lionel’s “All Night Long” or Janet’s “Alright,” only with a song that’s 10x times less catchy.
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    Peep a Roundup of Famous Pop-Culture EyewearThere’s the “Humpty Hump,” the “Cobain,” and, of course, “the Bootsy.”
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    Watch Bob Guccione Discuss Hefner, Caligula, and the Futility of Film CriticsIn this undated TV interview, the ‘Penthouse’ founder — who died yesterday — airs his views and airs out his chest hair.
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    Check Out a Star Wars–Inspired Bathing SuitThe catalogue copy for this R2-D2 one-piece is so eye-rollingly tone-deaf, it could have been written by Lucas himself.
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    Watch South Park Explain Inception’s Cartoonish PlotOn last night’s episode, a DiCaprio doppelgänger tried to make sense of the film’s dream-warrior premise.
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    Watch Regis Take Pee-Wee Around BroadwayLike so many Manhattan tourists, Pee-Wee’s way too happy about seeing an Applebee’s.
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    Watch Luke Perry and Stan Lee Not Freak Out Around Their FansThe ‘90210’ alum and the Marvel maven both attended the annual Dragon*Con sci-fi and fantasy convention.
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    Watch a Cat-Fancying Scene From Matt Besser’s New Sketch ShowThe UCB co-founder is part of a new Comedy Central special, ‘This Show Will Get You High,’ airing October 27.
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    Watch the Teaser Trailer for Cars 2But will it make you cry as much as ‘Toy Story 3’?
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    Listen to Two New Deerhunter TracksThey’re from the Japanese edition of ‘Halcyon Digest.’
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    Listen to Mark Ronson’s Stripped-Down Take on Arcade FireThe D.J. and Business Intl. honcho covers Arcade Fire’s “Used to Wait.”
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    Alec Baldwin Responds to Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s Marriage ProposalThe ‘Modern Family’ star declared his love for Baldwin a few months ago.
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    The Situation Teaches You How to Beat Up the BeatJezebel has landed an early copy of ‘Here’s the Situation.’
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    Watch Glasser’s Oribicular Video for ‘Mirrorage’In this clip from ‘Ring,’ the singer’s hypnotic debut album, she’s stranded in a cramped, checkerboard-floored room.
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    Watch a Live Stream From the Conan OfficesFor the next 24 hours, you can watch the comings and goings around the hallways at Coco’s new digs.
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    Watch Elvira’s Christine O’Donnell Send-upFar more tasteful than Vampira’s ill-fated Willie Horton spoof from the late eighties.
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    Listen to a Smooch-Intensive New N.E.R.D. Track, ‘Nothing on You’From the forthcoming ‘Nothing.’
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