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  1. It Turns Out There Are 4 Different Types of IntrovertsVideo: Which one are you?
  2. It Turns Out There Are 4 Different Types of IntrovertsVideo: Which one are you?
  3. Someone Created a Fancy-Looking Ring Device That Tells You How Well You Slept$300 for daily sleep advice.
  4. Everything We Know So Far About the Twin Peaks RebootThat’s a damn fine cup of coffee.
  5. The Stranger Things Halloween Costume You NeedThat’s one scary flower.
  6. There May Be a Tiny, Mysterious Art Museum Hidden on the MoonNobody knows for sure.
  7. The Scientific Reason You’re Petrified of ClownsPaging Dr. Freud.
  8. This Artist Makes Album Covers With Star Wars May the force be with your record player.
  9. Dirty 30 Cast on Writing Accurate Female RolesThe YouTube stars told us about their relatable characters in the new film Dirty 30.
  10. This Crazy Fact About Lawrence of Arabia Is a Prime Example of Hollywood SexismLet’s just say it doesn’t exactly pass the Bechdel test.
  11. These Tepee-Shaped Buildings Were Designed to Be a Pop-up Nursing Home in JapanThere’s even a pool.
  12. You Should Not Spend 25 Minutes Organizing Your Sushi Into Perfect MosaicsBut the rest of the internet is apparently going to.
  13. This Device Was Created to Help Prevent Parents From Leaving Kids in the CarIt happens more often than you’d like to think.
  14. Why This Artist Created an Intricate Portrait of Martin Luther King Out of ShoesShoes have a more complex history than you might think.
  15. This Map Tells the Story of How Smoking Has Declined in the U.S. Since the ’70sPeople seem to be getting the message.
  16. This Entertaining Tumblr Removes All Gluten From Famous Works of ArtNo carbs here.
  17. This Paralympian Danced the Samba With a Robot While Wearing a 3-D-Printed DressBecause technology.
  18. 4 Paralympians Ran the 1,500-Meter Final Faster Than Anyone at Rio This SummerClearly, this is the class to beat.
  19. This Gym Trains You for American Ninja WarriorStarted by a former contestant on the show.
  20. Scientists Have Uncovered the Ultimate Excuse for Your Cheese AddictionThanks, science.
  21. This Artist Uses Projectors As Paintbrushes to Create Eye-popping Body ArtDefinitely a much easier cleanup than body paint.
  22. Someone Mapped the Ultimate National Parks Road TripThis thing would take you two months.
  23. Yes, Australia, You Have Made One Fancy $5 BillThey’re almost cool enough to make you want to carry cash.
  24. Justin Trudeau Has Officially Entered the Marvel UniverseWhat a guy.
  25. This Artist Makes Creepy Pop-Cultural References With an Unusual Technique Starring Kim Kardashian, Charles Manson, and Michael Jackson.
  26. This Smart Helmet Might Be Able to Help Detect ConcussionsIt uses technology developed by NASA.
  27. This 3,000-Mile Bike Path Has Been in the Works for 25 YearsA big funding boost is on the way.
  28. A Couple Climbed a Massive Crane in China, Just for LoveNot your average date night.
  29. This Magnificent Barcelona Church Has Been Under Construction for 134 YearsThat’s a lot of construction.
  30. Scandinavian ‘Slow TV’ Comes to NetflixIt’s kind of hard to imagine Americans having the attention span for this.
  31. Stephen Hawking’s Classic Black-Hole Prediction Might Have Just Been ProvedEverything you didn’t know about black holes is wrong.
  32. This Underground Trampoline Park Is Housed Inside a Former WWII BunkerIt cost about $4 million to build.
  33. Why Not Hide This Elliptical Under Your Desk?Just pedal and type, pedal and type.
  34. This Guarantees Pregnant Women a Seat on TrainsAn end to the awkwardness?
  35. The Future of Condoms Has Arrived, and It’s Covered in HexagonsThe idea is to make guys want to use them.
  36. Carmelo Anthony Used His Day Off in Rio to Shoot Hoops With Kids in a Rio SlumHe even taught them some moves.
  37. The World’s Largest Welding Machine Built This Massive NASA Rocket-Fuel TankOne day it’s going to blast humans to Mars.
  38. A British Celebrity Scientist Just Schooled a Climate-Change DenierThere’s actual science at play — who would have thought?
  39. This Sneaky Airline Fee Affects Families the MostIf you want to guarantee a seat next to your kid, you may have to pay up.
  40. This Psychedelic Art Installation May Induce a Drug-Free TripOoh, shiny.
  41. How Hip-Hop Producer Swizz Beatz Is Disrupting the Art WorldAnd then disrupted the Gallery-Industrial Complex. 
  42. This Saddle Makes Carrying Kids Safer and EasierThey’re strapped in, and you’re blissfully hands-free. 
  43. Believe It or Not, But Tug-of-War Used to Be an Olympic SportAnd it actually looks pretty intense.
  44. Start-up Crowdsourcing Major Business DecisionsLet’s hope it goes better than most crowdsourced things do. 
  45. This Artist Transforms Humans Into PaintingsThey look shockingly real. Or rather, shockingly fake.
  46. Male Olympic Divers and the Explicit Content That Wasn’tIt just looks weird.
  47. Michael Jordan Donates $5 Million to Smithsonian African-American History MuseumLast month, he donated $1 million each to the NAACP and the new Institute for Community-Police Relations.
  48. Pat McGrath’s Glittery Lip Kit Looks Beautiful and UncomfortableSorry, Kylie. There’s a new cult lip kit in town.
  49. Donald Trump’s 5 Most Offensive Moments From The ApprenticeIt’s just the tip of the iceberg, really.
  50. This Smart Sleep Mask Says It Can Help Beat Jet LagIt’s not your mother’s sleep mask, that’s for sure.
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