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  1. This Bath Bomb Is As Black As Your 13-Year-Old Emo-Kid SoulAs black as an Instagram “It” girl’s closet.
  2. All the Weird, Awkward Ways Taylor Swift Has Avoided the PaparazziThat crab walk was hardly her first attempt at dodging paps.
  3. This Slam Poet Just Nailed Why the #WokeUpLikeThis Trend Isn’t Fun for Everyone“Your preference for my natural beauty has not been there on the days when I’ve been brave enough to face the world bare-faced.”
  4. The Pre–Hillary Clinton History of PantsuitsApparently, pantsuits used to refer to boys’ suits.
  5. The 5 Most Offensive Fake Junk Foods on InstagramWhy are we forcing foods to masquerade as other foods?
  6. This Mind-Bending Artwork Is Actually a Harsh Critique of AmericaLook again.
  7. Where Are the Incredible Women From the 1996 Olympic Gymnastics Team Now?All of them are doing amazing things.
  8. The 5 Most Feminist Moments in Netflix’s Hit Summer Show Stranger ThingsPretty much everything Eleven does.
  9. This British Defense Contractor Wants to ‘Grow’ DronesBe afraid.
  10. Lip Art May Be the New Nail ArtIf you can handle it.
  11. Car Commercials Don’t Need to Be Shot With an Actual Car AnymoreSame goes for car-chase scenes.
  12. This Company Has a Gigantic Waterfall in Its Lobby (Sort Of, Not Really)Take us there.
  13. swellness
    Tom Brady and Gisele’s Ultrarestrictive Diet From HellThis is no joke.
  14. There’s Now a Dating Show in Which People Judge Each Other’s Naked BodiesSuddenly, Tinder is looking pretty great.
  15. Look at These Stylish Hospital Gowns Artists Are Designing for Sick TeensFashionable meets heartwarming. 
  16. The Historical Reason Men’s and Women’s Shirts Button on Opposite SidesIt dates way back to the 13th century.
  17. This Man Transformed a $5,000 Truck Into Mobile Showers for the HomelessIt serves 60 people every day.
  18. The Women on Egypt’s First All-Female Football Team Are Inspiring TrailblazersThey’ve already spawned three other women’s teams.
  19. Harry Potter Fans Generally Don’t Like TrumpA lot of it may come down to Lord Voldemort.
  20. This Collapsible Coffee Cup Might Fix One of the Worst Things About Travel MugsGenius or messy?
  21. Kendall Jenner Embraces the Braless Life, Says She’s Cool With Her Breasts“It’s sexy, it’s comfortable … “
  22. The Latest Beauty-Blogger Trend Is So Gross We Can’t Look Away It’s about as terrifying as it sounds.
  23. Athletes Are Refusing to Stay in the Olympic VillageRemember Sochi?
  24. Researchers at MIT Are Using Lego Blocks to Plan CitiesThese aren’t your ordinary Lego blocks.
  25. There’s a Scientific Reason Facebook Couples Post Nauseating Status UpdatesScience to the rescue again.
  26. There’s a Scientific Reason Facebook Couples Post Nauseating Status UpdatesScience to the rescue again.
  27. Luxury Labels Are Sticking Microchips Inside Your ClothesOne small step towards a knockoff-free world.
  28. Jonah Hill’s Intentionally Bad Reebok CommercialIt’s very Tim & Eric.
  29. Have Scientists Finally Found a Way to Make Chocolate Better for You?Delicious, delicious science.
  30. These Fancy Printed Pajamas Are Made Using a Centuries-Old TechniqueGood luck taking your eyes off this.
  31. There’s a Roller Coaster Next to the Thor SetThor gets what Thor wants.
  32. This Homemade Iron Man Suit Is Great CosplayIt even has thruster jets.
  33. This VFX Artist Makes Awesome Videos of His SonThose are some dangerous-looking monkey bars.
  34. Los Angeles Is Now Home to a 1,000-Foot-High Glass SlideDon’t look down.
  35. So That’s Why Ancient Statues Have Tiny PenisesNo, it’s not because they were modeled after your ex-boyfriend.
  36. This Makeup Artist Is Basically the Salvador Dalí of the Beauty WorldInstead of melting clocks, this Instagram star morphs into them.
  37. Hot Topic Has a Suicide Squad Clothing Line Cosplaying is now as simple as a trip to the mall.
  38. Justin Trudeau Makes History As First Prime Minister to March in Pride ParadeBut hopefully not the last.
  39. This Etch A Sketch Can Tell TimeThanks to a surprising DIY hack.
  40. It Took Two Months to Create This DrawingAnd it was painstakingly documented by the artist.
  41. 11 Percent of People Have Ghosted SomeoneNo calls, no texts, no closure.
  42. Scientists Unintentionally Created This Popping New Shade of BlueThey’re calling it “a happy accidental discovery, or serendipity.”
  43. This Guy Turned Himself Into a DIY X-Men IcemanHe can freeze stuff with his hands. Kind of.
  44. Hong Kong Is Taking Micro Apartments to Another LevelLooks like “Transformer”-style furniture is the way of the future. 
  45. A Brief History of Taylor Swift and Kanye’s Ongoing FeudIt all started with four little words.
  46. These Optical Illusions Are Actually Humans Masked in Body PaintNope, that’s not a flower.
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    This 3-D Food Printer Actually Makes Pizza So You Don’t Have ToWhy cook when you can just sit on your couch?
  48. Original Video
    Here’s a Tiny Coffee Press That Can Brew AnywhereOkay, so, it may not be a perfect pour-over, but it’s still coffee.
  49. Guys Try to Collect Every VHS of Jerry MaguireSo far, they have 12,240.
  50. Original Video
    7 Foods to Steer Clear of, According to a Food-Poisoning ExpertSorry, lovers of rare meat.
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