Carly Berwick

  1. The Truth Is Out ThereAnd in Omer Fast’s disturbing videos, really out there.
  2. The Anti-PortraitistMarlene Dumas thinks you can tell only so much from a face.
  3. The Facebook BiennialHow social networks have taken over this year’s Whitney festivities.
  4. Go Directly to JailTips for the incarcerated from A. Alfred Taubman.
  5. The Armory Show Shopping GuideWhat can your money get you at Pier 94 this week? A suggestion for every pocketbook.
  6. Photo AnalysisA major sale provides a snapshot of the market.
  7. Roughing It in Sun ValleyIdaho’s answer to Aspen (think fewer furs, more fleece) is a year-round hideaway for adventure junkies.
  8. Uncle Andy�s Hand-Me-DownsChristie�s is auctioning off some of the stuff that Andy Warhol gave his nephews when they visited from Pittsburgh.
  9. Boxing DayBuyers continue to gravitate toward contemporary art—and Donald Judd’s the hottest ticket.
  10. Triptych: Who Bought What and Why?The Collectors: Steven Ames, private investor, and his wife, Ann Steven: I’m on the board of the Whitney, and at a meeting in October, a wo […]
  11. Gavel-to-Gavel CoverageAt Christie’s, the Eastman collection goes on sale; at Sotheby’s, it’s the eighties all over again.
  12. Love Machine: Robert Indiana“Most of my work, except the ‘LOVE’ paintings, is bound up in autobiography, bits and pieces of my life, my geography, my history, my friends.”
  13. Who Bought Virgil Marti’s ‘Large Chandelier (Red Stag and Anemones, Reversed)’ and Why?“We paid a studio visit, and decided it would be fun to commission a chandelier for our apartment in Venice.”
  14. Lost and FoundThree to watch.
  15. Follow the MoneyWho’ll be worth what at the postwar-and-contemporary sales.
  16. Where the Scenes AreGreater New York’s new art geography.
  17. Who Bought Jil Weinstock’s ‘Platinum’ and Why?What’s so interesting for me is to take the idea of Minimalism, where everything is stripped to its basic form, and then build it back up.
  18. Who Bought Kevin McCoy’s ‘Our Second Date’ and Why?The illusion of perspective and the framing of the master and close-up—the way you see it happening in real time is like a mini-education in […]
  19. Warhol Riot v. Warhol CrashAre we running out of Andy Warhols? Two of the artist’s “Death and Disaster” paintings face off in the evening contemporary sales this year, […]
  20. Satisfaction Guaranteed?Christie’s goes big; Sotheby’s, even bigger.
  21. Poster BoyCalvin Klein proves once again that it pays to have friends in high places.