Casey Lewis

  1. father’s day 2023
    The Best Gifts for Dad (That Do Good, Too)From a camp chair that funds parkland conservation to coffee beans that benefit the ACLU.
  2. gifts they might actually want
    The Best Gifts for Mom (That Do Good, Too)Including a high-fashion macaroni necklace that benefits Building Black Bed-Stuy and a Risograph print to support trans kids.
  3. ask a cool person
    The Best Masks, According to Cool Teens (and College Students)This year’s most important back-to-school supply.
  4. mother’s day 2021
    The Best Gifts for Every Type of Mom (From Teens)Whether she’s into skin care or Saturday-afternoon crafting (or sewing or puzzling) sessions.
  5. celebrity shopping
    What Pop Trio Avenue Beat Can’t Live Without“Every woman who’s at least partially attracted to men wants a giant Scottish dude who’s a fighter but who has a gentle soul.”
  6. gifts they might actually want
    98 Extremely 2020 Gifts (for Everyone, at Every Price)From DIY mushroom farms to fashion PPE.
  7. prime day 2020
    This Massage Pillow (Which Unsnarls My Toughest Muscle Knots) Is 20 Percent OffAn exclusive deal for readers of the Strategist.
  8. strategist investigates
    Why Is Every Stylish Woman on Instagram Suddenly Wearing Strawberry Crocs?An unexpected contender for the shoe of the summer.
  9. celebrity shopping
    What Rev Run Can’t Live Without“Every second, I’m listening to Sade.”
  10. trust me i should know
    The First-Aid Basics a ‘Clumsy’ Person Uses for Just About AnythingThe essential bandages, tape, cream, and more that one accident-prone person always keeps close by for when she can’t immediately see a doctor.
  11. recommended by experts
    The Best School-From-Home Clothes, According to Stylish StudentsOne cannot live in pajamas alone.
  12. recommended by experts
    16 Things That Will Relieve Your Stress Right Now, According to ExpertsFrom acupressure rings to fluffy bathrobes.
  13. celebrity shopping
    What TikTok Star Loren Gray Can’t Live Without“I’ve had them for two years — they’re covered in stains, the inside is orange from spray tans, and I still wear them every day.”
  14. this thing’s incredible
    I’m Prepared to Wear These Leggings 7 Days a Week (Don’t Worry, I Own 8)I’ve sworn by them since 2008.
  15. celebrity shopping
    What Singer Grace VanderWaal Can’t Live Without“Cheap, slip-on, closed-toe slippers are the best. You’re a psychopath if you wear open-toe slippers.”
  16. ask a cool person
    25 Cool Teens on Their Favorite JeansFrom stretchy skinnies to ’90s carpenters.
  17. strategist investigates
    Why Are All the Cool Teens Wearing This Niagara Falls Sweatshirt?An investigation into Gen Z’s obsession with an oversize sweatshirt from an outdoorsy tourist destination.
  18. painless shopping
    20 Cheap (But Expensive-Looking) Teen Bedroom Decorations You Can Buy on AmazonFrom pig diffusers to fairy lights.