Catherine Coreno

  1. Retro Party Beside the RiverYuli Hsu & Keith Fisher The Beaver Del Hotel & Campground, East Branch, N.Y. September 20, 2008
  2. Looks for LessKnockoff venues? Not really. But close.
  3. T.I.’s 25th HourRapper T.I. reports to a Georgia prison on May 26 to serve a yearlong sentence for a felony weapons charge.
  4. Not All Musicians Are Created EqualFête’s Josh Brooks lays down the rules for booking a band or D.J.
  5. They Rock All Night LongBands and D.J.’s who get the crowd on its feet.
  6. Streetside Celebration DowntownThe day after the 2003 blackout, Michelle and Loren ran into each other at the intersection of Eastern Parkway and Plaza Street East. The two ha […]
  7. Dinner Party on a FarmSondra and Greg didn’t want a conventional wedding. “We wanted everything about it to speak to our beliefs,” she says.
  8. Dance Party in ItalyJohn and Nilda spent their first date in Sydney, discussed marriage for the first time while in Belize, and became engaged in Paris.
  9. Cocktail Soirée in the ParkErin had given Holly’s birthday present considerable deliberation: “The people at the jewelry store thought I was crazy because I went back five […]
  10. Weekend Bash in the CountryOn the day of his wedding, beneath his bespoke tuxedo, Jamie was covered in cuts and scrapes. This surprised no one, not even his bride.
  11. Surprise Multi-Venue SoiréeIn New York City, it is a considerable feat to book your first-choice venue on your first-choice date, and Anita and Mile pulled it off—times three.
  12. Groovy Dinner Party in ChelseaThey got a dog together. That’s how Trent and Jeremy went from being a four-day-a-week couple to a seven-day-a-week couple, and not too long aft […]
  13. Big Jazzy Bash in TribecaDanielle Dorsainvil & James Jean Saint Emeric’s Church and Tribeca Rooftop September 9, 2007
  14. Wintry Fête UptownArden and Walter were set up. Her first impression was, “That guy is what all the fuss is about? Plus, I’m not going out with a guy named Walter.”
  15. Lakeside Shindig in the MountainsJust weeks after their first date, “Rob said to me, ‘Look, we can either go to City Hall and do this now, or at least get matching tattoos.’ And […]
  16. Over-the-Top Beachfront BenderAs a former set decorator for Sex and the City, Ondine knew that when it came time to design her wedding reception, she would do it herself.
  17. Vintage Reception on the East RiverJulie Taras & Benjamin Wallach The Tobacco Warehouse in Empire-Fulton Ferry State Park, Dumbo, Brooklyn October 7, 2007
  18. Second-Hand StrollersYou can save more than 50 percent by buying a stroller used. Three local stores specialize in the consignment of children’s merchandise: Jane’s […]
  19. Tannenbaum BummerWhy are trees so expensive this year?
  20. D.B. Cooper: A TimelineFebruary 21, 1931 In what historians consider the first skyjacking, Peruvian rebels demand the pilot of a Ford tri-motor craft fly over Lima […]
  21. How to Have a Green Wedding1. Choose an eco-friendly venue. 632 on Hudson, in Greenwich Village, is a popular spot for green-themed weddings because the building runs on s […]