Chantel Tattoli

  1. this thing’s incredible
    These French Rain Boots Are Cheaper (and Better-Looking) Than My Hunter WelliesI have trotted all over rainy Paris, in the muddy countryside, and along Norman seashores in mine.
  2. compulsive shopping
    My Aesthetically Pleasing Cleaning Tools Do As Good a Job As the Plastic Stuff“They work hard, look pretty, and are a pleasure to handle.”
  3. now that i know better
    How I’d Redo My Baby Registry: More French Diapering Lotion, Less Wipes“All my friends with babies back home have experienced bum rash; so far, we haven’t.”
  4. this thing’s incredible
    I Buy This Drugstore Dog Shampoo in Bulk (and I Don’t Even Have a Dog)This pet formula works wonders on human hair, too.
  5. this thing’s incredible
    I Swear by This Nasal Emollient (and So Do NASA Astronauts)It’s all-natural and time-tested.
  6. strategist investigates
    I Can’t Stop Putting Googly Eyes on Stuff (and I’m Not Alone)“It’s about to get real anthropomorphized in here.”
  7. this thing’s incredible
    This Star Projector Is the Only Way I Can Get My Daughter to Nap These DaysIt’s as soothing as staring at the night sky.
  8. compulsive shopping
    I Can’t Stop Buying Dowdy NightgownsA reasonable reaction to the sexy-slip trend.