Chantel Tattoli

  1. this thing's incredible
    I Buy This Drugstore Dog Shampoo in Bulk (and I Don’t Even Have a Dog)This pet formula works wonders on human hair, too.
  2. this thing's incredible
    I Swear by This Nasal Emollient (and So Do NASA Astronauts)It’s all-natural and time-tested.
  3. strategist investigates
    I Can’t Stop Putting Googly Eyes on Stuff (and I’m Not Alone)“It’s about to get real anthropomorphized in here.”
  4. this thing's incredible
    This Star Projector Is the Only Way I Can Get My Daughter to Nap These DaysIt’s as soothing as staring at the night sky.
  5. compulsive shopping
    I Can’t Stop Buying Dowdy NightgownsA reasonable reaction to the sexy-slip trend.