Choire Sicha

Choire Sicha is an editor at New York. Previously he ran the “Styles” desk of the New York Times and co-founded The Awl.

  1. making it
    How a Former Model Began Baking the Suburbs’ Most Mysterious SourdoughChase Fox Harnett started making bread Upstate after leaving the fashion industry. Now, he’s attempting to scale up his business, the Hudson Oven.
  2. the international cinema
    First Came ‘Plane.’ Then Came ‘Ship.’ We’re Ready for ‘Dirigible.’‘Plane’ is the best action movie of the year. Our children need it to be a franchise.
  3. what a mess
    The Last Traces of Elizabeth WurtzelEverything the author owned was sold off unexpectedly at bargain-basement prices.
  4. too online
    Queen Elizabeth’s Death Was an Incredible Day on the InternetThe queen is dead.
  5. what is elon musk?
    An Elon Musk Photo BookLet’s stare at Elon Musk.
  6. meow
    We Ate at the Fancy Feast Restaurant for HumansYes, the fancy cat was there.
  7. rich people
    Simply Stop Watering Your LawnThey’re gonna run out of water. And the Southampton Fire Department is nervous.
  8. getting around
    What If We Stole the West Side Highway for Bikes?Closing down a car lane, adding a bike lane.
  9. the return to the office
    No One Wants to Work for New York City AnymoreBlame the office, among other things.
  10. protests
    Storming the HamptonsA weekend of protests, featuring private planes and bewildered J.Crew customers.
  11. court appearances
    Ghislaine Maxwell Gets 20 YearsSurvivors of her and Jeffrey Epstein’s sex-trafficking ring spoke at the sentencing.
  12. the internet
    The Mainstream Media Lost the Depp-Heard TrialAnd the lifestyle influencers turned court correspondents won.
  13. histories
    Quartz Tried Everything in 10 YearsThe media company that tried literally everything.
  14. the internet
    The Best Moments in Twitter HistoryWhat makes Twitter great? Chaos, madness, hilarity.
  15. shopping
    I Bought 6 Things at Martha Stewart’s Tag SaleBut I could have stolen any number of them.
  16. media
    Journalism’s Twitter Problem Is the JournalistsDean Baquet wants the New York Times staff to basically log off.
  17. return to office
    The Junior Bankers Are RevoltingThe battle against the return to office has begun (online).
  18. the second time as comedy?
    A Big Boat Is Stuck AgainThat highly flammable couch you ordered is safe — this time.
  19. in the comments
    How to Get Famous With Kanye West’s InstagramIt’s one way to go.
  20. how they did it
    What Does a Celebrity Social-Media Manager Actually Do?How to get ahead in showbiz without doing showbiz.
  21. dining out
    Planet Hollywood Invades Midtown for the Third TimeThis time, featuring Guy Fieri (and a ghost kitchen).
  22. crime
    There Goes the Last Chance to Learn Jeffrey Epstein’s SecretsThe settlement ending Virginia Giuffre’s lawsuit against Prince Andrew means we’ll likely never learn more about the dead predator’s connections.
  23. politics
    Is Peter Thiel Trying to Buy a Fight With China?The tech billionaire turned GOP megadonor is betting big on candidates who happen to be China hawks.
  24. meme explainer
    ‘That’s Not My Name’: TikTok’s Celebrity Meme, ExplainedCelebrities are racking up views mining their character histories.
  25. the money game
    What Happened to America’s Quarters?You’ve got ’em all.
  26. ghislaine maxwell trial
    Ghislaine Maxwell Juror Triggers Mistrial PanicWe can’t possibly do this over again.
  27. court appearances
    It Doesn’t Matter Why Ghislaine Maxwell Did ItHer trial ended without narrative closure, but some semblance of justice was done.
  28. court appearances
    Ghislaine Maxwell Will Spend Her 60th Birthday in JailHer fate is still up in the air, and jurors have gone home for a long weekend.
  29. court appearances
    The Ghislaine Maxwell Trial Is Already Almost OverAnd we’re no closer to unraveling Jeffrey Epstein’s secrets.
  30. amusing people
    New York Is the Natural Habitat of the Gay SophisticateThe king, if you will, of them all is the gay best friend played by Rupert Everett in My Best Friend’s Wedding.
  31. just asking questions
    Drawing Ghislaine MaxwellTalking to courtroom sketch artist Jane Rosenberg about her 40-year-plus career and what it’s like when a defendant illustrates you.
  32. court appearances
    What We Learned From the First Ghislaine Maxwell Accuser to Testify“Jane” said she was instructed by Maxwell on how to give Jeffrey Epstein a massage.
  33. court appearances
    The Ghislaine Maxwell Trial, ExplainedThe close Jeffrey Epstein associate faces sex-trafficking and conspiracy charges. Who is she?
  34. court appearances
    The Ghislaine Maxwell Trial BeginsOn day one, the defense previewed its strategy of undermining the women who accused her of facilitating abuse.
  35. wirecutter
    Here’s the Best Strike for Most PeopleThe Wirecutter stops typing.
  36. return to office
    Your Boss Misses YouLet’s all office together.
  37. our mayor
    This Andrew Yang Administration Is Really Coming TogetherWait, who won?
  38. announcements
    Sign Up for Court AppearancesA new newsletter covering the trial of Ghislaine Maxwell, by New York’s Choire Sicha.
  39. coronavirus
    Have COVID? Don’t Blame Anyone.Every disease has its associations. COVID, it looks like, is associated with incaution. But should it be?
  40. higher education
    The Second-Largest Strike in the U.S. Is Happening in New York CityThere’s a picket line at Columbia.
  41. our mayor
    Zero Bond Is Eric Adams’s Headquarters NowLiterally anything could happen under this nightlife mayor.
  42. getting around
    How to Ride BusGreg Kelly shows us it’s not that easy!
  43. architecture
    Yes, Build the Windowless, Bathroomless Dorm in My BackyardSure, let the dilettante billionaire have a crack at it.
  44. facebook
    Zuckerberg Pivots to Creators and Renames Facebook MetaWere your predictions correct?
  45. the future
    Lessons in Tending Your MetaverseWhat Facebook could learn from Reddit.
  46. facebook
    The Next Facebook Will Be an Endless Prison for Humanity. I Can’t Wait.Building the future one headset and wallet at a time.
  47. education
    Amherst College Cancels Legacy AdmissionsSorry, dads.
  48. fashion
    Kanye West’s Hoodie Is Making People HappyKanye made something and people aren’t mad.
  49. drama
    Trying to Untangle the Princeton Architecture Department DramaPaging Sandra Oh.
  50. vaccine resistant
    Marchers Attack Coronavirus Testing Station in Union SquareThe anti-vaccine-mandate protest went from the Department of Education to the Australian Consulate.
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