Choire Sicha

  1. facebook
    The Next Facebook Will Be an Endless Prison for Humanity. I Can’t Wait.Building the future one headset and wallet at a time.
  2. education
    Amherst College Cancels Legacy AdmissionsSorry, dads.
  3. fashion
    Kanye West’s Hoodie Is Making People HappyKanye made something and people aren’t mad.
  4. drama
    Trying to Untangle the Princeton Architecture Department DramaPaging Sandra Oh.
  5. vaccine resistant
    Marchers Attack Coronavirus Testing Station in Union SquareThe anti-vaccine-mandate protest went from the Department of Education to the Australian Consulate.
  6. streeteries
    Garbage Truck Drags Dining Shed Down Sixth Avenue With Diner InsideOh, no, nothing scary about that.
  7. election 2021
    The Preelection Honeymoon of Eric AdamsFrom Met Gala after-parties to Monaco.
  8. obits
    Richard Buckley, Fashion Journalist, Has DiedThree things to know about Buckley, fashion journalist and Tom Ford’s husband.
  9. media
    Talking to New Yorker Archivist Erin Overbey About Her Byline-Diversity Project“I started in 2019 looking at our tables of contents. It really was a lengthy project. Once you get going, it’s kind of hard to stop.”
  10. style
    Local Mayor Attends Local BenefitBill de Blasio took to the streets of Manhattan to enter the Met Gala.
  11. the naming of things
    What Is Up With the Brand Name for Pfizer’s COVID Vaccine?The shot has a new name, Comirnaty, now that it’s FDA approved. But brand-naming experts aren’t sure people will use the name or remember it.
  12. conspiracy theories
    Sharks Are Back. Suspicious!It must be nearly 9/11 o’clock, because sharks are back in the news.
  13. the group portrait
    Gawker Returns for Unknown Length of TimeIt begins again: the messy bargain between Gawker owner and Gawker writer.
  14. this endless pandemic
    How Mean Should We Be to Each Other?A torrent of anti-vaccine folks are dying from lack of vaccine.
  15. politics
    How Is the Andrew Cuomo Mess Like Lord of the Rings?Christine Quinn said this! Let’s unpack!
  16. megachurches
    What’s Going On at Hillsong? Nothing Good.Between coronavirus outbreaks, family scandal, and the departure of Justin Bieber, Hillsong Church looks weak.
  17. politics
    Andrew Cuomo’s Big Gross Book of TouchesIf you thought the governor’s COVID memoir was bad, just take a look at this.
  18. ‘Dave & Steve’s Video Game Explosion’Burly TV created programs to be aired on college TV networks around America (an audience that no doubt included a large contingent of […]
  19. ‘I’m Special’: Jim Parsons Adapting ‘Thought Catalog’ Writer’s Book as a […]Jim Parsons, of Big Bang Theory fame, and his gay lover, Todd Spiewak, have optioned a book to make a half-hour comedy series, according to […]
  20. Let Me Tell You About the Most Heartfelt $200 I Ever MadeIf New York is better than ever—and it is! It is!—why does it kind of suck?
  21. Uptown Gallery Turned S&M DungeonGays: This is the man you were warned about!