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  1. chef shuffles
    Ignacio Mattos Is Leaving Corner Bar and Swan RoomThe downtown chef is checking out of Nine Orchard.
  2. lawsuits
    Did Wegmans Rip Off a Japanese Chef’s Idea?After partnership discussions broke down, Yuji Haraguchi claims the grocery chain opened a copycat business anyway.
  3. eating new york
    Where to Find Real Carnitas in New YorkCrunchy, crispy, tender, long-simmered carnitas are to the Chipotle stuff as wood-fired Neapolitan pizzas are to Domino’s.
  4. openings
    Horses Chef Liz Johnson’s New York Return Is HereThe Frog Club has moved into the old Chumley’s space.
  5. coming soon
    Apollo Bagels Will Open in the East Village This MonthThe pop-up known for its crispy, fluffy bagels is going brick-and-mortar.
  6. outdoor dining
    City Finally Unveils Official Plans for Permanent Outdoor DiningThe rules will go into effect March 3.
  7. what to eat
    Brooklyn’s Best Italian Sub Is Both Lunch and a Tribute“I want Kevin’s legacy to live on, even though he’s not here.”
  8. awards
    Here Are the Semifinalists for the 2024 James Beard Foundation AwardsNew York is represented by restaurants including Superiority Burger, Zaab Zaab, and Foxface.
  9. closings
    No More Pork StoresWhen Ridgewood loses Morscher’s next month, yet another neighborhood staple will be gone for good.
  10. interviews
    Who Is Helping to Feed the City’s Migrants?With tens of thousands of people in need, restaurant owners like Beatrice Ajaero are stepping up.
  11. what to eat
    A Hot, Brothy Noodle Soup Is Hiding in QueensIt’s beefy, hearty, and humming with the spice of star anise.
  12. plants
    The Company That Veganizes Bodega Favorites, at Your Favorite BodegaOne BEC, hold the bacon, the egg, and the cheese.
  13. the grub street diet
    Author Natasha Stagg Enjoys a Well-Written Menu“Tagliolini Tartufo Bianco finallyyyyyyy.”
  14. holiday spirit
    The City’s Most Festive Christmas Display? Rolf’s Has Some Competition.The Dead Rabbit has been Jingle Jangled.
  15. scenes
    Le French Diner Is Every Chef’s Favorite Restaurant“Everyone who gets a seat feels special.”
  16. closings
    Why Fort Defiance Is Closing ForeverThe Red Hook institution’s last day is December 3.
  17. report
    What Happens to Queens Night Market Now?A famously inclusive food fair ended in divide. How will it fare next season?
  18. what to eat
    A Bangladeshi Snack Shop That’s Worth the Trip to KensingtonFuchka, haleem, samosas and more at Shingara, where almost everything is less than $10.
  19. openings
    A Hot-Dog Competitor Moves In Next to Crif DogsGlizzy’s has opened on St. Marks Place.
  20. the grub street diet
    Mark Kurlansky Does, in Fact, Cook a Lot of Cod“No fat, pure protein from the hardscrabble North Atlantic.”
  21. war at home
    Feeling Exposed in Little YemenMembers of a Bronx mosque met with the NYPD to talk about protecting their community. And why police seem to ignore their calls.
  22. news
    Did a Union Really Form at Lodi? It’s Not So Simple.A labor group’s message claimed victory, but it’s a bit premature.
  23. closings
    Momofuku Ko Is ClosingThe last day for David Chang’s acclaimed tasting counter is November 4.
  24. openings
    Ye Olde New York Gets a Modern Makeover at ClaraLobster Newburg and Waldorf salad inside the New York Historical Society.
  25. the grub street diet
    Yewande Komolafe Obsesses Over Perfect Bites“The attitude is, all of these strong flavors can play so well together and let’s do it.”
  26. delivery
    The Subs That Arrive on a MopedSalvo’s is as Italian as lunch gets.
  27. openings
    A Noma Co-founder Opens Ilis in GreenpointVenison tartare, eel mousse, clam flasks, and more.
  28. the grub street diet
    Blonde Redhead’s Kazu Makino Seeks Out the Quality Fruit“This grapefruit looked like a grandma, so wrinkly, and it tasted like gold.”
  29. openings
    Destination Shawarma on St. Marks, FinallySpice Brothers and “the art of building the perfect spit.”
  30. gallery
    The Off-Kilter Beauty of NYC’s Shabby, Singular StorefrontsAnd the photographers who have made a life’s work of documenting them.
  31. q&a
    Super Taste Was Set to Close, Until the Owner’s Son Took OverNow, the Chinatown noodle staple has expanded uptown.
  32. headaches
    The Day Square Went DownRestaurants and customers were forced to scramble when credit cards no longer worked.
  33. fall preview 2023
    The Dhamaka Team Will Go Filipino at NaksThe group behind the city’s most exciting Indian restaurants is expanding beyond the subcontinent.
  34. streeteries
    Outdoor Dining Is Officially Here to StayNew York City lawmakers voted to approve a bill that makes sidewalk (and street) eating permanent.
  35. delivery
    Delivery Orders Won’t Come With Forks AnymoreOr spoons, or ketchup, or those little packets of duck sauce.
  36. profile
    Two Software Engineers Open NYC’s Most Daring New Restaurant“People keep asking what type of cuisine this is.”
  37. closings
    Sushi Ginza Onodera, the High-end Omakase Temple, Is ClosingThe restaurant’s last day in business is August 19.
  38. pop-ups
    This Paella Is a PartyArroces is summer street food you need.
  39. streeteries
    Dining Sheds Still Aren’t Permanent. But They Aren’t Illegal Either.An emergency order set to expire today is getting renewed while the push to make streeteries permanent inches forward.
  40. tapped out
    Say Good-bye to Anchor Steam BeerThe historic San Francisco brewery has closed after 127 years.
  41. scene reports
    The Pleasure, and the Peril, of a Hot Ones Party at Home“The depths of the pain are totally extreme.”
  42. openings
    You Will Finally Be Able to Try New York’s Most Impossible-to-Order PizzaChrissy’s is headed to the East Village.
  43. closings
    The Restaurant Was Poised to Break Big. Why Did It Close After Just Five Months?Etrusca was one of this year’s big surprises, but it wasn’t given enough time.
  44. smokepocalypse
    New York Restaurants Are Shutting Down Until the Smoke ClearsSome owners are opting to temporarily close, citing the safety of their staff as the main concern.
  45. rip
    Local Pizza Legend Andrew Bellucci Has DiedThe chef collapsed in his restaurant last night.
  46. closings
    Rick Bishop, a Greenmarket Fixture for Decades, Has RetiredHis name is synonymous with wild ramps and the city’s most prized strawberries.
  47. the grub street diet
    Chef Rick Easton Is Chasing After His Dream Sausage“A little bit more bite to it, and a little bit more chew.”
  48. controversy
    Another Voting Controversy Has Hit the James Beard FoundationAfter an Alabama chef was disqualified from the awards, drama ensued.
  49. report
    The Blood Feud Brewing Inside Nom Wah Tea ParlorA family fight threatens the iconic Doyers Street restaurant.
  50. food media
    Bon Appétit’s Editor-in-Chief Is LeavingAnother leadership shuffle hits Condé’s food title.
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