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  1. bill de blasio’s new york
    Cuomo and De Blasio’s Political Chess Match Has BegunWith rumors about Cuomo funding pre-K statewide.
  2. bill de blasio’s new york
    The New First Couple: Chirlane McCray’s Influence on Bill de BlasioPsycho-political dynamics at yesterday’s inaugural.
  3. bill de blasio’s new york
    Bill de Blasio Is Already All In on His Campaign PromisesUnlike most victorious politicians, he hasn’t tacked to the middle yet.
  4. de mayor
    Tests Start Soon for De Blasio’s Schools ChancellorChris Smith on the introduction of Carmen Fariña.
  5. family values
    The Politics of Chiara de Blasio’s RevelationsThe new First Family’s style is at once open-hearted and highly calculated.
  6. 31. Because Patti Harris Secretly Ran New YorkIt was a bitterly cold and achingly beautiful November morning on Governors Island. The occasion was the ceremonial planting of the 800,000th tr […]
  7. How Mayor Bloomberg Gave Us Mayor De BlasioNew York City is a much better place today, which helps explain why we want a different leadership style.
  8. Melissa Mark-Viverito’s Long-Shot Bet on Bill de Blasio Pays OffHow she became the new City Council speaker. 
  9. 19. Because Our Air Is the Cleanest It’s Been in 50 YearsSix years ago, Andy Darrell and Isabelle Silverman were glancing aimlessly out the window of their office near Gramercy Park and noticed a black […]
  10. De Blasio’s Class HouseFixing the schools while bringing New York’s two cities together is the new mayor’s most difficult challenge.
  11. nypd blues
    With Bratton Pick for Top Cop, De Blasio Gets ConservativeIt’s a choice meant to reassure the city’s nervous elites.
  12. nypd blues
    De Blasio Fills Three Top Posts — But Not Top CopBill Bratton will just have to wait.
  13. Is Bloomberg’s Balanced Budget a Gift or a Curse for De Blasio?It might force Mayor Bill to play the bad guy.
  14. talking transition
    Q&A: The Man Behind the Talking Transition ‘Think Tent’ Spills His SecretsThe budget? “In the single-digit millions.” And, no, Soros hasn’t been there.
  15. talking transition
    Bill de Blasio Announces Transition Team, Starring Cynthia Nixon [Updated]Plus 59 other very qualified people.
  16. new eras
    Can De Blasio Keep Up Bloomberg’s Governors Island Legacy?The space, transformed under Bloomberg, represents the best parts of the modern city.
  17. The New Mayor’s FrenemiesThe politics of Bill de Blasio’s signature issues are about to get personal.
  18. New York Is a One-Party Town AgainDemocrats’ crushing win last night ends the aberrant Giuliani-Bloomberg era.
  19. bill de blasio
    De Blasio Needs Some ‘Liberal Rich Guys’The billionaire mayor could fund his own hype.
  20. nypd blues
    Ray Kelly’s Complicated LegacyLet’s revisit this matter in 2025.
  21. The 99% MayorBill de Blasio’s promise may also be his problem.
  22. the racie for gracie
    De Blasio Enters the Big Money Phase of His CampaignBreakfasting with hedge-fund managers.
  23. Tale of One or Two CitiesWho, between Joe Lhota and Bill de Blasio, is the uniter, and who’s the divider? Depends on whom you ask.
  24. the racie for gracie
    Bill de Blasio’s Full-Spectrum VictoryHe has redefined what it means to assemble a diverse coalition. 
  25. the racie for gracie
    Keep an Eye on Anthony Weiner’s Share of the Vote Tomorrow — No, ReallyIt could be one of the best indicators of whether there will be a runoff.
  26. Autocrat for the PeopleWhen the richest man in the city is also the one who runs it. An assessment of an extraordinary era.
  27. In Conversation: Michael BloombergThe mayor has harsh words for Bill de Blasio, rebuts the charge that he’s in the tank for the wealthy, questions just how poor the poor really a […]
  28. the racie for gracie
    Bill de Blasio Has Crossed the Magic 40 Percent Threshold in a New PollThompson and Quinn might want to bring out the big guns at tonight’s debate.
  29. De Blasio Jumps to Huge Lead in New Poll — But Don’t Make Too Much of ItThere are at least six good reasons to question the size of that lead.
  30. Gracie MadnessWhy is it hard for so many New Yorkers to make up their minds about the next mayor?
  31. the racie for gracie
    Christine Quinn Fires Back at Bill de Blasio’s Wife Over ‘Children’ RemarkThings are getting personal. 
  32. Bill de Blasio Stands Tall in New PollMaybe he’s the perfect height to be mayor.
  33. Stop-and-Frisk: Mayoral Race Just Got SeriousThe race just got real.
  34. Post–Carlos DangerWith Anthony Weiner reeling, Christine Quinn is the front-runner again. But a vulnerable one.
  35. New Poll Turns the Mayoral Race Upside Down“Mayor De Blasio” still sounds weird.
  36. anthony weiner
    Anthony Weiner: The Beat Goes OnThere are probably two things that could get him out of the race.
  37. Obama Needs to Decide If He’s Ready to Endorse Stop-and-Frisk Ray Kelly has a great record of protecting New York. He also has lots of baggage.
  38. The Steamroller ReturnsAnd many—Wall Street, unions, the Establishment—are afraid he hasn’t changed a bit.
  39. Yankees Take Pitches From CharitiesWill it be cancer victims, kids with incurable conditions, or homeless families?
  40. Spitzer’s Fascinating Political ExperimentSome insiders think he’s a lock to win. Others give him no chance.
  41. Bill de Blasio’s Towering ProblemHe’s the highest-minded liberal in the race—but are his concerns too rarefied for most New Yorkers?
  42. the racie to gracie
    Anthony Weiner’s Rise Proves the Value of Free MediaHe couldn’t have reached first place in the polls without saturation press coverage. 
  43. Candidate WhoBill Thompson has a natural base and surprising allies beyond it. Now he has to make peace with the sound bite.
  44. Hot Dog DaysWith Weiner in, Quinn drifting, Liu seething, and Thompson and De Blasio dueling, the campaign is about to get warm.
  45. politics
    Can Christine Quinn Overshare Her Way to Mayor?In a race this tight, personal battles become a campaign weapon.
  46. Winning With WeinerDon’t laugh—it’s not impossible.
  47. Is Quinn’s Flip Showing?Christine Quinn’s shifting term-limits position may cost her—but not in the way everyone thinks.
  48. the racie for gracie
    What the Anthony Weiner Poll Means for the Mayoral RaceHe’s in second place, but is he really?
  49. The Albany MachiavelliWith unmatched political virtuosity, Andrew Cuomo has so far bent the state capital to his will. But things are about to get a lot tougher.
  50. Is Anthony Weiner Running for Mayor, or Himself?The probable candidate’s new interview is long on self-analysis and short on why people should vote for him.
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