Christianna Ablahad

  1. the most important people in the world
    Celebrities Love Halloween Just As Much As Children, Gay DudesWe asked every celebrity we’ve run into over the past few weeks what they’ll be wearing tomorrow night.
  2. party lines
    Marc Jacobs Won’t Completely Rule Out Doing a Reality ShowIf he does do one, he just wants it to be “really different” than all the others.
  3. party lines
    Robert Verdi: ‘I Think Food Is for Fat People and Poor People’“Rich people don’t eat. They get dressed up and go shopping.”
  4. chat room
    John Mayer Threatens to Sodomize Us“I’m going to forcefully sodomize your editor.”
  5. party lines
    PC and Jessie Barred From Vodka Party for Being UnderageEven Ally Zarin couldn’t get them in!
  6. party lines
    Dratch and Kind at 24 Hour Musicals“When they’re not Johnny Depp, they’re terrifying.”