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  1. hairy situations
    How to Trim Bangs at Home Without Screwing UpA step-by-step guide with pictures.
  2. bangin’ day
    How to Trim Bangs at Home Without Screwing UpA step-by-step guide with pictures.
  3. Crowning GloryDramatic headbands, combs, and more. Plus, the best hairstyles to wear with each.
  4. Grand GesturesLocal nail artisans put the drama on your fingertips.
  5. farewell to the cut
    This Beauty Editor’s Must-Have ProductsA rare list of my all-time-favorite beauty staples.
  6. gif tutorial
    GIF Tutorial: How to Fake Cara Delevingne BrowsHere’s how to fill them in beautifully, in four simple steps.
  7. under the radar
    A Makeup Line for Women That Helps WomenVanity that isn’t all bad — a socially responsible cosmetics line.
  8. lab rat
    Try This Modern Lipstick With a Vintage Look It leaves lips with a hydrated, matte finish.
  9. fragrant friday
    A New Way to Smell All Grown-upDifferent noses will pick up on one of two accords inside.
  10. best bets
    Best Bet: CND Vinylux Polish It’ll actually last a full seven days without chipping.
  11. selfish moments
    Treat Yo’ Face This Fall With This FoundationIt’ll protect and smooth out your complexion.
  12. gif tutorial
    GIF Lesson: A Smoky Eye That Isn’t a Black Eye The trick is blending browns and silvers.
  13. smell ya later
    Katy Perry As Rebel Queen in Her New Perfume AdRoar.
  14. boys boys boys
    Stop Everything and Look at ‘Hot Guys Laughing’Chicken soup for even the darkest of souls.
  15. sexy times
    So, Is This Facial Moisturizer or Lube?Introducing a line of non-sexy-looking sexy products.
  16. tastemakers
    Jennifer Aniston’s Stylist on Her Hair Ups and DownsFrom “the Rachel” to the time she wore a braid to the Oscars.
  17. selfish moments
    The Fanciest Two-in-One Eye-and-Lip-Balm CompactIngenious.
  18. lab rat
    A Gel Root Lifter That Keeps Hair Super SoftYou can run your fingers through it.
  19. stay cool
    Mary-Kate Olsen’s Perfect Slicked-Back HairIt’s one way to deal with bed head.
  20. fragrant friday
    Drench Yourself in the ‘Water of Life’Not to be confused with the fountain of youth.
  21. obsessive tester
    Which Cleansing Balm Makes Your Face Radiant?Great moisturizing alternatives to soap.
  22. wig-outs
    Meet the Hairstylist With a Passion for WigsBut he’s not just a wigmaker.
  23. hairy situations
    The Details Behind Oprah’s Giant Afro Wig It took seven bags of hair.
  24. lab rat
    A Refillable Creamy Foundation for Dry SkinIt leaves behind a lightweight, luminous finish.
  25. fragrant friday
    A Sweet Scent Made for an Indian PrincessA maharaja made it in honor of the birth of his granddaughter.
  26. best bets
    Best Bet: Inglot Lip Gloss Freedom System Completely customizable.
  27. gif tutorial
    How to Apply Purple Eye Shadow to Asian EyesThe technique can work for any shadow pairing.
  28. hairy situations
    Beyoncé Unveils a Surprising New Pixie Cut Has it been hidden under her wig this whole time?
  29. science
    A Laser Helmet for Hair Restoration at Home Putting science to good use.
  30. pretty young things
    A Strong Case for Bubblegum-Pink LipstickBrought to you by actress Sophie Lowe.
  31. lab rat
    This New Wrinkle Filler Is Like ‘Spackle for Your Face’Particularly useful for the under-eye region.
  32. fragrant friday
    A New Marc Jacobs Perfume Bottles Up the Best of Summer Say hello to Honey.
  33. cuteness
    Meet the Adorable Dogs of Famous Fashion PeopleCute overload.
  34. faces of things
    Diane Kruger Speaking French: Most Calming Thing Ever?Thanks, Chanel.
  35. best bets
    Best Bet: Butter London Wink Eye PencilsThe nail-polish company debuts its color cosmetics line.
  36. selfish moments
    Eight New Makeup Brushes to Make Mornings EasierAn edited list chosen by the makeup artists who use them most.
  37. selfish moments
    A New Conditioner to Make Eyelashes Look PrettierBy the makers of RevitaLash.
  38. lab rat
    A Cleansing Oil That Could Be a Great PerfumeYou won’t even need makeup remover to wash your face.
  39. exclusive
    First Look: MAC’s New Fall Makeup Collection It’s an homage to a legendary fashion illustrator named Antonio Lopez.
  40. fragrant friday
    The Rosy Roller-Ball Perfume Oil to Keep in Your PurseIt’s 100 percent alcohol-free.
  41. hairy situations
    A Wavy Bob Is One Way to Fend Off Frizzy Hair Just ask Amy Poehler, Christina Hendricks, and Karen Elson.
  42. best bets
    Best Bet: Deborah Lippmann Punk Rock Collection Straight from the fall runways and onto your fingertips.
  43. beauty booster
    The Perfect Makeup Stick for SummerIts unique gel formula keeps shine at bay.
  44. gif tutorial
    GIF Tutorial: How to Create a Woven ChignonIt’s all in the twist of the wrists.
  45. hairy situations
    Beyoncé’s Weave Got Caught in a Fan During ‘Halo’She handled it like a champ.
  46. Beauty at Comic-Con: Ladies of The Hunger GamesPedicure art, halfsie eyeliner, and one well-accessorized ponytail.
  47. lab rat
    Use a Foundation Brush to Apply Moisturizer It’s one way to keep your hands grease-free.
  48. makeup preview
    You Can Now See Every Piece From Marc Jacobs’s Makeup LineThere are 124 items to gaze upon.
  49. fragrant friday
    A Gardenia Perfume That Doesn’t Smell Granny-ishIt’s unisex.
  50. best of
    Sixteen Excellent ‘Undercut’ HairstylesKeeping heads cool in more ways than one.
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