Christine Friar

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    These Are Your 3 New Pokémon Starters, Reviewed by Two ExpertsIt’s not just lit — it’s Litten.
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    This Live Eagle Cam Has Really Been Doing It for Me This WeekIt’s riveting for two big reasons: There are eggs that can hatch at any moment, and Mr. President is an unabashed shithead.
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    How Many Girls Are in This Photo?A photo that measures how perceptive you are, and also if you understand how mirrors work.
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    What the Pope Can Learn From Oprah on InstagramTips and tricks for Francis from other celebrity Instagram masters.
  5. Apple to FBI: Why Don’t You Ask the NSA?Shouldn’t government agencies be able to build this on their own? Because they’re smart? And good at their jobs?
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    Americans Believe Robots Will Take Everyone’s Jobs But Their OwnThe American workforce is a fat sitcom husband cracking open a beer, farting into the couch, and saying, “She’s been with me too long to leave me now!”
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    ‘Chihuahua or Muffin’ Is the SAT for Stoned Animal LoversTwitter genius Karen Zack knows you’re stoned and has just one question: Is this an animal or another thing?  
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    Yes, I Would Play This VR Cat-Petting Simulator If It Actually ExistedWhen will the world let me pet cats from the safety of my Oculus Rift?
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    ‘Hot Convict’ Jeremy Meeks Released Today The felon first went viral in 2014 for managing to be both sexually attractive and guilty of carrying a loaded firearm at the same time.
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    What I’m Hoping to See on Kim Kardashian’s Brand-new SnapchatKanye scuttling out of frame, evidence of Blac Chyna feeling welcome in any of their homes, someone putting food on Kris’s furniture.
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    Behold the Success of My Eyebrow Wonder DrugI am so proud of these little hairs my face has made.
  12. Kyle Mooney and Dave McCary’s New Non-Existent Podcast Is the Best New […]In the downtime between SNL seasons, Kyle Mooney has launched an Instagram account for his brand new podcast with reluctant co-host Dave McCary […]
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    A Handy Guide to Ja’mie King’s Totally Ja’miezing Aussie VocabularyFrom “bogan” to “quiche.”