Collier Meyerson

  1. getting around
    I Was a Teenage Subway TerrorNow I’m the elder on the subway, praying that the band of teens next to me on the platform doesn’t get in the same car.
  2. ingenious design
    I Found an Even Better Butter-Spreading KnifeIt transforms even straight-from-the-fridge butter into delicate curlicues.
  3. rituals
    Where Have All the Flowers Gone?Under social distancing, flowers are one of the few mourning rituals that can still be observed. But the coronavirus has also made them hard to find.
  4. coronavirus
    Doulas Are Going VirtualDoulas are getting creative to help their clients in a time of social distancing.
  5. coronavirus
    For Families Living on the Margins, NYC’s School Closures Are a Crisis“Week three, that’s when things get sketchy.”
  6. protests
    Are We at Peak Boycott?Social media coupled with an increasingly polarized populace has brought us to what feels like an apex. Or is this just the beginning?
  7. politics
    Puerto Rico’s Problems Are Deeper Than One Corrupt GovernorEd Morales talks with Intelligencer about the roots of Puerto Rico’s problems in colonialism and the debt crisis.
  8. doulas
    A Landmark Bill Will Change the Way Doulas Do Business in New YorkA new bill would provide for the government to certify doulas. They aren’t happy about it.
  9. politics
    Tiffany Cabán Wants to Reimagine Criminal Justice in QueensThe candidate for district attorney of Queens is a career public defender with an ambitious criminal-justice-reform agenda. But first, she has to win.
  10. raffi is for the children
    Why the King of Children’s Music Is Taking on TrumpRaffi has opinions on Bernie, Trump, climate change, and immigration, and he isn’t shy about sharing them. Just don’t call him “political.”
  11. health care
    Why Every Black Woman Deserves a DoulaNew York’s plan to make sure every woman has access to a doula, like I did, is a good idea. But will it work?
  12. Am I Finally Done With White Guys?I used to pine after white boys. Then Trump got elected.