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  1. what i can’t live without
    What Cookbook Author Corky Pollan Can’t Live Without“It’s very convenient to fall in love with these pistachios.”
  2. A can opener with style . . .… the CDsorter
  3. Panoramic picture frames . . .… and Peugeot pepper mills
  4. Chelsea’s modernist mecca . . .… a fresh take on the Fair Isle sweater
  5. A store you can call home . . .… pocket-size binoculars
  6. Bracelets with buildings . . .… a rocking horse with style
  7. Patent-leather computer totes . . .… answering machines with IQ
  8. A wool runner that goes the distance . . .… hot glasses for cold soups
  9. The return of the little red trike . . .… patchwork duvets
  10. Parents’ prayers answered . . .… the new shagreen
  11. Fresh takes on camp basics . . .… for tucking into those eagerly awaited care packages
  12. Surfer totes . . . … toys that’ll teach your kid to speak French, and more.
  13. Flip-flops for 4-year olds . . . … choose-your-own-kitchen adventure, and more.
  14. Tiffany glass . . . … tricycle built for three, and more.
  15. Summer FunSurvival essentials for the beach, the road, and the city
  16. Modern-day rucksacks . . . … illuminating reflections on the run; the smartest garlic press
  17. Burberry beach towels . . .… the perfect gift for a bird-watcher, and more.
  18. Sexy slides; Steuben on parade (Click on links to view images)
  19. Brilliant HouseguestsDeck your home for summer – or summerize your deck – with these stylish necessities
  20. Fishing luresEight exceptional essentials for cooking, serving, and eating fish with style
  21. The world’s lightest zoom camera; keeping tabs on your luggage(Click on links to view images)
  22. The lightest tennis racket . . . … Nanette Lepore’s funky fabrics, and more.
  23. Nicole Farhi’s blooming plates . . . … stylish watches, and more.
  24. Easter TreatsA trove of hip, haute, and hoppy Easter treats
  25. Going onesies one better . . . … satisfy your logo cravings, and more.
  26. Adjustable ends tablesPlus, a contact lens case that’s easy on the eyes.
  27. A New Nolita Shop . . .Cheery Euro bathers, and more
  28. Laughing Glasses . . .TSE’s cashmere spinoff, tables that are tops, and more
  29. A house fit for a mousePlus: user-friendly toasters; really cool lamps
  30. Smart dumbbells . . .Louis Vuitton travel guides, and more …
  31. Paintings sold by the square foot . . .a store dedicated to pj’s, and more . . .
  32. A newfangled pogo stick . . .cozy wool slippers, and more …
  33. Valentine’s SpecialFlowers, of course, but in the new millennium, hearts come in any guises: money clips, mouse pads, even Beetles.
  34. Danish dressers; maternal cool, and more . . .Wholly Holey
  35. The perfect baby shower gift . . . … CD cabinet that can hold its own, and more.
  36. A new rotary club . . . … Gems from a generation past, and more.
  37. A salt for all seasonings . . .… a broom that will sweep you off your feet, and more.
  38. Tile style . . .… woven-leather carry-ons; a sweetly silly nursery clock
  39. Incredible Specs, and more . . .The best of all possible things to buy, see, and do in the best of all possible cities.
  40. A Teakettle for Technophiles, and more . . .The best of all possible things to buy, see, and do in the best of all possible cities
  41. Hanukkah TreasuresUnconventional but swank trappings for celebrating the Festival of Lights.
  42. 50 Under $50Not your typical stocking stuffers: A cavalcade of curios to delight everyone from inquisitive child to devout sensualist.
  43. 25 Under $250Practical, stylish ways to go designer think Prada, Calvin, Armani) without going broke.
  44. 10 Under $1,000Ten steps toward a grand shopping strategy.
  45. 5 Under $5,000The only way to fly into the third millennium is first class, n’est-ce pas?
  46. Where To Find ItDipping into her rich treasury of secret sources, Corky Pollan, New York’s master shopper, maps out where the things you want most are hi […]
  47. Secret ServiceIn these out-of-the-way shops where private dealers show you their cherished items by appointment only, shopping takes on a whole new dimension.
  48. Odd Man OutEveryone has them, secret needs that cannot easily be met in everyday stores. Here are some stumpers.
  49. 1 For $100,000Sure, you could bestow a silver Porsche Cabriolet or a 30-foot Monterey 305 cruiser upon a loved one. On the other hand, consider some other $10 […]
  50. Everything you always wanted to know about shopping and weren’t afraid to ask Corky.New York’s master shopper, Corky Pollan, reveals the secrets of the city’s boutiques, stores and galleries.
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