Corrie Pikul

  1. Drip StopThe new arsenal of anti-dampness tools, tested by a rampant perspirer.
  2. The ‘Sex’ Tour GuidesCarrie fan? These girls want to show you around.
  3. Tokyo on the HudsonSpend a vicarious day in Japan, thanks to a local boom in imported goods.
  4. Ancestor-Worship ChicDo cramped New Yorkers want the spirits of their departed forebears as roommates?
  5. Take a Nano-VacationTen great weekends; no La Guardia required.
  6. Beat the HeatTen cool escapes (thermometer-tested).
  7. Last-Minute Planners, Students, Workaholics, and the Jitney-Averse THE AGENDA IF YOU ARE A… Take advantage of subway-accessible motorboat rental at Smitty’s Fishing Station on Jamaica Bay, […]
  8. Clean on the InsideA few days of juice and raw food will scrub your body new.
  9. Window WorkIt’s time to perfect on your squeegee technique.
  10. Closet ConfidentialHow to ditch the unworn, unused, sample-sale misfits once and for all.
  11. Office SpaceHow to go from chaos to orderly, alphabetized serenity.
  12. A Kitchen of DistinctionHow to get the fridge shining, the stove gleaming and the cabinets impeccably crumb-free.
  13. Spring CleaningDe-grime the kitchen yourself? Outsource your shameful clutter to an expert? Either way, it’s time to organize, disinfect, air out, and otherw […]
  14. The Other Fifth AvenueBrooklyn’s main shopping thoroughfare, in Park Slope, is the inverse of Manhattan’s: No national chains or luxury brands, just owner-operated […]
  15. Die, Pigeon, Die!A new how-to book for bringing down those rats in the sky.