Craig Horowitz

  1. Show of ForceThe same cops who say that what happened to Abner Louima was heinous also say that violence is an indispensable part of doing their jobs.
  2. The New Anti-SemitismOn a cool, sunny saturday near the beginning of October, 12-year-old David was in synagogue studying, singing, and hanging out with his friends.
  3. The Trouble With HillaryThe right believes she’s a liberal under her newly centrist skin; the left doesn’t know who she is. And everyone wonders if she can win.
  4. The Perils of JeanineJeanine Pirro knew Hillary Clinton would be a tough opponent. Little did Pirro know her Republican friends would be tougher.
  5. Because We Can Sleep At NightNo. 42 Exactly four years ago this week, Ray Kelly and I sat in his plush Madison Avenue office at Bear Stearns and talked about the future. Th […]
  6. Remain CalmAvian flu, hurricane, chemical spill, terrorist bomb, earthquake: Whatever the next apocalypse is, New York—and New Yorkers—are getting ready fo […]
  7. The Deal He MadeBefore he was pushed out as CEO of Goldman Sachs, Jon Corzine had never lost at anything, and his unassuming mien masks a deep hunger for […]
  8. Tears of a CopFrom an oval-office meeting to the front pages of the tabloids: Bernie Kerik talks about the perfect storm that wrecked his career.
  9. Machers in MeltdownA financial scandal at the World Jewish Congress has exposed deep political schisms and changed the focus from fighting for wo […]
  10. Anatomy Of a Foiled PlotTwo would-be bombers of the Herald Square subway station find that three is a crowd.
  11. IcedThe shooting on a crowded street of a diamond dealer under indictment for money laundering brought unwelcome light into hidden city worlds […]
  12. Jim McGreevey and His Main ManGolan Cipel was only a plaything. It was developer Charles Kushner who speeded his passage through the swamps of New Jersey patronage politics—t […]
  13. Stadium of DreamsDan Doctoroff’s dreams, that is. With evangelical fervor, Bloomberg’s deputy mayor has been selling a plan to remake Manhattan’s West Side with […]
  14. How to Care for An Angry MobRay Kelly and the NYPD have bigger things to worry about than, say, a few hundred thousand protesters.
  15. Underground ManReal-estate tycoon Peter Kalikow is rewriting his legacy by presiding over the biggest expansion of New York’s transit system in 60 years. […]
  16. Good CopPolice Commissioner Ray Kelly could have handled the Stansbury rooftop shooting by the back-the-cops book. Instead, he headed off the city’ […]
  17. Separate PeaceOccupation hasn’t worked, and negotiation hasn’t worked. So, led by the cheerleading of an outspoken academic, a large majority of I […]
  18. The Return of Anti-SemitismIsrael has become the flash point—and the excuse—for a global explosion of an age-old syndrome. Why has hating the Jews become p […]
  19. The Doctor Is OutSome fourteen years after the Libby Zion case changed the way hospitals are run—and medicine is taught—it’s clear that residen […]
  20. Israel’s Christian SoldiersCiting Scripture, Evangelical Christians have taken up the cause of preserving Israel with a passion—no matter how many liberal Jews find […]
  21. An Un-Orthodox DivorceChayie Sieger accused her husband of adultery and battery. Then, after a rabbinical court ruled against her, she accused the rabbis of takin […]
  22. Get Your Motor RunningThe BMW K1200RS isn’t just the summer’s best motorcycle – it’s the best motorcycle I’ve ever thrown a leg over
  23. An Inconvenient WomanFired from her job as a U.S. customs agent, Diane Kleiman has filed a lawsuit against her former employer with explosive allegations of anti-s […]
  24. Brooklyn BurningThe Riot in Crown Heights set the stage for Giuliani’s election—and taught the current NYPD commissioner how not to handle […]
  25. Jack StatBrilliant, eccentric Jack maple rewrote the book on fighting crime—with maps and statistics.
  26. The NYPD’s War On TerrorFrustrated by the lack of help from Washington, police commissioner Ray Kelly has created his own versions of the CIA and the FBI within the d […]
  27. Rx For BioterrorSince September 11, hospitals have been upgrading their disaster response. but when a man walked into Beth Israel Hospital in Brooklyn with a sm […]
  28. Fool for LoveThe headline could have read BRAINLESS MAN IN TOPLESS BAR. How did an Orthodox Jewish lawyer and family man fall so hard for a Scores stripper t […]
  29. How Harlem Got Its Groove BackCan Harlem’s future be built on its history? George C. Wolfe, whose Harlem Song just opened at the Apollo complete with tourist-friendly […]
  30. Yasser, No SirEveryone with a stake in the Middle East – even Arafat himself – believes the Palestinian Authority needs reform. And then the arguing starts […]
  31. No-Exit EndgameCan Israel make peace by itself? As long as Yasser Arafat is in charge of the Palestinian Authority, it’s going to try.
  32. Give Peace a FenceEhud Barak tried to negotiate peace with the Palestinians at Camp David. Now he believes peace could be created unilaterally – with a wall.
  33. The Defense Rests – PermanentlyInnovations like mandatory sentencing and the plea bargaining it engenders are stacking the criminal-justice system against defendants while beg […]
  34. The Twice-Top CopMayor Giuliani replaced NYPD commissioner Ray Kelly with Bill Bratton. Then crime dropped by more than 60 percent. Now Mayor Bloomberg has hired […]
  35. The Rabbi and the PlaymateWhen 20-year-old Lindsey Vuolo decided to pose for Playboy , she worried that telling her parents wasn’t going to be easy. But she knew she was […]
  36. Justice ObstructedCrime’s up in the wake of September 11 – but the courts have slowed way down.
  37. Crashing Green’s PartyThree weeks ago, Mark Green seemed a good bet to be the next mayor, in a soporific race. Now he’s playing Rudy and Freddy in a scintillating pow […]
  38. For American Jews, the Middle East War Comes HomeOn Sunday Evening, September 9, a week before the high holidays, there was a joyous event in New York’s Jewish community: Manhattan’s central sy […]
  39. Remembering Jack MapleNYPD Blue
  40. A Cop’s TaleSeven years ago Detective Zack Zahrey walked into a station house to look into the murder of a schoolyard hoops pal – and walked out a suspect. […]
  41. DEFCON JudithAs the World War III of divorces draws to a close, publisher Judith Regan detonates a new A-bomb – on her ex-divorce lawyer.
  42. Divided We StandWhen Ehud Barak put Jerusalem on the bargaining table, it sealed his political fate. But dividing the holiest of cities is still the best way of […]
  43. The Not So Private EyeSome investigators make a point of being inconspicuous. Not Bill Stanton. In the past he’s hung out with Bruce Willis and Sly Stallone, and now […]
  44. Beyond Hip and Unhip, There’s the China ClubBack when the China Club started, Reagan was president and Adam Ant was a major musical figure. After fifteen years as one of the hottest rock c […]
  45. The Zion GameWill a Bush administration be “good for the Jews,” or should supporters of Israel worry that Dubya’s foreign policy might be a replay of his dad […]
  46. The Arafat ExpertThe author of the Oslo accords always knew Arafat was capable of derailing the peace process, but he believed – and still believes – that it’s […]
  47. What’s Left?After the violence, many of Israel’s longtime peace advocates are wondering whether they’ve been duped. But others ask: Is there another option?
  48. The Kosher CampaignNews of Al Gore’s mitzvah sent a joyful shock wave through the city’s Jewish circles. And New Yorkers’ confident answers to the inevitable worri […]
  49. Sons and KillersThe Brown family lived the kind of life that’s the envy of their Long Island neighbors: a successful business, luxury cars, golf at the country […]
  50. Money: Harlem’s Breakfast of Champions We’ve heard a lot about the newly transformed, ready-to-reach-out Rudy Giuliani. Now he has a chance to prove it, by responding to a personal i […]
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