Craig Horowitz

  1. Rudy’s ChoiceAfter three weeks of remarkable melodrama, Mayor Giuliani’s withdrawal from the race showed him to be a different man – humble, grateful, ready […]
  2. The Cop and the StalkerWhen Vinny Davis married Diane Pelatti, he got her ex-boyfriend, too – a vicious young wiseguy who harassed the couple for fourteen years. Fina […]
  3. The Roots of OutrageThe Diallo case is making even moderate black leaders like Calvin Butts sound like radicals. How the mayor could mend fences – and why he must.
  4. Winning the Cancer WarThanks to a revolution in the understanding of cell biology, leading doctors predict that cancer and other killer diseases will be highly treata […]
  5. The McCain MutinyIn the backwash of the Clinton scandal, voters are more interested in the messenger than in the message, and that’s made the freewheeling, strai […]
  6. An Officer and an AtrocityThere are several conflicting theories about what happened in the 70th Precinct on the night Abner Louima was assaulted. Based on one of them, C […]
  7. Rebuilding the BarrioWith burgeoning Mexican and Dominican presences and a rapidly changing economy, East Harlem, the city’s original Puerto Rican enclave, is strugg […]
  8. Kosovo’s Unlikeliest CasualtiesThe extraordinary life and tragic death of David and Penny McCall, power couple – and patron saints.
  9. The Fall of SupermayorSuddenly, after years of dominating city politics, Mayor Giuliani is vulnerable, and protesters – and internal dissension – are taking a toll. […]
  10. The Connection ManThe mourners at the funeral of New York Post editorial-page editor Eric Breindel ran the gamut from Bobby Kennedy Jr. to David Dinkins to […]
  11. The Time-Bomb GenesMore and more women are being tested for genetic defects that can cause breast and ovarian cancer. But learning you are at risk presents a near- […]
  12. America’s Jews Israel’s Lost Tribe?At age 50, Israel is obsessed with its own troubles, and American Jews feel pushed away. No wonder no one could agree on a birthday celebration.
  13. The Anti-SharptonCalvin Butts, Harlem’s Reverend Inside, thinks black New York needs new leaders. (Reverend Outside begs to differ.)
  14. The Sharpton GenerationHow Al Sharpton and a band of young insurgents are making a grab for power in the post-Dinkins era.