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  1. album review
    Peter Gabriel Is Trying to Keep It Togetheri/o is a series of lofty ideas for the future.
  2. best of 2023
    The Best Albums of 2023The year’s top releases surveyed disorder, sought companionship, and offered glitzy escapism.
  3. album review
    André 3000’s Solo Album Is a Breath of Fresh AirNew Blue Sun isn’t the esteemed return to form rap fans hoped for. It’s something more.
  4. a long talk
    ‘I Don’t Care What People Want Out of Me. I Care About Myself’Danny Brown on leaving Detroit, getting sober, and finding happiness.
  5. album review
    PinkPantheress Is Remastering the Y2K AestheticHeaven Knows sounds like lightning striking a 160 GB iPod.
  6. chat room
    Kevin Abstract Got Over the End of Brockhampton With a New Solo Album“I wanted to come out of it to make something that felt hopeful.”
  7. song review
    The Beatles’ Final Song Is Only a Snapshot of Their StrengthsThey are back for one last job … assuming it’s the last job.
  8. close read
    Bad Bunny and Drake Are Making Offers Their Fans Can’t RefuseIn our current climate, it pays to be the villain.
  9. fall preview 2023
    Sampha’s Circle of LifeHis first album tackled loss and made him a star. On his follow-up, Lahai, he writes from a happier place: fatherhood.
  10. movie review
    The Eras Tour Film Is Sequined Asset ManagementTaylor Swift’s big-screen adaptation is almost too much movie.
  11. album review
    Sufjan Stevens Tours the Garden of HeartbreakHis new album Javelin urges us to embrace life’s beauty while we still can.
  12. album review
    Doja Cat Is Fighting Fires of Her Own CreationOn Scarlet, the rapper, singer, and internet terror channels negative comments into some of the best work of her career.
  13. album review
    Olivia Rodrigo Would Rather Go Through ItOn Guts, the pop star sidesteps her winning formula.
  14. album review
    Noname Shakes the TableOn Sundial, the rapper is pushing back against everyone — including herself.
  15. album review
    Travis Scott Is Raging Into OblivionOn Utopia, the rapper is too scared to mess with the blueprint.
  16. album review
    Blur’s Return Is a Fitting Evolution for a Once-Chaotic BandOn their beautiful, occasionally plodding new album, the Britpop legends embrace stillness.
  17. close read
    This Should Have Been a No-BrainerThe Weeknd and Sam Levinson aimed for greatness with The Idol. The result was as subtle as a Lifetime film.
  18. a long talk
    Killer Mike Said What He SaidIs the Southern rap legend a truth teller or a capitalist in activist’s clothes?
  19. album review
    Janelle Monáe Lets Go of Her (and Our) AnxietyOn her breezy new album, she abandons perfectionism.
  20. album review
    The Foo Fighters Reach for the LightTheir new album isn’t for getting over tragedy. It’s about learning to live beside it.
  21. remembrance
    Tina Turner Bet on HerselfWhen the industry turned its back, she refused to give in.
  22. game review
    Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Taps the Ceiling of What Switch Can DoIt’s a god game with the patina of a ronin story that makes you wonder, This is good, but is this as good as it gets?
  23. remembrance
    Andy Rourke Paid His DuesThe Smiths’ late bassist was the band’s driving force even as he fought for credit.
  24. vulture lists
    The 100 Hardest Video-Game Levels of All TimeDizzying shooters, agonizing puzzles, and water stages (ugh) that raise the question: Continue?
  25. q+a
    billy woods Is on an Indie-Rap Hero’s JourneyHe’s running an acclaimed record label, resurrecting old weed strains, and releasing the best music of his career.
  26. comedy review
    Hannah Gadsby Feels GoodIn Something Special, the comedian strives toward a new balance.
  27. album review
    The Ed Sheeran Formula Hits a RoadblockHis grief-stricken new album is personal, messy, and necessary.
  28. remembrance
    Harry Belafonte Dragged Us Into the FutureThe late legend ditched stardom for something far greater.
  29. album review
    Lighten Up and Listen to Everything But the GirlThe duo’s new album eases the pain without sacrificing pleasure.
  30. album review
    Metallica Vanquish Their DemonsTheir new album conquers the present by conversing with the past.
  31. album review
    Boygenius Is Here to Blunt Whatever Life Throws Our WayTheir debut album is about finding strength in themselves.
  32. a long talk
    Mo’Nique Says It LoudlyThe comedy veteran’s new special is a reintroduction: “It lets you understand why I fight the way that I fight.”
  33. a long talk
    ‘We Were Obsessed’Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda didn’t plan to revisit the band’s 2003 album Meteora — until he found a lost demo.
  34. album review
    Lana Del Rey Has Come to ConfessOn Ocean Blvd, the singer sets her fears on fire.
  35. album review
    Miley’s Californication Is CompleteEndless Summer Vacation showcases a more unified and refined version of Cyrus, but is almost too meticulously crafted to soundtrack summers.
  36. the industry
    De La Soul’s Music Is Here to Stay (For Now)The seminal trio’s albums have emerged from the streaming rights wilderness.
  37. album review
    Just Give In to the New Gorillaz AlbumDamon Albarn’s earnest, schmaltzy Cracker Island is restless enough to work.
  38. album review
    Skrillex Is Reinventing HimselfVibes shift, and the wub man endures.
  39. eldorado ballroom
    Solange and Saint Heron Are Honoring Black Innovation at BAMIn a rare interview, Solange talks about bringing together a lineup of Kelela, KeiyaA, the Clark Sisters, and more.
  40. chat room
    Liv.e Isn’t Afraid to ’Shroom at the Club“I’m an edgy bitch regardless. That’s just how I’ve always been.”
  41. rihview
    Rihanna’s Halftime Show Was More Than EnoughIt hit the points it needed to — and then got going.
  42. album review
    Kelela Knows How to Interrupt a GrooveHer first album in six years wages war on a world that wrings artists dry.
  43. album review
    Lil Yachty’s Great Gig in the SkyThe rapper’s surprising new psych-rock album delights in sensory overload.
  44. album review
    Sam Smith Toes the Line on GloriaThe singer’s new album is sharp, occasionally cringe-y, and full of heartfelt schmaltz.
  45. a long talk
    The John Cale ChallengeThe prolific singer and producer could have made things easier on himself — but easy “is not very interesting.”
  46. don’t bless this mess
    Let’s Not Do This AgainToo many musicians spent the year gleefully abandoning their better judgment.
  47. album review
    SZA Wants It AllSOS processes loss and success and pain and desire from the middle of millions of ogling eyes.
  48. best of 2022
    The Best Albums of 2022The question of how to find peace hung heavily over the year’s most impactful records.
  49. a long talk
    ’Tis the Season for SufjanThe singer-songwriter on what he’s learned about the holidays after releasing 100 Christmas songs.
  50. chat room
    Fousheé Is Done Sulking and Wants to Rage“I would encourage people to stop being a bitch,” says the newly Grammy-nominated artist. “Embrace different. Be a part of the renaissance.”
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