1. the law
    Trump Can Be Dragged Into Court for Defamation Case, Judge RulesFormer Apprentice contestant Summer Zervos is suing the president. It looks like he’ll have to show up in court.
  2. russia probe
    Mueller’s Interest in Obstruction Is Probably Just the Tip of the IcebergThe obstruction case may never come, but don’t be surprised if Mueller’s effort to unravel the Trump-Russia connection yields more conspiracy charges.
  3. the law
    Robert Mueller Trains His Sights on the Trump OrganizationA new round of subpoenas suggest an expanding investigation.
  4. the law
    The Newest Frontier in Jurisprudence Is Trump’s Twitter FeedInside a federal courtroom, the government made a potentially precedent-setting argument for letting a social-media jackass do his thing.
  5. the law
    Rough Justice for Public UnionsIn a case key to the future of organized labor, swing Supreme Court justice Anthony Kennedy sounded like he’d already made up his mind.
  6. the law
    The Second Amendment Is No Barrier to Stricter Gun LawsThe courts have found that even all-out bans on assault-style weapons are in harmony with the right to keep and bear arms.
  7. russia probe
    Robert Mueller Puts the Squeeze on Paul Manafort and Rick Gates Yet AgainA new indictment accuses them of carrying out an elaborate scheme to defraud both private financial institutions and the United States.
  8. How Don McGahn Has Become the Worst White House Counsel EverHe has played a key role — often unacknowledged — in a long list of Trump administration debacles.
  9. the law
    The Supreme Court Would Be Crazy to Jump Into the DACA DisputeThe Supreme Court has an opportunity to weigh in on the future of DACA, but the justices should let Trump fix the mess he created.
  10. conspiracy theories
    Why an Unreleased 4-Page Memo From Devin Nunes Is Causing a Frenzy on the RightThe memorandum, written by Nunes staff members, has the conservative media fired up. But if it’s really so explosive why isn’t it public?
  11. russia investigation
    What Could Bob Mueller Want From Steve Bannon?Bannon has little left to lose by telling the special counsel everything he knows.
  12. the law
    Trump Ending DACA Was Never About the Law. A Federal Judge Noticed.The administration didn’t offer much legal justification for killing the program. Now a court has ordered that protections for Dreamers be restored.
  13. russia probe
    No Sane Lawyer Would Let Trump Sit for an Interview With MuellerThe president is a walking, talking perjury trap.
  14. russia probe
    Paul Manafort’s Lawsuit Against Robert Mueller Is Frivolous Political TheaterManafort argues that the special counsel has no business sticking his nose in the pre-Trump campaign work he did in Ukraine. He’s wrong.
  15. the law
    Is the Judiciary Ready to Handle Harassment Charges?The case of Alex Kozinski, a top appellate judge who has been accused of making unwanted overtures to female clerks, will tell.
  16. the law
    Anthony Kennedy Has a Lot of Thinking to DoThe Supreme Court case over a baker who wouldn’t sell to a gay couple will come down to him. His questions in the case suggest a conflicted man.
  17. russia investigation
    Flynn Will Roll Over on Kushner, Pence, and Trump Himself If He Has ToFlynn has signaled that he won’t take a bullet for those who haven’t done a thing for him or the country.
  18. the law
    Charging Flynn With Lying Shows That Mueller Is Still Only Getting StartedThe best — well, worst — is yet to come for the Trump administration.
  19. russia probe
    Could the Curious Case of Reza Zarrab Lead to the Downfall of Michael Flynn?Federal prosecutors have flipped the Turkish businessman accused of helping Iran evade U.S. sanctions. What might he know about Flynn?
  20. Jeff Sessions, the JokesterUndermining the rule of law for a cheap laugh isn’t funny.
  21. the law
    Mueller Seems to Be Closing in on Flynn — and the Indictments Could Be ExplosiveReports of a $15 million kidnapping plot have only raised the stakes of the investigation for the Trump White House.
  22. politics
    Meet the Texas Lawyer Who Helped an Undocumented Teen Fight for an AbortionRochelle Garza was a court-appointed attorney in a case that quickly showed up in national headlines.
  23. the law
    Mueller Quietly Dropped a Bombshell on Monday — and It Wasn’t About ManafortThe special counsel’s charging of a very minor player reveals a lot about the big picture.
  24. Undocumented Teen’s Abortion Is a Constitutional Hellhole for TrumpThe rights and lives of undocumented immigrants only seem to matter to the Trump administration when a teenage girl wants an abortion.
  25. conflicts of interest
    Are Foreign Payments to Trump’s Businesses Unconstitutional? We’ll Find Out.A federal judge in Manhattan heard arguments on whether Trump’s business profits violate the obscure foreign emoluments clause.
  26. the law
    Trump Still Can’t Get His Travel Ban Past the CourtsA federal judge in Maryland joined a judge in Hawaii in blocking the revised ban, though he again went further and called it, in effect, a Muslim ban.
  27. the law
    Why the Manhattan District Attorney Let Harvey Weinstein WalkThis may be less about campaign donations, and more about the fear of going up against a deep-pocketed defendant in a high-profile sex-crime case.
  28. las vegas shooting
    Fear and Roaming in Las VegasCrime-scene enthusiasts, tour guides, and regular Las Vegans float along the Strip, trying to process what happened in their city.
  29. hurricane maria
    Sonia Sotomayor’s Message of Hope to Puerto Rico: ‘You Are Not Alone’The Supreme Court justice also struggled to get in touch with her family after Hurricane Maria hit.
  30. weiner
    Anthony Weiner’s Day of ReckoningWhen the sentence came down, he slumped onto the table, his left arm covering his head.
  31. We Know a Lot About What Robert Mueller Is Doing. We Also Know Nothing at All.Looking for clues in the actions of D.C.’s second-most-powerful man.
  32. the law
    Mueller Wants Lots of White House Documents. Trump May Be Forced to Comply.Precedents set under Nixon and Clinton leave the president with few legal options when it comes to the Russia probe.
  33. the law
    Trump’s Cowardly Dodge on DACAThe president has again demonstrated that the rule of law is a nonconcern for his administration.
  34. the law
    Disowning Dreamers Would Be Donald Trump’s Worst Deal YetHe seems to be letting himself get hoodwinked by a meaningless threat.
  35. What Trump Should Tell Houston’s DreamersMore than 56,000 in the storm-ravaged city could be affected by the president’s policy change.
  36. Joe Arpaio’s Pardon Is Donald Trump’s Gravest Abuse of Power YetIt makes a mockery of “law and order.”
  37. A New Romance: Trump Has Made Progressives Fall in Love With FederalismProgressives have taken up a conservative principle as a shield against the federal government. But is it just a marriage of convenience?
  38. legal challenges
    How Jeff Sessions Might Channel the Far-Right Crusade Against Affirmative ActionThe DOJ inserting itself into this debate would represent a dramatic break with history and prior practices.
  39. Mueller’s Grand Jury Means the Trump-Russia Probe Has Kicked Into High GearAny charges will take months to materialize, but impaneling a grand jury — which can issue subpoenas and compel witnesses to testify — is a big deal.
  40. Jeff Sessions Takes a Stand Against Protecting Gay WorkersThe Dept. of Justice’s new position is that federal civil-rights law doesn’t cover employees targeted by anti-gay bias
  41. the law
    In Case You Had Doubts, Trump’s Military Trans Ban Is Grossly UnconstitutionalIt will collide head-on with the doctrine of animus — the legal principle guarding against singling out a group for harm.
  42. the law
    Somebody Should Sue the Hell Out of Donald Trump If He Lets Obamacare CollapseRepublicans took Obama to court over the president’s duty to “take care that laws be faithfully executed.” Democrats should do the same.
  43. russia investigation
    No, Trump Jr. Doesn’t Have a First Amendment Right to Get Russian InformationThe courts have already been pretty consistent on this issue of foreign citizens not being able to participate in America’s self-government.
  44. the law
    Preet Bharara Has the Supreme Court to Thank for Letting Sheldon Silver Go FreeJohn Roberts set a very favorable precedent for the former State Assembly speaker, who was sent to jail for public corruption.
  45. the law
    Don Jr. Won’t Face ‘Collusion’ Charge, But Team Trump May Be in Legal TroubleHis interest in obtaining damaging Clinton information may violate several laws against campaigns working with foreign powers.
  46. Trump’s Travel Ban Is Still a Legal MessThe definition of the Supreme Court’s “bona fide relationship” is the new battleground.
  47. the law
    Donald Trump May Already Be in Contempt of Court Over His Travel BanThe Supreme Court’s definition of a “close familial relationship” is not as restrictive as the administration would like.
  48. decisions
    Did the Supreme Court Just Crack the Wall Between Church and State?A look at the justices’ only blockbuster ruling for of the session: Trinity Lutheran Church v. Comer.
  49. the law
    Donald Trump’s Travel Ban Is Headed to the Supreme CourtIn the meantime, the Court will allow the ban, in much narrower form, to go into effect.
  50. How a Shorthanded Supreme Court Gutted a Historic Civil-Rights RemedyGone is much of people’s power to sue federal officials who engage in egregious violations of constitutional rights.
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