Curtis Sittenfeld

  1. fiction
    Creative DifferencesA short story about exposure, creativity, and toothpaste.
  2. one grand books
    Curtis Sittenfeld’s 10 Favorite BooksIan McEwan, Alice Munro, Jamel Brinkley, and more.
  3. celebrity shopping
    What Curtis Sittenfeld Can’t Live Without“I’m sure we’re all familiar with the expression about how there’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women … avoid camel toe.”
  4. tv
    On Loving and Hating Louis C.K.It was always a percentages game with him.
  5. reading women
    What Would Alice Munro Do?Curtis Sittenfeld on the writer she’s most grateful to.
  6. The Art of the ConfessionMeghan Daum and Emily Gould on the ups and downs of writing their minds.