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  1. the last dance
    A List of Michael Jordan’s Last Dance Grudges, Real or ImaginedFeaturing Isiah Thomas, Jerry Krause, and a suspicious pizza.
  2. the last dance
    Is This Guy Really Michael Jordan’s Best Friend?His name is George Koehler, he lives in Chicago, and his friendship with Jordan has a surprising backstory.
  3. the sports section
    What You Missed in Super Bowl 50: A GIF GuideFumbles, world-tour announcements, gastrointestinal ailments, and more!
  4. early and often
    What You Missed in the 2016 State of the Union AddressA GIF guide to Obama’s best jabs and Paul Ryan’s newfound commitment to being completely motionless.
  5. ga-ga-ooh-la-la!
    Here’s Every Single Thing Lady Gaga Did on American Horror Story: HotelWarning: Contains some gross GIFs.
  6. What You Missed in Netanyahu’s Speech to Congress — in GIFsSo much clapping.
  7. llamas
    Here Is a GIF Recap of the Great Llama Chase of 2015The most important news event since the last important news event.
  8. oscars 2015
    Oprah Had the Best Oscars Ever*Cut to Oprah.*
  9. oscars 2015
    Chris Pine Cries Through ‘Glory’ on Behalf of Us AllTears.
  10. oscars 2015
    Watch Emma Stone Gracefully Accept Her Lego OscarCongrats, girl!
  11. oscars 2015
    Don’t Worry, Everyone, Meryl Streep Is at the OscarsLove you, Meryl.
  12. oscars 2015
    David Oyelowo’s So-So Hand Gesture Sums Up This Oscars Ceremony in a Single GIFMeh. 
  13. oscars 2015
    Neil Patrick Harris Calls Out Oprah for Being SuperrichDuh. 
  14. oscars 2015
    Benedict Cumberbatch Hams It Up During the Oscars Opening NumberGlug, glug. 
  15. grammys 2015
    Kanye Half-Rushed the Stage Because He Wanted Beck to Give His Grammy to BeyoncéHe was kidding!
  16. The Grammys’ Producers Are As Tired As You AreGood night.
  17. grammys 2015
    Kristen Wiig Did Her Best ‘Chandelier’ at the GrammysSia showed her face — just kidding.
  18. grammys 2015
    Everyone Saw Prince and Lost Their Minds AgainBow down.
  19. Rihanna’s Face Saves Us During ‘FourFiveSeconds’Thank you, RiRi.
  20. grammys 2015
    Pharrell Made a Ferguson Tribute During His Grammy PerformanceThere was a lot going on.
  21. grammys 2015
    Madonna Dances With Bulls for ‘Living for Love’Taylor was obviously into it.
  22. grammys 2015
    Lady Gaga Would Totally Go to That AC/DC Concert With Your DadHighway to hell.
  23. the sports section
    GIF Recap: The Patriots Rally to Win a Wild Super Bowl XLIXTom Brady is a champion again.
  24. golden globes 2015
    All of the GIFs You Need From the 2015 Golden GlobesShort-form journalism.
  25. prince
    Even Famous People at the Golden Globes Think Prince Is a GodHe should host next year.
  26. marriage
    Here’s a GIF of Channing Tatum Blowing on His Wife’s FaceJenna Dewan’s personal fan. 
  27. golden globes 2015
    Watch Benedict Cumberbatch Photobomb Meryl Streep at the Golden GlobesHe loves to bomb, this guy.
  28. golden globes 2015
    Watch Emma Stone Adorably React to Tina and Amy’s Joke About Her EyesBig eyes!
  29. gifcap
    The Best Parts of the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards Were the Audience Live-CamsAnd basically no one looked up from their phones the entire night.
  30. vmas 2014
    Watch Blue Ivy Dance Adorably to Her Mother’s VMAs PerformanceShe does the “Flawless” hands.
  31. the sports section
    Here Are All 6 of Mo’ne Davis’s Strikeouts From Wednesday NightHer team lost, though.
  32. the sports section
    GIF Recap: Germany Wins the World Cup in Extra TimeArgentina weeps. 
  33. the sports section
    GIF Recap: The Netherlands Ends Brazil’s Nightmare World CupAt least it wasn’t as bad as the last game.
  34. the sports section
    GIF Recap: Argentina Advances to World Cup Final With Shoot-out VictoryThe finals are Sunday afternoon.
  35. the sports section
    GIF Recap: Germany Stuns Brazil 7–1 to Advance to the World Cup FinalThe second semifinal is tomorrow.
  36. the sports section
    GIF Recap: The U.S. Is Out of the World Cup, Despite Tim Howard’s HeroicsBelgium advances to the quarterfinals.
  37. the sports section
    GIF Recap: The U.S. Loses to Germany, Advances AnywayCouldn’t sneak out of work? We’ve got you covered.
  38. the sports section
    World Cup GIF Recap: The United States’ Devastating Draw With PortugalHeads hang across America. 
  39. the sports section
    GIF Recap: The United States’ Thrilling World Cup Win Over GhanaRe-live the Americans’ 2-1 victory in their World Cup opener.
  40. the sports section
    March Madness GIF-cap: Highs and Lows From Sunday’s GamesIncluding Baylor demolishing Creighton.
  41. the sports section
    Miss Saturday’s March Madness? Here’s a GIF-capDown goes Syracuse.
  42. Miss Friday’s March Madness? Here’s a GIF-capThat guy who picked Mercer is feeling pretty good.
  43. the sports section
    March Madness GIF-cap: Highs and Lows from Thursday’s GamesFrom North Dakota State’s upset to Aaron Craft’s final shot.
  44. Here’s the GIF of Jennifer Lawrence Tripping at the OscarsWoman down.
  45. sochi olympics 2014
    Miss Thursday’s Olympic Games? Here’s a GIF-capDid they coat the Iceberg Skating Palace in Crisco or what?
  46. sochi olympics 2014
    Miss Wednesday’s Olympic Games? Here’s a GIF-capBeauty and the biff.
  47. sochi olympics 2014
    Miss Tuesday’s Olympic Games? Here’s a GIF-capOne big weather advisory.
  48. sochi olympics 2014
    Miss Monday’s Olympic Games? Here’s a GIF-capYesterday’s twizzle reel.
  49. sochi olympics 2014
    Miss Sunday’s Olympic Games? Here’s a GIF-capOlympic dreams, and waking up from them.
  50. Miss Saturday’s Olympic Games? Here’s a GIF-capT.J. Oshie, enough said.
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