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  1. tech boot camp
    How to Mess Up Your Life by Trying to Use iMessage on an Android PhoneThere are workarounds, but they’re glitchy, and delicate, and can mess up your entire life.
  2. environment
    Moringas Are Very Good TreesAlmost the entire moringa tree is edible (and it’s a “superfood”), it makes a great soap, and it thrives in the grim climates of the future.
  3. global tech
    4 Ways Tech Is Protecting Elephants From PoachersOver the last ten years, the population of African elephants has decreased by 24 percent, mostly due to poachers.
  4. environment
    Low-cost Sonar Kits Can Detect Rising Water and Send Out Flood AlertsTepmachcha is an open-source flood detector designed for Cambodia.
  5. environment
    ‘Garbage Soil’ Can Help Trees Grow in the DesertResearchers believe that sediment and silt from man-made lakes can turn deserts into forests.
  6. global tech
    All This Unused Solar Energy Can Power BangladeshWith more than 5 million solar-home systems, all Bangladeshis need is a shared power grid. SolShare helps redistribute the surplus energy.
  7. global tech
    Fake Pills, Long Waits: Start-ups Trying to Improve Health Care Around the WorldRural communities around the world face problems getting access to treatment. These companies think they can close the gaps.
  8. environment
    3-D Printing Might Save Coral ReefsRepairing ocean levels, rising temperatures, and pollution is another story.
  9. global tech
    Pregnant Women Can’t Easily Get Checkups in Rural India. This App Helps.SaveMom is a new wearable app that helps expectant mothers in rural areas keep track of their and their baby’s health when doctors are far away.
  10. global tech
    Mobile Apps Are Helping Ghanaian Farmers Avoid Exploitative MiddlemenMost farms in Ghana are small operations, and middlemen often take advantage. AgroCenta is a mobile platform that helps farmers avoid exploitation.
  11. global tech
    Kenya’s Government Is Evicting Indigenous People. Tech Helps Them Fight Back.TIMBY is an encrypted app that helps Kenya’s Sengwer people report on escalating government violence.
  12. renewable energy
    The Caribbean Should Be Leading the Electric Car RevolutionThe conditions are perfect. So why isn’t it?
  13. global tech
    This Digital Map Protects Indigenous Land From Being BulldozedTierras Indigenas gives Paraguayans the data over who rightfully owns land areas, and who has a claim to its use.
  14. trust me i should know
    How to Set Up a Plug-in Washing Machine in Your Tiny ApartmentIt saved our writer hundreds of dollars in under one year.
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    I Don’t Know How to Waste Time on the Internet AnymoreThe other day, I found myself looking at a blank address bar in a new tab of my web browser. I wanted to waste time, but … I didn’t know how.
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    LaserShip, Amazon’s New Shipping Partner, Might Be the Most Hated Company OnlineOften dubbed “LazyShip” by unsatisfied customers, Amazon’s new shipping partner, LaserShip, doesn’t live up to customers’ expectations.
  17. Where Have All the Fun Sitcoms Gone? Very often when I get home on the late side, I want to watch something light and fun and funny. It’s only recently that I realized that […]
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    Help! My TV Sounds Like CrapYour TV’s built-in speakers are bad. It’s time to upgrade.
  19. Why Does My TV Make Everything Look Like a Soap Opera?If shows on your TV look like soap operas or sports broadcasts, we can help.
  20. Basic Answers to Basic Questions: How to Get the Best Wi-Fi Signal in Your HomeTips and tricks for getting the most out of your router.
  21. How to Get Off iCloud and Replace Apple’s AppsApple makes great phones, but its default apps can be frustrating. Here’s a comprehensive guide for replacement.
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    Ditch Your Smartphone for an Old-fashioned Alarm ClockYour smartphone might be convenient, but it’s charmless and possibly costing you sleep. Use one of these alarm clocks instead.
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    Why You Should Get a Cheap Projector for Your Apartment (and What to Do With It)For $500, you can get yourself a 60-inch screen that disappears when you don’t need it. And a surprising feeling of luxury.
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    I’m Addicted to Garbage GadgetsInexpensive components and online shipping have opened up a world of cheap, crappy bluetooth speakers and external hard drives. And I love it.
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    3 Secrets to Buying a Smartphone Battery-PackSmartphone battery-packs are as important as the smartphone itself. Here’s how to buy one.
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    Could Facebook Swing the Election?If Facebook wanted to swing the presidential election, could it do so using only its News Feed?
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    Why ‘Instagram Hikers’ Are National Parks’ Saviors — and Scourges“People would keep going up to a GRIZZLY BEAR that’s in the wild eating an animal, to take a picture.”
  28. ‘New Girl’ Returns with a Tricky But Stellar Season PremiereThe first episode of New Girl’s third season is so good, so funny and weird and frantic and heartfelt that it’s easy to forget what a tough […]
  29. Kitchen Confidential: That Other Sitcom Fox Cancelled Too SoonIn November 2005, Fox announced that two comedies would be pulled for sweeps week, and would finish out the season with a truncated 13-episode […]
  30. Why You Should Be Watching The LeagueHey, comedy nerds: You should be watching The League. I have a feeling not all of you are, and that’s a problem. Some of you tuned in last […]