Daniel Kurtz-Phelan

  1. a problem like korea
    How Trump Made the Nearly Impossible North Korea Problem Even WorseThe erosion of global power tends to become evident in a crisis.
  2. international affairs
    Cuba Is Trump’s Most Revealing Foreign-Policy BlunderProminently featuring all of the worst elements of the administration’s foreign policy.
  3. Trump’s Terrorism Policy Is Dangerous — and Possibly a Political WinnerThe more attacks happen, the more his overheated talk seems warranted. And the more he talks, the less safe we become.
  4. Mattis Is Last Adult Standing in Trumpworld. That’s Unsettling for Many Reasons.Putting the burden of the republic on a former general’s shoulders is risky for everyone — including the military.
  5. The Malice of Trump’s IncompetenceEven if Trump is motivated by loyalty and indifference to democratic norms, not criminal intent, his recent actions have serious consequences.
  6. foreign policy
    What We Still Don’t Know About Trump’s Syria StrikeThe president appeared to find his war games thrilling. But what comes next for America’s policy in Syria remains unclear.
  7. How China’s Leader Is Playing Donald TrumpXi Jinping has quickly learned how to turn Trump’s bluster and bravado to his own considerable advantage.
  8. international intrigue
    Vladimir Putin Has Already WonComey’s hearing proved how hyperpartisanship is making it easy to damage American democracy.