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    Michael Stipe Is Proud of Mike Mills for Breaking That Letterman News“He’s been on Twitter for a week, I think!”
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    The Wicked Movie Has ‘Started Gearing Up’According to composer Stephen Schwartz.
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    Rihanna Got Drake Into Breaking Bad, Says Aaron Paul“And then Drake came walking around the corner and we see each other and he just opens his arms.”
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    HoC’s Sebastian Arcelus on Guinea Pig Co-star“Cashew is the breakout star of Season 2, for sure.”
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    Elaine Stritch Still Not Sorry for Her Today Show F-Bomb“It’s like a mystery thing, on television now. Can I say it, can I say it?”
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    Q&A: Jenna Lyons on Her Girls Cameo, Befriending Lena Dunham, and More“I literally wrote back expletive yes!
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    Jurassic World’s Chris Pratt Ranks Velociraptors As His No. 1 DinosaurJust like Vulture.
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    Hilaria Baldwin Did Yoga in an NYU Elevator “The security guard said, ‘I worked at your wedding!’”
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    Phil Collins Has Never Heard of Coachella“Love, peace, and music, and nothing but love, peace, and music?”
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    Lupita Nyong’o: ‘Racism Is Not Dead’The 12 Years a Slave star says there’s still work to be done.
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    Connie Britton on the Death of the FNL MovieTexas (not) forever.
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    Mark Wahlberg’s Wife Thought Ted Was a Dumb Idea“Yeah, whatever. Dumb idea.”
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    Ryan Reynolds Says That Airplane Story Was a LieIn reality, it’s been decades since a girl vomited on him.
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    Aziz Ansari’s Celebrity Crush Is Eva Marie Saint“Oh my God, such a classic, beautiful look.”
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    Selita Ebanks: Racial Profiling Is ‘Old News’And Dascha Polanco agrees.
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    Bobby Cannavale Gave His Emmy to His Mother Of course he did.
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    Willie Garson’s Dad Gave Him ‘the Sex Talk’ in an Attic“My father took me to the attic with this horribly stupid, very simplistic book and a pack of cigarettes.”
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    To Discuss: House Rules at the Elle Decor PartyDrew Barrymore doesn’t have any.
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    Kelly Rutherford Ponders a Gossip Girl Movie Blake probably wouldn’t get onboard.
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    Drew Barrymore Has a Giant Dictionary Collection“My vocabulary is awesome; my grammar is sh*t.”
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    Nick Gruber Plans to Invent an Olympic SportBut he can’t say what it is yet.
  22. cover girls
    What Lake Bell’s Dad Thought of Her Nude Cover“I think he even used the word badass.”
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    Michael Kors’s Rap Shout-outs Are Too Dirty for His Shows“We might have lots of bleeps.”
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    One Direction to Taylor Swift: ‘Hashtag Get Over It’Also, Harry Styles explains his awards show snack, the orange.
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    Allison Williams’s Royal Baby Fever: ‘Very High’“Like an 8 or 9.”
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    Vulture Tells Sigourney Weaver About Sharknado and She Is Not Impressed“It sounds like a crazy movie. People are out of their mind.”
  27. Ronald Reagan’s Daughter Really Despises James Woods“James Woods is not a stable person.”
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    Hilaria Thomas Won’t Let Alec Baldwin Try Citibike Without a Helmet“Must bring a helmet with you.”
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    Grimes on Math, Memes, and Breathing ProblemsThe last thing she Googled was “Why can’t I breathe?”
  30. on language
    Obama Tech Team on GIFs: Hard G!“If people think it’s JIF, they’re not very smart.”
  31. chat room
    Scandal’s Bellamy Young on Tonight’s Finale“I can tell you that your mind will be blown and that there are, like, five stroke-inducing events.”
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    Katy Perry Talks Met Ball Gowns at Prada’s Gatsby PartyPlus pictures of Carey Mulligan, Miuccia Prada, and others from last night’s shindig.
  33. Party Pics: Chung, Shipka, and More Chanel MusesDid you know that Justin Bieber and Harry Brant wear the same clothing size?
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    Dan Stevens Explains His New, Skinnier LookAlso, his facial hair.
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    Mark Ruffalo Just Learned About ‘Science Bros’“So, are they all quasi-homoerotic?”
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    Thakoon’s Next Show Might Be White-Trash-ThemedAs inspired by his house upstate in the Catskills.
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    Michael J. Fox Would Not Want Taylor Swift to Date His Son“Taylor Swift writes songs about everybody she goes out with, right?”
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    Mandy Patinkin on Homeland’s Cast Sing-alongs and Mooning Rupert Friend“I think he had a heart attack.”
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    Karlie Kloss’s Short Hair Could Be Dangerous“It’s changing how I act and dress.”
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    RZA on The Man With the Iron Fists, Wu-Tang, and Writing With Eli Roth“Sometimes if there’s a landmine, it’s good to have someone warn you: ‘Landmine! Jump motherf-cker!’ He did that for me.”
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    Jessica White Likes to Wiggle Her AssWith her girlfriends.
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    Twin Selena Gomez Co-Stars: We Have Nine-Inch DicksQ&A with brothers who shared a Penthouse model fiancée.
  43. party report
    At the Purple Party, Hilton Sisters Are ‘Ironic’A dispatch from Olivier Zahm’s infamous dinner party.
  44. back of the benz
    Back of the Benz: Blonde Salad’s Chiara FerragniBut they’re soldiering through a few Fashion Week parties anyway. What good sports!
  45. wanna be on top
    Tyra Banks Can Actually Make Up New Words on the SpotLike “breatiful,” “whooshed,” and “moodled.”
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    Swizz Beatz on the Lost Nas–Frank Ocean Song“It seemed like something that was just never finished, that’s all.”
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    Zosia Mamet on the Golden Rule of ‘Hipsterdom’ Pretending not to “give a sh-t.”
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    Vulture’s Behind-the-Scenes Timeline of the Tonys (and the After-Parties)Andrew Garfield, Neil Patrick Harris, the Once winners, and more!
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    People Lose Babies and Engagement Rings on the High Line All the TimeYou know, just little stuff. NBD.
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    Channing Tatum and Joe Manganiello on the Costumes of Magic Mike“One of the first days of filming, [Matthew McConaughey] was wearing a yellow Speedo with a halter top.”
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