Darrell Hartman

  1. Acre Instead of Tel AvivUp the coast, the ancient port of Acre is still largely untouched but for the significant exception of development projects.
  2. party chat
    Salman Rushdie on Casting the Midnight’s Children Movie“I happen to know [Dev Patel’s] people approached the production to express an interest.”
  3. the politics of media
    Ari Fleischer: Robert Gibbs Doesn’t Have It Any EasierThe former Bush press secretary talks to us about his current successor.
  4. the art of politics
    Shepard Fairey Was Not Trying to Make Money Off of Those Obama PostersThe artist stopped making his famous ‘Hope’ Obama posters in part because people misinterpreted his motivation.
  5. bons mots
    Unfashionable James Frey Loves FashionThe controversial memoirist wears shower sandals and T-shirts to fashion shows. Or a black mink coat.
  6. party chat
    Peaches Geldof on Married LifeThe 19-year-old New York transplant Peaches Geldof and husband Max Drummey tell Intel about their wedding and offer some sage advice.
  7. party lines
    Lisa Lampanelli: See You Next Tuesday!Foul-mouthed comedian Lisa Lampanelli says she’s cleaning up her act. “But then my subject matter, though, is much edgier.”
  8. Models and Bottles
    Rose Bar’s Doorman Celebrates His Second by Bouncing KanyeAnd Mark Ronson commits a faux pas with Nur Khan.
  9. party lines
    Virginia Smith Thinks Designers Really Need to Get Over Sharing Models“I sort of feel like [designers] should just cut their losses and find another girl.”
  10. show and tell
    Rodarte Runway Spill to Inspire Flats?“Who’s to say that the next season we wouldn’t do something flat?”
  11. party lines
    You Can’t Offend Waris AhluwaliaSo what’s under that turban?
  12. Classier Celebs at the Old GramercyThey vanted to be alone.
  13. Is Christina’s Barbie a Katie?Funny, she doesn’t look Scientologist.