David A. Keeps

  1. encounter
    Kevin Costner on Politics and Black or White “One of the reasons I financed this film is so the script that I read—the script I just could not ignore—would not become a casualty of conventional movie­making.”
  2. profile
    A Few Rounds in the Boxing Ring With Liev Schreiber“I have the kind of face that people want to punch.”
  3. profile
    An Afternoon With Mark WahlbergOn his new film Pain and Gain: “It’s like a mash-up of Boogie Nights and Pulp Fiction and Fargo.
  4. profiles
    Mike White Would Like to Make You SquirmThe Enlightened showrunner on his proudly eccentric path.
  5. Tabloid TraineeJustin Theroux has Hollywood all figured out. Except the part about being famous.
  6. J. Edgar Hoover’s Trophy BoyArmie Hammer, ex-Winklevii, got his break playing a young Billy Graham.
  7. Laura Dern’s New Age RageAfter David Lynch and Jurassic Park, she’s surprisingly “Kumbaya.”
  8. chat room
    Alfred Molina on Abduction, Sniffing Out Bad Scripts, and Always Playing the Foreigner“I spent my life seemingly inhabiting one accent or another that wasn’t my own.”
  9. Tell It on the MountainSamuel L. Jackson, action-hero badass and child of the segregated South, plays Martin Luther King Jr. on Broadway.