David Browne

  1. the awful truth
    Why After 40 Years, the Influence of ‘A Horse With No Name’ Still ReignsForty years ago, the trio America gave birth to a genre we’ll call Frisbee Rock.
  2. beefs
    How the Beatles Helped Originate the Rock DisThe nine key jabs that coincided with the band’s 1970 breakup.
  3. Schooled in Hard TriesSharon Jones is what you’d call a soul survivor.
  4. beat the boots
    Meet the Forgotten Victim of Digital Music Piracy: Scorpio, the Old-School Bootleg PirateThe salad days of the illegal concert recorder are over.
  5. New York State of MindThe Black Keys, two white guys from Ohio, have produced the grittiest hip-hop since 1990—with a little help from…
  6. Hoboken’s FinestHow New Wave hot dogs Yo La Tengo have survived (and thrived) for 25 years.
  7. Brooklyn TwangThe Defibulators make country music without irony. Or do they?
  8. California Dreamin’Golden Animals fled Williamsburg for L.A.’s bluesier pastures. Will Brooklyn welcome them back?
  9. Dogtown EastThe California kids got all the glory, but New York had its own pack of seventies skateboard legends. Meet the lost tribe called Zoo York.