David Carr

  1. That’s All, Folks!Is Gerald Levin making for the exit at just the right moment?
  2. Gathering to RememberStanding on Liberty Street, architect Bartholomew Voorsanger peers across acres of low-rise rubble to a ten-story dagger of façade – the last r […]
  3. The Emperor MiramaximusHarvey Weinstein’s empire is a place of beauty (Gwyneth Paltrow, The English Patient), of bullying (“These all suck, and you’re morons fo […]
  4. Our New War CultureThe attack on the Twin Towers set the world in chaotic motion. Below, a target assessment of the new cultural map.
  5. 18 Truths About the New New YorkIf something is both unthinkable and a cold fact, where to put it? The argument over what edifice will replace the towers has already been joine […]