David Carr

  1. That’s All, Folks!Is Gerald Levin making for the exit at just the right moment?
  2. The Emperor MiramaximusHarvey Weinstein’s empire is a place of beauty (Gwyneth Paltrow, The English Patient), of bullying (“These all suck, and you’re morons fo […]
  3. Gathering to RememberStanding on Liberty Street, architect Bartholomew Voorsanger peers across acres of low-rise rubble to a ten-story dagger of façade – the last r […]
  4. Our New War CultureThe attack on the Twin Towers set the world in chaotic motion. Below, a target assessment of the new cultural map.
  5. 18 Truths About the New New YorkIf something is both unthinkable and a cold fact, where to put it? The argument over what edifice will replace the towers has already been joine […]