David Colman

  1. reasons to love new york
    Farewell to the Places That Made New York What It WasSaying good-bye to Gem Spa, Gavin Brown’s Enterprise, the Staten Island Yankees, and more.
  2. art
    Damien Hirst Will Take the Hate With the Love in Venice“As an artist, the best you can hope for is people arguing, mixed reviews. Love it and hate it.”
  3. Are Pigs Color-Blind?Alas, yes. But that doesn’t stop Tim Nye, his 10-year-old, and their special friend from enjoying an apartment like this.
  4. Manorexic MannequinsNext month, the British mannequin maker Rootstein debuts their latest male form—the “Homme Nouveau,” feminized and not so hearty, with a 35-inch […]
  5. Lily Tomlin’s DamagesWhen Lily Tomlin starts talking of “living in the moment” over dinner at the Maritime Hotel, chattering on about how “there’s this range of poss […]
  6. Greenspan’s UnderpantsA recession index.
  7. A Red Hook Tale of DomesticityWas: Large industrial complex used mostly for storage. Is: Live-work haven for two artists, even when it’s not heaven exactly.
  8. Soaking in ItIn his Bowery Hotel apartment, Richard Christiansen can work in pretty much every corner—and order room service, too.
  9. Has Fashion Week Overshot the Runway?There’s no cash-for-clunkers initiative to save the fashion industry, which has been going through a Detroit-style panic.
  10. Patricia Clarkson, Deaf-Dog Owner and Village Dame, Shops DailyHow Patricia Clarkson negotiates between a character actress’s endearing eccentricity and the effortless glamour of a star.
  11. The Decelebrification of Fashion WeekAs Fashion Week ballooned over the last decade to World’s Fair size, it became a magnet not only for celebrities but for those who want to be se […]
  12. Step Onto the Terrace, and Pick Some Grapes, PleaseA Harlem rooftop garden is a one-man greenmarket.
  13. Kind of Feels Like California, Doesn’t It?Except it’s on lower Fifth Avenue.
  14. Eleven TVs. A White Lacquered Ceiling. No Bookshelves.THE RESIDENCE: Midtown two-bedroom MISSION STATEMENT: “Everything was about not obstructing the view. The clients almost didn’t want a dini […]
  15. 25 More Design LuminariesWe could have filled 1,000 pages with New York’s living design innovators, but there are space limits. Here, in brief, another 25 crucial names.
  16. Martha StewartHomemaking was a dreary chore until she made it an artisanal pursuit. And built an empire.
  17. Fabien BaronThe polymath has designed advertising, perfume bottles, magazines, and everything you see on this page.
  18. Loving FrankFifty-seven years after he designed it, the house that Frank Lloyd Wright thought might be his greatest has finally been built by one determined fan.
  19. The Wrong StuffFor the next two months, all these artistically valid tchotchkes are gathered under one West Chelsea roof.
  20. The Next ‘House & Garden’With a sophisticated mix-and-match aesthetic, Domino editor Deborah Needleman created a hot magazine and a cool apartment.
  21. The Next Mid-CenturyThe good news: There’s a hot new period to collect. The bad news: It’s the eighties. Karl Springer, Angelo Donghia, and the Michael Taylor pillo […]
  22. The Next DakotaFrench starchitect Jean Nouvel’s 40 Mercer reimagines the quintessential New York apartment house downtown, with river views.
  23. Room to WorkSuccess requires brains, ambition— and office hours. Here’s what it looks like when you get there.
  24. Fashion StatementsStop the presses! Two dailies get ready to duke it out during Fashion Week.
  25. Get PumpedCould the secret to a smaller waist be bigger pecs?
  26. Wild ChildBrash, mercurial, risk-taking, Giorgio Sant’Angelo was a supernova of the seventies fashion world. He loved color, fabric, and fringes; hated zi […]
  27. 9 Good Excuses To Make the SceneHamptons Society
  28. Fall Preview: Shopping / Gucci FireworksTom Ford’s Gucci reclaims pride of place on Fifth Avenue, with five see-and-be-seen floors. Meanwhile, farther uptown on Madison, Michael Kors a […]
  29. Hamptons Preview: Summer Games 2000Whether you migrate to the South Fork by Jitney, roadster, helicopter, or kid-packed SUV, the Hamptons will have something new to offer you this […]
  30. Your Trainer’s SecretThe flawless form you attributed to all those crunches may in fact be the work of a plastic surgeon. More and more fitness pros are turning to l […]
  31. Our Cameras, Our SelvesThe new breed of fashion photographer is young and female – and she’d rather take pictures of life as she knows it than shoot glossy cover girls.