David France

  1. excerpt
    My Life in the Plague YearsLife under AIDS, and — just as a new memorial goes up in Greenwich Village — how much has been forgotten.
  2. Ed Koch and the AIDS Crisis: His Greatest FailureA possible change of heart, late in life.
  3. Pictures From a BattlefieldTwenty-five years ago, a group of young men and women started an organization called ACT UP to fight an enemy that, at the time, seemed almost u […]
  4. in other news
    Dominic Carter Out of Jail, Eleven Days EarlyThe disgraced NY1 anchor only served 19 of his 30-day sentence.
  5. Anchor DownFor a NY1 host just out of jail for abusing his wife, the past is gruesome prologue.
  6. The Shrine of St. Vincent’sThe doomed hospital was ground zero for the AIDS epidemic. And now it’ll be condos?
  7. Another Kind of AIDS CrisisA striking number of HIV patients are living longer but getting older faster—showing early signs of dementia and bone weakness usually seen in t […]
  8. Gay SamuraiRodger McFarlane, caretaker to the end.
  9. Wilde TimesThe huge legacy of a small bookshop.
  10. The Catskills Gas RushIt was a weekend house—until I got a letter from the landman, telling me I was living on a huge, untapped source of natural gas. Riches beckoned […]
  11. Another AIDS CasualtyDr. Ramon Torres was a hero on the front lines against the epidemic for over a decade. It was when the war began to be won that he got lost.
  12. Saving Justin BerryTimes business reporter Kurt Eichenwald thought he was doing a noble thing by rescuing a teen from the Internet sex trade. He didn’t kn […]
  13. The Science of GaydarIf sexual orientation is biological, are the traits that make people seem gay innate, too? The new research on everything from voice pi […]
  14. Freedom to BackstabAnthony Romero, head of the ACLU, America’s most important free-speech organization, has been accused of lying, among other transgressions—by hi […]
  15. The Invention of Patient ZeroHow crystal-meth-fueled promiscuity, AIDS medical politics, and one very sick man combined to create a phantom superbug.
  16. Hell House RevisitedVanessa and Ray Jackson are being prosecuted for starving their adoptive sons. But the kids may have starved themselves—as the state of […]
  17. Cocktail HangoverAlarming new problems with the miracle protease inhibitors suggest that the euphoria over the end of the AIDS epidemic was premature.
  18. Queen’s LogicMiss America visits the needle exchange.