1. summer 2021
    Free the Boob!Over the past year, bra-free was the way to be. Post-pandemic, some of us can’t imagine ever going back.
  2. fixations
    I Think About John Mayer’s ‘Daughters’ a LotNo human is powerful enough to unhear “girls become lovers who turn into mothers.”
  3. acquiescence
    Turns Out, It’s Pretty Good: Tracking My StepsThis dumb little gadget gave me a little nudge in the right direction.
  4. counter culture
    A Radical Café Carves Out Space in a Gentrifying NeighborhoodWith Playground Coffee Shop, Zenat Begum wants to take back some space for the people being pushed out of Bed-Stuy.
  5. select all
    Astrology, the World’s Oldest, and Newest, Meme TrendAcross social media — particularly on Instagram — a rash of new accounts have emerged wanting to tell you about your celestial self through memes.
  6. work
    How I Get It Done: Gillian Tans, CEO of Booking.comOn biking to work, beating jet lag, and how she uses her lunch hour.
  7. sexual harassment
    Everything to Know About the Shaun White Sexual-Harassment AllegationsHe was sued by his former drummer, Lena Zawaideh, for alleged sexual and verbal harassment.
  8. work
    How I Get It Done: Glory EdimThe founder of online book club Well-Read Black Girl on easy to-do lists, how she gets through 30 books a year, and reading on the subway.
  9. work
    How I Get It Done: Bookstore Owner Sarah McNallyThe owner of famed New York bookstore on her early morning routine, why she’s stopped reading newspapers and the importance of a good pen.
  10. my terrible boss
    My Terrible Boss Made Me Call a Sandwich Shop to Complain About Cubed ChickenHe told me, “You need to call their corporate office and make sure they do cubed rather than sliced.”
  11. obituaries
    Second-Wave-Feminist Writer and Activist Kate Millett Dead at 82Andrea Dworkin called her 1970 book, Sexual Politics, “the alpha and omega of the women’s movement.”
  12. my terrible boss
    My Terrible Boss Was a Bully With a Toxic TemperThis week’s installment of My Terrible Boss.
  13. leaning in to linkedin
    Women Don’t Promote Their Skills and Success As Much As Men Do on LinkedInEven online, men are inflating their skill sets to look more accomplished at work.
  14. Study: Baby’s Race Can Affect Quality of Care in California ICUsWhite and Asian-American infants receive the highest-quality care in California ICUs.
  15. my terrible boss
    My Terrible Boss Showed Me a Dick Pic and Got Promoted“I thought that was something that only happened on Mad Men.”
  16. q&a
    Barbara Lee Knows What It Takes to Fight PowerThe congresswoman opens up about how she stays focused, even when it feels like she can’t win.
  17. out of office
    How to Get Out of Work to Watch the Solar EclipseYour boss might be wondering where you are between the hours of 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Here’s what you can tell her.
  18. discrimination
    Former Female Google Employees Come Forward About Discrimination“When you speak up, you’re going to be negatively impacted,” one woman said.
  19. shelf improvement
    If the Internet Has Melted Your Brain, Try My Demented Reading StrategyYou, too, can read 17 books at once.
  20. bias
    Banker Sues Goldman Sachs Over Alleged Race DiscriminationShe claims she was discriminated against for being black and for her Jewish faith.
  21. i wanna be your paint swatch
    Paint Your Entire House With Prince’s New Official Pantone ShadeAn accent wall is not enough.
  22. women at work
    1 in 5 Americans Say They Work in a Hostile or Threatening EnvironmentA new study confirms what many of us already know.
  23. The Tranquil Joy of Giving Free Doughnuts to Phish FansA night at Madison Square Garden with Phish and a whole lot of doughnuts.
  24. Fighting for Better Paid Leave Takes a Huge Toll on Working MothersEven before working mothers are given paid leave, the fight to get it is an uphill battle.
  25. how i get it done
    How the Founder of Millennial Wedding-Registry Start-up Zola Gets It All DoneOn journaling twice a day, the stress of growing your business, and how she can count bachelorette parties as “market research.”
  26. office hours
    What to Do When Your Colleague Believes Discrimination at Work Doesn’t ExistExperts weigh in on what to do when the facts aren’t enough.
  27. bowie knife sandal prosecco
    Create Your Own Nonsensical-Slogan T-Shirt With Our Handy GeneratorsEvery T-shirt has three dumb, barely connected words on it these days. With our help, you can now make your own.
  28. Maybe Bradley Cooper Has Not Bounced Back After Birth of His Newborn After AllAt least according to the Daily Mail.
  29. The Extreme Catharsis of Watching Women Wield Chain SawsFive hours in upstate New York with the best female lumberjacks in America.
  30. Father of Afghan Girls’ Robotics Team Captain Killed in Suicide BombingOnly two weeks after six Afghan girls came to America for a robotics competition, their team captain’s father was killed in Herat.
  31. Bradley Cooper Bounces Back After Birth of NewbornLooking svelte, Brad!
  32. American Women Are Staying in the Workforce Much Longer Than They Used ToUntil death do you part. (With work.)
  33. office hours
    The Trump White House Makes Your Office Feel So Boring and Drama-FreeForget about your office drama with Tina. The Trump White House is the mess that brings co-workers together.
  34. Here’s What the New Location of Women-Only Social Club The Wing Will Look LikeAudrey Gelman’s second social club in Soho will take flight in October.
  35. Serena Williams Wrote a Powerful Essay About Black Women’s Equal Pay DayBlack women have to work eight months longer than their white male counterparts to make the same amount of money.
  36. side hustles
    Cristiano Ronaldo Wants You to Be Able to Wear Jeans to the GymWhen you’re always on the go, the world-famous soccer star’s new denim line is intended to move with you.
  37. this day in history
    One of America’s First Civil-Rights Protests Took Place in NYC 100 Years AgoOrganized by the NAACP, the Silent Parade was a protest against the lynching of black people at the turn of the century.
  38. Lisa D CT Is the Anti-Trump Icon We NeedBe good, be safe, peace out.
  39. horny profiles
    Rolling Stone’s Justin Trudeau Story Is Extremely HornyJustin Trudeau gets the Hollywood-actress horny-profile treatment.
  40. dos and don’ts
    Kristen Stewart Is the Only Acceptable Wedding CrasherYour wedding should be only about you. Unless Kristen Stewart shows up.
  41. The Happiest Clothing Line on Earth Is Finally Doing MenswearSee Dusen Dusen’s new collab with DDUGOFF.
  42. Cecile Richards Almost Didn’t Interview for Her Job at Planned ParenthoodThe Planned Parenthood president said self-doubt almost kept her from the most important role in her career.
  43. office hours
    The Working Woman’s Guide to Commuting by Bike in the Swampy Heat of SummerOn using baby wipes and dry shampoo, and taking things slow.
  44. office hours
    Please Don’t Text Your Employees at 9 p.m.Barstool Sports CEO Erika Nardini says she texts prospective employees at 9 p.m. or 11 a.m. on Sundays to see how fast they respond.
  45. Judge Rules Google Must Turn Over Salary Info in Gender-Pay-Gap InvestigationIn April, the Department of Labor accused Google of “extreme” gender pay discrimination.
  46. office hours
    Why Can’t We Be This Happy at Work All Year?A modest proposal for extending summer at the office.
  47. story time
    Works of Micro-Fiction Inspired by the Madewell Fall/Winter 2017 LookbookSome more small stories.
  48. Behind the Scenes of the Video That Will Guide You Through Your Next BreakupThe extra sauce behind the girl gang, the pastels, and those flamingos.
  49. This Gallery Asked Artists to Submit Work Inspired by Roger Ailes and Fox News“Fair and Balanced” wants to explore what it means to “emerge from the other side” of the Roger Ailes era.
  50. dirtbag fashion
    How Do I Get Rid of My Sentimental T-Shirts?I don’t wear them. They take up so much space. And yet, I can’t make myself throw them away.
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