Deborah Schoeneman

  1. Flush With HistoryA fancy new hotel digs in its old latrine.
  2. Where the Boys WereAn art collector adds steam of a different sort to the locker room of an old Y.
  3. Tea PartyA stinky drink for Hollywood yogis.
  4. Martha Stewart Exec’s Stripping BizHe’s making money at it!
  5. Art SurvivorArtists leave work outside; pigeons refuse to poop on it.
  6. Cap’n Kozlowski’s Ghost Ship$17.3 million, or best offer.
  7. SydneyFor this special edition of Strategist, we subjected six great metropolises—London, Paris, Los Angeles, Sydney, Rome, and Miami—to the same scru […]
  8. Post-OD: It’s Lapo in ManhattanClean, sober, on the town.
  9. Vikram’s Big Fat Sikh WeddingWhen one of New York’s most-eligible hard-living, jet-setting, model-dating, turban-wearing bachelors decides (or, more precisely, when h […]
  10. Nat’l Arts Club Devours Its YouthThere’s a generational battle at the National Arts Club—and the old fogies are winning. At issue is the Accompanied Library, a members-only lite […]
  11. Mates: Maury and ConnieOn January 7, Connie Chung will return to television for the first time since CNN canceled her in 2003, as the co-host of Weekends With Maury an […]
  12. Because Agnes Gund Loves New YorkNo. 122 Previous generations had Vanderbilts, Guggenheims, and Whitneys. We have Agnes Gund.
  13. Rupe Unloads Soho Starter HomeFashion mogul drops $25 million on mod loft.
  14. Steve Jobs Loves his Big iCubeIt’s his; he’s not leaving it here.
  15. Teetotaling Hotel on Times Square?Bad dream for Chatwal.
  16. The Most Expensive Rental in New York$55,000 a month; maid not included.
  17. Sea ShantyAhoy, billionaires! How to sell a sloop that costs almost as much as a Gulfstream V.
  18. Not in My Back AlleyFreeman’s restaurant vs. theater scion.
  19. Intelligencer: February 7–14, 2005New PAC attack tries to sink Hillary Clinton, Graydon Carter tosses Ellen Barkin a career life raft, Rev. Al Sharpto endorses Andrew Cuomo for N […]
  20. How Cooperative!Co-op boards and brokers, often at odds, call for summit conferences.
  21. A House on the HillMurray Hill may be a bit unfashionable, but that’s why brownstones there are (almost) affordable.
  22. Eloise, Meet Your New NeighborsThe Plaza and St. Regis are going condo—at prices that make the rack rates look mild.
  23. The Roaring TwentiesThe luxury boom in the meatpacking district and Chelsea is pushing its way north.
  24. Intelligencer: November 15-22, 2004Hillary’s quiet partners, the woman behind Desperate Housewives tries to save Martha Stewart, Tina Brown flees a dinner party, and more.
  25. Above It AllCentral Park North always had great views—and few takers. But the secret is finally getting out.
  26. Gems of the OceanHow do you sell houses north of the highway for $3 million? Hire every name-brand architect alive.
  27. The Waiting Is the Hardest PartYes, you still can get a precious Mitchell-Lama apartment deal—if you qualify, and if you’re very patient.
  28. Condo CoutureWill architect names like Gwathmey and Gehry sell apartments like Gucci and Prada sell clothes? Charles Gwathmey’s fashion-forward glass t […]
  29. The View From the TopThe race to sell New York’s most expensive apartment—ever—has begun.
  30. The Upper East SohoUptowners who crave wide-open spaces and crisp modern looks are bringing the loft dream north.
  31. Wring in the NewStainless-steel kitchens are all well and good, but a private laundry room is the status utility du jour.
  32. SupercutsPlus, Leo moving in?
  33. Slate’s New Mate?Plus, Cheney in demand, homeless bumped for hotel, condos replace Windsor Hotel
  34. Will Calvin Klein Sue?Plus, Vogue travels cheap, Martha Stewart’s new accessory, Mary-Kate and Ashley move downtown
  35. Toxic CalmThe mold panic at 515 Park is winding down. Could it have been just hysteria all along?
  36. Sign LanguageSean Doyle Boycotts Conde Nast, Bill Sticks With South Beach, De Niro’s New Downtown Digs
  37. Food FightBill Gilroy raids Keith McNally’s restaurants…Courtney Love to unload apartment…Ian Schrager searches for designer.
  38. Peaceful PerksCarl White, Daniel Gluck, Amy Sohn, Russel Simmons, Sean Combs, Jay-Z, the Beastie Boys, Mariah Carey, Kimora Lee Simmons, Robert DeNiro and more.
  39. The EnforcersDowntown condo boards discover they have muscle—and start to use it.
  40. Hospital WoesMore Trouble for Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital… Beach Development Gets Celebrity Support…Political Art, Cielo For Sale
  41. Party LinesProtesters are torn between Burning Man and the RNC.
  42. Glass HousesJean-Georges Vongerichten Moves, Dressing the Bush Twins, Inside Society Apartments, Citigroup Hires Masseuses, John Kerry in the Hamptons
  43. Park CommissionRichard Meier’s plans for Brooklyn, Aby Rosen buys another townhouse, Tom Colicchio loses chance to buy on Ninth Avenune, and Wafah bin Ladin at […]
  44. Light ReadingBill Clinton, Alec Baldwain, Kevin Bacon, Charlotte Ford, Mickey Drexler, Martha Stewart, Maureen Reidy, and more.
  45. The Russians Are ComingAnd the Brits, and the South Africans…Overseas buyers flood Manhattan.
  46. The Return of Canastel’sRestaurateur Marc Packer, artist Yvonne Force Villareal, designer Rudolf Stingel, Isaac Mizrahi, director M. Night Shyamalan, and more.
  47. A Bush Birthday Bash…Queer Eye for Liman?…Hotel HappeningsNeil Bush, Lauren Bush, Doug Liman, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, Amy Poehler, Brad Pitt and more.
  48. Sirio’s New Address?…Clinton Returns to the Podium…Graydon’s Bush BookBill Clinton, Sirion Maccioni, Graydon Carter, George W. Bush, NABET, CNN and more.
  49. How to Make Procrastination PayMake a late, lowball offer on a Hamptons rental
  50. No Way InWhen the going gets tough, co-op boards get tougher.
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